Pet Blogging 2024: How To Start & Earn Writing For Pets?

Want to learn pet blogging? If yes, this guide is for you.

Why it’s so satisfying to watch animals doing cute things? We usually spend a lot of time reading pet blogs and watching funny videos online. Sometimes we pass our whole day doing the same.

If you are a pet fan, with your personal experience, you can help millions of readers across the globe. They want to learn hygiene tips, vaccinations, mood swings, and even pet gadgets. The list is never-ending.

These blogs convey bloggers’ emotions toward their pets or other pet animals and help many peoples with better pet parenting. Do pet blogs make money?

The global pet care market size was approx $222.93 billion and by 2028, it is expected to touch $ 325.7 billion. With such growth, the demand for reviews, opinions, suggestions, and comparisons will also grow.

So yeah, they really make money and we have listed a few examples later in this article below.

For new bloggers, there’re many other genuine questions that come to our mind such as why start a pet blog? How to start? Is it profitable? What are the benefits? In this blog, We are going to answer everything. Let’s get them one by one.

pet blogging

What is Pet Blogging?

In simple words, a pet blog, as the term itself suggests, is focused on your four-legged companion. As a pet blogger, you write your experiences, suggestions related to pet behavior, requirements, essentials, and tips tricks, etc.

You also write engaging stories, recent updates, and other helpful guides that answer the problems, and issues faced by pet owners.

A pet blogger tries to help pet owners through his valuable articles and makes money through various techniques, which we will discuss later in this article, stay tuned for that.

Are pet blogs profitable?

Pet blogging is one of the most profitable niches in the blogging industry leading to low competition with high demand and a golden chance to tighten your grip on the market. As per published data by Fior Markets, the pet industry will be valued at USD 358.62 billion by 2027 with a CAGR of 6%.

During the COVID pandemic, 14% of the US public has shown a significant interest in acquiring a new pet. The majority of dog owners (63.4 million+) were found spending approx. $1201 USD while cat owners (42.7 million+) spend about $687 USD per year. It was also expected that they spent approx $109.6 billion on their pets in 2022 (APAA).

We are sharing the estimated USA traffic and traffic cost for one pet blogging site below.

pet blog earning

This site gets over 4.4 million traffic from the USA alone and estimated earnings are $2.1 million.

If you want to make money online, promote your pet business, or build a community network, pet blogging is one of the greatest options to step in.

What Are The Benefits Of Pet Blogging

If you are still confused and haven’t got a 100% idea of the benefits of blogging. Here are some facts you should look at.

  • With a huge variety of pets and breeds, it’s easy to pick your micro niche and get started.
  • Pets are the most trending topic in the past few years.
  • You can create your personal brand by simply expressing your experience and emotions to your audience.
  • As it’s not gender or age-specific, it accumulates a lot of traffic.
  • There are a number of sub-niches and unlimited low-competition keywords.
  • It’s a great niche for affiliate marketing of various pet products.
  • You can launch your own pet brand or business on a small scale.
  • It connects to other people who have the same interests.
  • You can run campaigns for sheltering homeless pets, stopping pet abuse, and so on.
  • You can make money while sitting on your couch.

How To Start A Dog Blog /Pet Blog

Starting a blog today should be a carefully planned decision. You need to keep precise clarity over how and from where to start a pet blog. That’s why We have made a list of five small but important steps that will help you get into the core of pet blogging in just 10 minutes.

Step 1: Choose A Suitable Pet Micro Niche

While a broad niche can be pet blogging, the micro niche can be a dog and a super micro niche can be a well-known breed like “Labrador”. Starting with a micro or super micro-niche, you will find it easy to rank.

More sub-niches or micro niches could be dog training, dog adoption, dog feeding, dog breeds, dog grooming, hunting training, and so on. For being unique and specific, you can write for specific breeds or hybrid species of dogs.

You can choose a specific pet animal or pair about whom you want to write like dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, birds, fish, and so on. You can also categorize these pets into in-house or out-house pets.

However, it totally depends on your expertise, goals, interest, and audience.

For example, if you're targeting the public of your localities, and most of the households are cat owners, starting a cat blog would be more profitable rather than a dog blog.

Always select trending topics in your chosen pet niche. Observe what’s trending over social media and what other bloggers are posting. You can take help via tools such as Semrush, Keyword planner, Google trends, or BuzzSumo.

Finding a sub-niche is truly a critical task. Here are some unique pet sub-niche ideas for pet blogs.

  • Disabled dogs
  • Pets Adoption
  • Pet conditions
  • Pet Rescue
  • Dog bakeries
  • Aquarium care
  • Wild animals as a pet
  • Freshwater aquatics
  • Insects as pet
  • Dog product reviews
  • Assistant of a dog
Learn basics of keyword research, competitive research and see what others are writing, specially the new comers.

Step 2: Choose Web Hosting For Your Website

Now it’s time to take the next step which is creating a server for your site. You can create your own server but it will cost you thousands of dollars in a month to get average performance.

The best option I want to suggest to you is to pick the best and most affordable web host. If you want premium performance at a very cheap price, go for Bluehost. (Don’t get a second thought)

For 20 years, this company is hosting over 2 million websites with 750+ employees and global data centers. It is also the most recommended web host by WordPress itself. Talking about price it will cost you just $2.95/month (only through our link) which roughly costs you only $35 per year. Crazy! isn’t it?

You’ll receive unlimited website hosting, SSD storage, and DDR4 RAM along with free SSL, Yoast SEO, Domain, and custom WP themes.

Step 2: Choose The Hosting Type And Plan

Web hosting comes in various types such as Shared, VPS, WordPress, Dedicated, Cloud, and its other variants. Each kind of hosting deals with various user configurations or requirements. A freshly made website doesn’t get tons of traffic so quickly. Hence, there is no sense to spend extra dollars on premium hostings.

I’ll suggest you start with the first plan of Bluehost’s shared hosting as all plans are scalable, i.e. you can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time according to your needs. Also, it has a 30-day money-back guarantee which means you can cancel it anytime and claim a refund if you aren’t satisfied.

Step 3: Get A Domain

I hope you have finished all your doubts with a clear picture in your mind. Let’s pick a nice name and a domain for your pet blog. I know you must have some pretty names in your mind but make sure that it’s clear, easy, and shall be used in common searches.

As BlueHost offers a free domain, you can create one after you choose your plan. One of the best parts is you can check the availability of your desired name at the moment. Follow these simple steps to get your free domain.

Step 1: Follow our link to get discounted price. Click on get started.

Bluehost web hosting discount

Step 2: Choose your plan and click on the “Select” button.

bluehost pricing plans

Step 3: Choose your domain name and TLD. (Don’t forget to check availability).

domain selection bluehost

Step 4: Fill in your personal details as shown in the image below.


Step 5: Select the duration of your plan. You can get hosting for 1 year for $2.95/month. In other words, 1-year hosting in the net amount of $35.40/- along with zero domain and SSL cost.

Pet Blogging 2024: How To Start & Earn Writing For Pets?

Step 6: Make sure that all the add-ons packages are unchecked to avoid extra charges. You can add them if you want but you have to pay extra.

Step 7: Proceed with payment through your credit card if your bank account supports international purchases. You can also pay via PayPal to avoid these issues. Agree to the TOS, cancellation, and privacy policy and click on the submit button.

payment for bluehost

Step 4: Pick An Attractive Theme

After proceeding with the domain and payment, you have your own pet blog in your hand. Now, make the pet site awesome with “pawesome” themes. There are many free WP themes available, and even BlueHost provides some creative themes.

If you don’t like them you can choose some premium themes such as GeneratePress, Astra, and so on.

Step 5: Optimize Your Pet Blog

Optimizing your blog is the first step towards a successful future of blogging. Today will determine your tomorrow! In order to do it, take note of the following points.

  • Wrap up all the security and legal measures.
  • Organize your site with relevant categories and pages.
  • Always post SEO-friendly content. Learn Onpage and Offpage SEO.
  • Create content over low competition or demanded keywords.
  • Analyze the methodology of your competitors.
  • Stay consistent, focused and patient.
  • You don’t have to post in bulk. Create one article of 2000-2500 words in 1-3 days with proper research.
  • Provide proper navigation through easily catchable CTA and internal links.
  • Don’t copy, create 100% original content.
  • Stay available to your audience, and give them responses and attention.
  • Introduce your pet if you have any. Use an informal, casual, and friendly tone.
  • Promote your blog through social media and backlinks.
  • Use keywords strategically in title tags, headings, meta descriptions, URL slugs, image alt texts, and content.

How To Make Money Through Pet Blogs

You must have seen many pet blogging sites earning a good amount of revenue. For example, earns $25.0 million – $50.0 million through its blog engaging more than 1.5 million visitors per month. But how? Let’s have a clean look over some effective ways to monetize your pet blog.


Not everyone is a businessman, nor everyone has marketing skills. But your creativity and writing skills are something that can pay you a handsome fixed money. You can ask visitors to take subscriptions or memberships to access your premium or newly published content.

Through subscriptions, you can offer personal advice, counseling, giveaways, pet magazines, exclusive videos, podcasts, and so on. You can also go for crowdfunding for your pet and allow them a chance to play or meet with your pet.

Branding Or Product Services

You can attach some extra spice to your brand. Even if you’re a housewife or someone who wants to start a new business at home, pet branding might work. You can start with your hobbies in a very simple way. For example,

  • If you love to draw or paint, you can make pet sketches and paintings, and sell them.
  • If you love to bake, make pet-friendly cookies, cakes, and biscuits, and sell them on Amazon.
  • If you’re good at stitching or knitting, create handmade pet clothing, create banners, and market it on your blog.
  • If you like to craft, create cute collars, charms, pet jewelry, and other gifting items.
  • If you are a photographer, post cute, funny, and pretty pictures of pets.
  • If you’re a writer, sell your books, or E-books related to your pet journey, stories, or memoir.

There are countless options or ideas to build your brand. Having your own pet blog is like having your own platform to showcase your talent.

In case you don’t have such skills, resell the merchandise or sell some services or digital products. More than 42% of people buy pet food online and spend over $490 million on pet Halloween costumes. Collaborate with shipping partners, design your logo, choose a great name, and get started.

Pet Specific Services

If you are a veterinarian, pet pharmacist, pet trainer, or pet seller, it’s the best online platform to grow your clients. Your services can vary according to your sub-niche. You can provide training courses, grooming services, eco- friendly petcare routines, medications for certain pet diseases, pet insurance, take care services, or sell cheap pet products.

You can also provide weekly live counseling, videos, and podcasts to guide new pet owners. A single dog grooming session takes an average of $70-$80.

Affiliate Marketing

The idea of affiliate marketing works everywhere. In affiliate marketing, we promote others products along with the key details and benefits. Whenever a visitor follows the link and buys that product, your bank account receives credits. Sounds interesting?

Some enterprises give you a special coupon code through which your users can get their service at cheap rates than the market. Petco,, Amazon, Chewy, Innovetpet, and many other pet product companies are looking for affiliates.

But there are certain things to keep in mind like :

  • Don’t get affiliate links through unreliable manufacturers
  • Always promote quality products, and test them before you recommend
  • Promote products that can give you hefty commissions

Display advertising

Display advertising is a very effective mode of monetizing your blog if you are having good traffic. It uses visual elements, pop-ups, short video ads, and some graphics to promote relevant brands. You can sign-up for Google Adsense, Apple Advertising, mMedia,, VigLink, Infolinks, Mediavine, Adsterra, and other display ad networks.

However, it can affect user experience and traffic. Also, the increasing trend of adblockers can create some trouble for you. To come up with this downside you can integrate an anti-adblocker into your website and use display marketing after getting significant monthly traffic.


Sponsorship is a paid contract that is operated between you and the sponsored company. Here the other party asks you to promote their products in the exchange for some fixed or variable compensation.

You can create a sponsor page and media kit to show your previous work, statistics, and reviews from your clients. It will let potential sponsors get attracted to you. Also, connect and negotiate with other pet bloggers for collaborations and guest posting.

You can write sponsored posts in the form of reviews of a pet product or service that you have tried and liked, such as a dog coat, a cat litter box, or a pet grooming salon. Define their pros & cons, images, navigations, proof for your statements, and detailed info on their gift cards, free trials, or discounts.

Pet Blogging Examples: 3 Dog or Pet Blogs that Make Money

Analyzing is an art that every blogger should learn. Here I am going to introduce you to 3 pet blogs that are leading the market and you’ll get a lot to learn through them.

Note: All revenue and traffic figures are pulled out using a renowned tool Semrush. Monthly traffic numbers are global while estimated revenue is from US market alone.

1. GoPetFriendly

SubnicheDog Travelling Blog
Earning sourcesAffiliate marketing, Sponsored posts, Planning trips, Display advertisements
Monthly Traffic77000
Annual Revenue$99000 (USA’s figures)
go pet friendly

Traveling with your dog or pet is another level of satisfaction. is an example of such a traveling blog that will make you feel attached emotionally a little. 

This blog was started in 2009 and inspired by the author’s dogs. Unfortunately, Both dogs Ty and Buster passed away. In 2020, Myles was introduced as the new dog ambassador of this blog.

They have an accomplished record of planning over 1 Million trips every year and are one of the fastest-growing travel platforms for pets with 301+ travel destinations.

Covered topics in their dog blog:

  • Pet-friendly trip ideas
  • Pet-friendly road trips
  • Traveling news, resources, and tips
  • Pet toys and gears
  • Pet health and safety 

2. The Dogington Post

SubnicheDog News and Entertainment Blog
Earning sourcesAffiliate marketing, Sponsored posts, Subscriptions, Display advertisements
Monthly Traffic26000
Annual Revenue$10000 (USA’s figures)
the doginton post

If you’re a pet enthusiast and ever read pet blogs before, you must be familiar with this blog site. was launched in 2012 peeking and collecting invigorating and fresh online dog news content. Through its cut-edge writing and exceptionally awesome posts, millions of users love to read its posts.

The internet newspaper will help you to understand how weird and crazy pet things can be a part of the public’s interest.

Covered topics in their dog blog:

  • Dog astrology
  • Pets of celebrities
  • Funny dogs images, videos, and posts
  • Heroic & inspiring or weird & wacky dog actions
  • Dog fashion and home style
  • Dog boarding and daycare
  • Vet corner through the certified vet.
  • The raw diet, home remedies, and homeopathic meds
  • Dog behavior and training
  • Dog breeds and business
  • Dog Adoption
  • Dog laws and rights
  • Product reviews

3. Dogster

SubnicheDog blog
Earning sourcesAffiliate marketing, Sponsored posts, Selling products and books online, Subscriptions, Display advertisements, Crowdfunding
Monthly Traffic263000
Annual Revenue$86000 (USA’s figures)

This blog is a complete package of what every pet owner needs. Undoubtedly, a great site to follow! 

Dogster is an online version of the 1970s most famous dog magazine ‘Dog Fancy’. This blog has been started by Ted Rheingold and his friend Steven Reading in 2003. They also have a separate blog channel for cats, Catster which has the same kind of topics on cats. 

Covered topics in their dog blog:

  • Dog training
  • Dog health & care
  • Dogfood 
  • Puppies
  • Dog lifestyle and behavior
  • Dog breeds
  • Dog Rescue
  • Dog photo-media

Frequently Asked Questions about Pet Blog

How do I make my pet famous?

You can create a personal pet blog and share your pet’s breed, appearance, skills, activities, hobbies, lifestyle, healthcare, etc. Use Youtube, TikTok, Instagram, and other social platforms to gain attention and traffic. Showcase the charm of your pet through catchy videos, and images.

How can I get traffic to my pet blog if I have 0 visitors?

For writing a better dog blog, focus on the following points.
1. Do proper keyword research on the low competition and heavy volume topics.
2. Do competitor research, i.e. Observe the content of top 10 ranking articles over that keyword to make better and beatable content.
3. Make an impression in the first paragraph.
4. Talk more about your pet and add how other pet parents can relate.
5. Answer everything that people also ask from Google, regarding that keyword.
6. Promote your content through backlinks and social media.
7. Create sharable content that is 70% useful for others.
8. Take serious note of bounce rate, word length(1000-2500), reading time, and readability.
9. Include media content, visuals, infographics, and data.
10. Make it mobile-friendly.

How do I become a pet content creator or blogger?

You don’t need a degree to become a pet blogger. Even if you’re a high school student, you can make it good. You don’t necessarily need a pet either. Just follow these 4 easy steps.
Step 1: Make your own website
Step 2: Choose a web host to get a server.
Step 3: Decorate your site with an exciting interface.
Step 4: Start blogging about pets and their requirements, problems, solutions, and so on.

Final Words

Pet blogging might seem easy but it’s not that easy. Before moving any steps ahead you have to ask yourself if you have that potential or not. Consistency is the key to success in your future. Create your strategies, make yearly blog plans, predict trends/demands of public interest, collaborate, and learn from others.

Keep blogging and don’t give up! If you have any doubts or want to share your experience, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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