About Anil Agarwal

Anil Agarwal

Hi, my name is Anil Agarwal.

Welcome to Make Blogging 🙂

I’m also the founder of BloggersPassion which is currently generating over $10,000/mo.

I’ve been making money from blogging for more than 15 years now (not bragging about it but it’s very rare I see people blogging for such a long time!).

What is Make Blogging and How Can it Help You?

First things first: I bought this website MakeBlogging.com from Nazim Ansari who also takes care of the web design & development part of my primary blog BloggersPassion.

Our primary blog BloggersPassion mostly focuses on two topics: SEO and affiliate marketing.

Although we publish some blogging related stuff but our PRIMARY topics at BloggersPassion are affiliate marketing and SEO.

The reason to take over this blog is this: creating content ONLY around blogging.

Yes, there are thousands of blogs that talk about blogging related stuff but there are not too many blogs that produce “actionable content”.

Most beginners who start their blogs often quit within 6 months.

Do you know why?

They don’t have access to the RIGHT information.

They don’t know how to pick a niche, how to start a blog on the right platform, how to create a plan, and start making money from their new blogs.

To solve that problem, we launched MakeBlogging.com

MakeBlogging is your one-stop platform for learning actionable blogging content that helps you build a money-making blog from scratch.

Our mission is to help every beginner to make money from their blogs.

MakeBlogging is where you learn;

  • Actionable blogging tips
  • Blogging tips for newbies
  • Blogging strategies to earn $1000/mo and so on

If you start following the advice posted on this blog, you can also start earning just like me.

Have a look at my earning report of SEMrush;

semrush report

As you can see above, earnings from blogging are infinite. The sky’s the limit if you know how to blog.

So I’ll be sharing all the ESSENTIAL information that you need to turn your blog into a successful one.

So stay tuned for some incredible content in the coming days 🙂


Want to connect with me?

If you want to get in touch with me, you can mail me at anil@bloggerspassion.com

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