Best Ways To Write Blog Descriptions: Results With Examples

Are you a new blogger who doesn’t know the importance of blog descriptions or an old blogger who is writing quality content but getting failed to bring the traffic your site deserves? Hold on, before you give up!

The problem may lie with the customization of your blog more specifically the blog description. After reading this article you will get a clear idea of how important blog descriptions are and how they can change the fortune of your blog.

What Is Blog Description?

What Is Blog Description?

Blog description is the short explanation of your blog and its individual contents.

So here we can categorize two types of description.

  1. Description of your blog and
  2. Description of the posts of your blog.

It is very important to know the difference between the blog description and the blog post description before knowing how to write a good blog description. So, that is what we have discussed in the next section.

Difference Between Blog Description And Blog Post Description?

Both blog descriptions and post descriptions are important for any website to get clicks. The majority of the users find difficulties in understanding the difference between the two, this section will help them.

1. Blog Description

Blog description is the short intro or paragraphs that represent the purpose of your blog. It appears when the user searches about your brand or blog by searching through its name. The example depicted below will help you in getting a clear-cut idea of blog descriptions.

For example, if you search one of the popular sites about blogging, the Bloggers Passion on Google. The first thing that you will see is the title of the brand.

In our case, you can see from the image attached below the Title is the name of the site which is ‘BloggersPassion’ and then ‘Learn Blogging & SEO from Anil Agarwal’.

Example of Blog Description

Just below the title, the highlighted paragraph you see on the image is known as blog description.

2. Blog Post Description

Blog post description is the summarized paragraph of your all posts separately that explains what your post contains and what it is about.

No matter how good you write your post, if you failed to fetch the attention of the readers from search engines, they won’t click on your site and ultimately you will start losing the traffic.

The biggest difference between blog description and blog post description is that you have to write a blog post description every time you publish a new post in case of blog post descriptions. But talking about blog description you can leave after writing a good blog description only once and it will appear every time.

For example, if you want a hosting service, say GreenGeeks and you searched for GreenGeeks review then you will see multiple results but you will only click on the post that gives more clear idea about your search. See the image below the para that is written below the post title is known as blog post description.

Blog Post Description Sample

How To Write A Blog Description?

Up to this point you already got the difference between blog descriptions and blog post descriptions. Now you must be thinking about how to write a good blog description, the same is discussed in this section.

Blog description is also known as blog meta description in technical language.

Write A Blog Description Using Yoast SEO Plugin

If you use Yoast SEO plugin on your WordPress site, it is not going to be a tough task for you to add a blog description.

Step 1: Go to the dashboard of your WordPress site.

Step 2: Select the icon of Yoast SEO from the left side of your dashboard.

Steps for writing meta description of blog with Yoast Plugin

Step 3: Click on search appearance.

Step 4: Write a short and powerful description of your blog in the Meta description section as shown in the image.

Final Step of writing meta description of the blog with Yoast Plugin

Write A Blog Description Using Rank Math Plugin

Step 1: Go to WordPress dashboard and click on Rank Math plugin and then on title & meta option.

Step 2: Now click on the homepage section where it is highlighted in the image below.

Write Blog Description Using Rank Math

Step 3: Under the homepage meta description, write the description of the blog.

Tips To Write A Good Blog Description

These are the tips that can help you in attracting and raising the curiosity of the customer/user towards your brand.

  • Small Length Of Description

If you think you will write a big paragraph explaining the purpose of your website and it will help readers to understand more about you. Then you are totally wrong.

Search engines like Google will cut the little portion of your whole para and would present it as your blog description if you have written a long paragraph. In this case, you may lose the exact information that you wanted to be displayed on your blog description.

Try not to make the world limit too small or too big. Always keep the length of the blog description between 150 to 160 characters (That includes spaces as well).

  • Explain Your Expertise

The next thing that you should include in your blog description is the expertise of your blog, which is known as a niche. Include the niche and categories you work on and how these can help your customers/readers.

  • Show Yourself As Brand

Even if you are new to your niche, you have to represent your business as a brand. Never write the lines like “we are new to ….” These lines can make users doubt your service due to lack of experience.

But in the meanwhile, never use fake data to show your blog or website as a brand.

Examples Of Good Blog Descriptions

Based on previous tips for writing blog descriptions, you can easily understand how the following examples are ideal.

Example 1: Make Blogging

Make Blogging Blog Meta Description

What makes it good? – Included the current year which makes users feel updated on reading their contents, specified their niche on blogging.

Example 2: Hosting Monks

HostingMonks Meta Description

What makes it good? – They not only cleared their niche but also specified their relevant audience by including the sentence “web hosting for beginners”.

Example 3: TAAM Digital

TAAM Meta Description

What makes it good? – Beautifully added the power words like ‘ultimate’ and cleared their vision in a single line without dragging the words too long.

How To Write A Blog Post Description?

If your site is not getting traffic then more than the blog description it is more probably the problem due to the description of blog posts.

So here, you can learn to write a quality blog post description using two WordPress plugins.

Write A Blog Post Description Using Yoast SEO Plugin

Step 1: Select the posts section from your WordPress dashboard.

write blog post description with yoast seo plugin

Step 2: Select all posts (if updating old post), move the cursor to the post you want to update, and then click on the edit button.

Step 3: Scroll down to Yoast SEO sections. Click on edit snippet.

write blog meta description with yoast plugin

Step 4: Write your blog post description under the meta description section and then update.

Write A Blog Post Description Using Rank Math Plugin

Step 1: Start writing your post just and on the right side you will see the toolbar. Click on the setting icon then post section as indicated in the image below.

steps for writing blog post meta description using rank math

Step 2: Scroll down a little bit and expand the excerpt column by tapping on it.

where to enter blog description

Step 3: Write down your blog post meta description which is also called a blog post summary.

Tips To Write A Good Blog Post Description

Always follow the tips that you are going to read now at the time of writing the description of the blog post.

Add Call To Action Words

Call to action words can prove magical in increasing the CTR of your blog. These words insist the reader more effectively in clicking the results of your site. For example, instead of writing ‘Buy this e-book’ you should prefer writing ‘Buy this e-book now’.

Always prefer using CTA words in the meta description of the post. But if your post is not related to an area where the use of CTA is not required then do not try putting unnecessarily these words.

Use Primary Keywords

Using the primary keywords that you are targeting for ranking on search results will be fruitful for the SEO optimization and in case if you think the primary keyword is not fitting best as per the context then at least include the synonyms of your keyword.

Avoid Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing is the repetition of the keywords and synonyms without the requirement of context just for the purpose of ranking.

These days search engines like Google are too advanced, if you try to trick it with keyword stuffing either in the blog post description or in the article, you may get penalized for this action.

Create Curiosity

Create curiosity by providing the almost same match that the searches from your targeted keywords require. Do not provide whole exact information in one line but try to show the exact result that will be visible just after opening the result of your site.

Use Recent Date

Including the recent date, say current year or month builds the trust of your user that your content is updated.

Note: If you have already used the recent date on the title, then you don’t need to involve the date or month in the post’s description.

In addition to these tips, you can also use LSI keywords and power words that can draw the attention of the reader and increase the ranking of your site.

Examples Of Good Blog Post Descriptions

Understand the following ideal examples of writing blog post descriptions in the best ways.

Example 1

First example of blog post description

What makes it good? – They used the current year in the blog post description and you can also see from the image that most of the keywords that were searched are included in the description.

Example 2

second example of blog post description

What makes it good? – In this context exact keyword was not getting fit, so they avoided it and rather included a little part of it, and also they provided almost full information at a glance from the post description itself.

Example 3

Third example of blog post meta description

What makes it good? – They contained the information according to user intent. Since if a customer will search for a car under budget, he will obviously go for multiple companies offering the same price and will compare them. That is what they have included that can pull the interest of users in checking full content.

How To Include Your Targeted Keywords In Blog Description?

You have to keep few points in your mind while introducing keywords either to your blog meta description or blog post meta description.

  • If possible, try adding the primary keyword at the beginning of sentence.
  • Avoid adding the same keyword more than once, even if it is required.
  • Add long tail keywords.
  • Use the synonyms of keywords if the use of keyword is required more than once.
  • If you get many keyword synonyms then choose the one with higher CTR.
  • Use keyword research tools like Semrush or Google Keyword Planner for getting related keywords and long tail keywords with CTR data.

Frequently Asked Questions About Blog Descriptions

What if I do not add blog descriptions?

If you do not add the custom blog description of your homepage or individual posts the google will automatically select the best part that describes your content according to it.

Why write blog descriptions?

A proper blog description and blog post description is useful for both Google and readers to understand what your website is for and the purpose of your content.

What should be the ideal length of meta descriptions?

For both post meta description and blog meta description, always write within the limit of 150 to 160 characters.

Can I add a meta description on blogger?

Yes, you can add the meta description on blogger by going to settings – enable meta tags – write on search description – save.

Conclusion: Blog Descriptions

After reading this post you can write an effective blog description of your homepage and also an effective blog post description both in WordPress and Blogger.

Blog Descriptions are one of the major factors for increasing the CTR of your blog which leads to top ranking in SERP.

If you are facing any issues, while writing a blog post or homepage description, you can share with us by commenting below. We will be happy to help you.

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Best Ways To Write Blog Descriptions: Results With Examples
Best Ways To Write Blog Descriptions: Results With Examples
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