100+ Free Guest Posting Sites List for Bloggers and Businesses in 2023

Want to grab a bite of huge traffic? Then here we go, I have brought you a complete package of the Top 100 Free Guest Posting Sites list just for you!!!

To start an effective guest posting, you need to do in-depth homework. That’s why before getting started, I want to tell you all the details, strategies, and advanced knowledge that you need to know.

best guest posting sites

So, Start reading ahead forthwith without wasting time!

Things To Focus On While Choosing A Guest Posting Site

Do and do nots of guest posting

You cannot choose any website for guest posting. There are a few important factors to consider before choosing a website. We will discuss each one of them in this section.

But, first thing first, you should know that as per Google guidelines, you cannot buy links. Links, as per theory, should come naturally to your website. 

guest posting sites

But, that doesn’t happen practically. We all know that backlinks are important for ranking on any search engine.

As a blogger, it is crucial to get backlinks via guest posting sites to increase traffic to your website. 

There are many factors that you must look into while choosing a good website, this is because if you need to invest your money or efforts in guest blogging, then it gives you positive results. 

Note: Guest blogging if not done correctly, can call for a manual penalty from search engines and even a sudden traffic drop.

But what are those key factors anyway?

Let’s discuss them one by one here. 

Domain Authority/Page Authority:

Various SEO tools like Ahrefs, Semrush, and Ubersuggest allot a rank to each website, which they call Domain Rating or Domain Authority.

DA/ PA / DR defines how powerful, or authoritative your website is on the internet, vis-a-vis other websites.

Many bloggers today are focusing on these metrics while choosing a website for backlinks. 

The high domain authority of a website can define the ranking performance of a website on Google’s SERPs, But believing that DA only will work for you, is a myth! 

DA/ DR is important but can be manipulated these days and hence focus on other key factors mentioned below. 


Imagine a pharma site getting a link from a movie download website. Do you think, Google will like it?

By any chance, is it possible that a movie download website will link to a Pharma site naturally? The answer is no.

Keep in mind that your chosen site should be relevant to your niche. For example, if you are a coffee shop owner and write about coffee, then you should choose a site that 

— writes about coffee,

— belongs to beverages,

— belongs to milk or dairy products,

— is a food blogging website.

You can also go for other blogging sites which write about your locality so you can get your targeted audience.

I would suggest, staying close to your niche.


Traffic is the key to getting an audience! Simply neither you nor I, will choose a website that doesn’t give you enough audience. 

Besides the amount of traffic, there are some other things you gotta analyze, like where their audience belongs, which kind of writing tone they like, or at which time they usually visit their website the most.

A website with traffic also helps you ensure that the website is liked by Google and not penalized.

With this thing in mind, Make sure that the traffic of a website is either stable or growing

If you see a declining trend in the traffic then you should better away from that site.

Because there must be a possibility that the site is getting penalized by search engines.

Easy Approval:

If you want to do posting on a free guest posting website, then you should be aware of the fact that you should get approval. It’s free, and you are not the only one approaching them.

A cool tip here: You can check out other guest posts and the kind of post they’re approving and what kind of audience is reading. You should also look at the last approval date so you would know if the site is active.

One more word of caution. As free sites are mostly approached by everyone, you should check for the spam score as well for these websites.

Budget Friendly:

Budget is something, where we all get stuck. Backlinking is good until it gets out of your budget. So, make sure whichever website you are choosing, it should be on your budget.

Should be free? If you ask me if I should you choose free guest posting websites over a premium/paid one, then I will suggest you go over quality. But if you believe in a massive content post strategy, then go for free websites.

Again, if you are investing your time in content and desperately want to increase your traffic, then you should go for free ones.

How Do You Check Authority and Traffic?

There are many tools that can help you to do your research easily and choose free guest blogging sites, such as: 

Ubersuggest, a Fremium tool, excellent for beginners

Semrush which helps you to find traffic-generating keywords (Grab a Semrush trial here.)

MozBar extension that can show you the accurate domain authority of each website you visit.

Ahrefs gives you ultimate and ultra powers to find great guest blogging sites.

RankMath search engine optimizing tool for better content.

Top Guest Posting sites

Coming to the topic, I will segregate the 100+ websites as per the niche (I suggested its importance above).

Besides the niche, I have also mentioned the authority and estimated traffic (not the exact one, the latest can be checked using Semrush)

Just analyze the site that is close to your niche and choose accordingly.

Sharing below the list of 100 free guest posting sites with Authority scores and monthly organic sessions according to Semrush tool:

Health & Nutrition Guest Blogging Sites

Page URLSemrush AuthorityAverage Monthly Traffic
Evidence Based Nursing84211000
Mindbodygreen.com 7111000000

Food Guest Blogging Sites

Page URLDomain AuthorityAverage Monthly Traffic

Entrepreneurship Guest Blogging Sites

Page URLDomain AuthorityAverage Monthly Traffic
Harvard Business Review808200000

Marketing Guest Blogging Sites 

Page URLDomain AuthorityEstimated Average Monthly Traffic

Fashion Guest Blogging Sites

Page URLDomain AuthorityEstimated Average Monthly Traffic

Sports Guest Blogging Sites

Page URLDomain AuthorityAverage Monthly Traffic

Entertainment Guest Blogging Sites

Page URLDomain AuthorityAverage Monthly Traffic

Technology Guest Blogging Sites 

Page URLDomain AuthorityAverage Monthly Traffic

Petcare  Guest Blogging Sites

Page URLDomain AuthorityAverage Monthly Traffic

Education  Guest Blogging Sites

Page URLDomain AuthorityAverage Monthly Traffic
MindMajix.com 58452100
Manning.com 69158000
KnowledgeHut.com 541100000
EduGorilla 58312600

Travel  Guest Blogging Sites 

foxNoMad.com 514300
WanderLust.co.uk 61248500

News  Guest Blogging Sites

Page URLDomain AuthorityAverage Monthly Traffic

Blogging  Guest Blogging Sites

Page URLDomain AuthorityAverage Monthly Traffic

SEO Free Guest Posting Sites List 2023

Page URLDomain AuthorityAverage Monthly Traffic

What is Guest Blogging?

Are you a beginner and not aware of the term guest blogging? If you are a newbie who wants to grow your business through backlinking and guest blogging, I will help you understand the concept easily.

What is guest blogging? Let us understand with an example

Suppose you want to sell a book but there are fewer customers in your bookstore. But there are many other bookstores in your area that are selling well and have a good number of customers.

So what do you need to do now? Well, jealousy won’t give you anything!! Now, you need to build relationships with the other owners of book store owners to get some promotional benefits from them. Maybe, they promote you and you promote them.

Some owners will help you for free and some will ask back favors. Now, you go to their stores and give some samples of unique books that only your bookstore has.

From now on, you are gonna have some benefits because if the readers like the books of your bookstores, then there are more chances that they would visit your store too.

The example above was for offline business; in the Online world, that’s how guest blogging works. 

See this example below, while the above two are internal links, the link to Generatepress is an external link from one of our websites.

backlink example

To increase the amount of audience to your website, you post as a guest on the other company’s website. 

If the readers liked your article or followed the CTA provided by you, then there are more chances for people to know or get familiar with your website or product. 

Writing and posting content on other websites to create backlinks or attract their audience to your website from there, is known as Guest Posting or Guest Blogging.

The site that is publishing your content gets free quality content and you get their audience share, so it is a win-win situation.

Benefits of Guest Blogging

benefits of backlinks

There are many benefits that you can grab via guest posting. Want to know about those? Look at them below.

  • It boosts traffic & SEO to your website and generates a place among the audience of your niche.
  • It builds your network and improves relationships and good bonds with your competitors to get mutual profits.
  • It increases your analyzing capability as you need to do long hours of research on potential websites daily.
  • It drives your product sales and gives you more qualified leads.
  • As your content gets social shares, that helps you build up social media marketing strategies for content marketing.
  • It builds trust in your brand (one of the biggest blogging benefits) and increases its value as a high-profile authority. The more you engage, the more people know about you.

Step By Step Guest Blogging Process

I hope you got the idea and importance of guest posting. Now If you are confused or want to know how it should be done, then I am still here for you.

Create A Eye Catching Thoroughly Researched Content

For guest posting, the quality of the content and chosen website matters the most. I have told you how to choose a good guest posting site in the beginning already.

Now it’s time for you to know about the type of content that you should post. To make sure that your post gets published for sure keep the following things in place.

  • Create original and fresh content on viral or trending topics.
  • Make sure that the content is free from any grammatical & spelling mistakes, plagiarism, paraphrasing, and AI writing.
  • Analyse competitors’ guest posts and make your post with unique and attractive reading compatibility.
  • Proofread your content, and work on good heading structure, proper citations, and weight.
  • Include visuals (images, gifs, etc.) that are free from copyright and enhance the quality of your content.
  • Follow all the guidelines, formats, or instructions of the website provided for guest posting blogs/posts.
  • Include your site’s links naturally that’s a sign of a good call to action in any content.
  • You can also include the links of other key posts on their website, so they find it more useful for them too.

Send a Pitch

Once you have 2-3 content ideas in mind, or the content is ready, you can send glimpses of them to guest posting site editors.

Pick the contact details from the “contact us” section and prepare an email draft.

Step 1: Check out all the submission methods provided by them such as Email, writing section, etc. 

Step 2: Sometimes websites provide guidelines by themselves, read them all without a blink of an eye.

Step 3: Pitch Good! Provide accurate personal details to gain true trust from them.

Step 4: Click the submission! 

Mention the content, why it is relevant for them, and what value your content will add to their website.

Also, check for their Do follow / No follow policy.

Keep the pitch short and do not forget to follow up after one or two weeks if you don’t get a response timely.

Submitting Guest Post

Once the revert is received, you will now submit the guest post.  After submitting your post, you need to wait patiently for 7-14 days. If your content is not published, then you can contact them again. You can also ask for their feedback on your content for better productivity ahead.

Just don’t submit the same content to the other website until they give you a proper and official rejection.

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What is backlinking in guest posting?

Backlinks are generally known as the incoming links that are coming from other sources or websites to your site. Whenever another website publishes your guest post, it keeps the links for your website so the audience redirects to your site.

What is Off-Page SEO?

Optimizing the results for your website over the search engine through the actions that have been taken from external sources is known as off-page SEO. 

What are the Off-Page SEO techniques?

In this method, individuals promote their brand website or product through third-party websites and other marketing strategies such as forum link building, RSS feed submissions, social bookmarking, link exchange, online answers, guest posting, reviews, and many more.

What is Ahrefs Ranking?

Ahrefs Ranks is a ranking for websites which is given by Ahrefs, which is an SEO toolset company. These Rankings have been given to websites according to their backlink profile, size, quality, and vintage.

Higher the Ahrefs Rank, Higher the DR, and Higher the quality (if it is backed by traffic also).

Final Thoughts: Free Guest Posting Sites

Guess posting is a revolutionary change in the marketing strategy that has been built up by many bloggers and marketers.

With backlinks or guest posting, you can create a premium reputation for your website and can grow faster than your peers.

You need to be choosy when picking up the right website for getting a link. Make sure you are not making the terrible mistake of approaching a PBN or a spammy site that otherwise can harm your website.

And now, It’s time for you to take this step to grow ahead. 

One Small Favor

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Anil Agarwal

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