5 Best Conservative Search Engines For Unbiased Surfing in 2024

Have you ever felt like the big search engines like Google or Bing don’t really match up with your values? You’re not alone. 

Lots of people wish there was a search engine that aligned more closely with conservative principles.

That’s where “conservative search engines” come in!

In this article, we’ll talk about

  • What are conservative search engines? 
  • Why someone might want to use them?
  • A few options to consider

What are Conservative Search Engines?

What are Conservative Search Engines?

The big search engines we use all the time collect tons of information about us. 

They keep records of everything we search for and click on. Then they use that data to show us targeted ads and search results.

But, conservative web browsers don’t do that. They make keeping your information private a top priority. They don’t store your search history or make a digital profile about you.

When you use Google or Bing, they save data on where you go and what you do on the internet. 

Over time, this gives them a very detailed picture of your interests, habits, location, and more.

However, with conservative browser options, your searches stay private. They don’t keep your data or track your activity across the web. You can search anonymously without worrying that it’s being linked back to you.

The main benefit is being able to browse FREELY online. You won’t see creepy targeted ads or search results based on your personal data. 

Conservative search engines just give you the most relevant results for each search – nothing more.

So in short, these privacy-focused search sites don’t monitor your activity or link it back to you. They let you search the web without worrying that your data is being collected and stored. It’s about keeping your information under your control.

Benefits of a Private or Conservative Search Engine

benifits of a conservative search engines

There are a few reasons you can prefer using conservative search engines other than google Google or Bing:

  • Get search results that better align with conservative values. If you tend to prefer more traditional sources and perspectives, these search engines may provide more satisfactory results. You’re less likely to end up on sites that don’t share your values or feel misleading.
  • Avoid perceived bias. Many conservatives think Google and big tech companies show unfair bias against conservative viewpoints. Using an alternative search engine means you don’t have to worry about built-in biases.
  • Support companies that share your values. The founders of conservative search engines tend to be more transparent about their principles and mission. So users can feel good supporting a company aligned with their worldview.
  • Prevent tracking and data collection. Some conservative search sites make privacy a selling point. They avoid tracking your searches and clicks or building an advertising profile. This appeals to folks concerned about privacy and big tech overreach.
  • Get uncensored results. Major search engines sometimes censor or downrank sites deemed problematic. Conservative alternatives believe this unfairly suppresses right-leaning sources. So they promise not to arbitrarily censor legal content.

5 Top Conservative Search Engines for 2024

conservative seach engines

Looking for conservative search engines that value your data? Here are the top 5 options to check out in 2024,

1. DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo is the top conservative search engine that cares about your PRIVACY. Their goal is to make it simple for everyone to search privately without being tracked.

duckduckgo browser

DuckDuckGo Key Features

  • You can search privately without tracking your search history or personal data
  • Built-in tracker blocking in their free web browser to stop companies from following you around the web
  • It has the option to swiftly clear your browsing history and data
  • It blocks creepy ads and annoying cookie consent pop-ups  
  • You can watch YouTube with fewer distractions and more privacy

How DuckDuckGo Works?

  • When you search on DuckDuckGo, they don’t save your search history or share it with anyone
  • Their browser and extensions stop companies like Facebook and Google from tracking you across sites by blocking hidden trackers 
  • Email Protection feature removes hidden trackers from emails while still allowing you to read your email as normal

Why Choose DuckDuckGo?

  • DuckDuckGo has never tracked users or sold data since being founded
  • Makes money from simple keyword-based ads instead of invasive targeted ads
  • Over 10 million people worldwide already use their private search engine

In summary, DuckDuckGo puts your privacy first by blocking trackers and not collecting personal data. Their free browser and tools make searching and browsing privately easy for anyone.

2. Swisscows – A Private Search Engine


Swisscows is an alternative search engine that focuses on privacy and anonymity. Unlike other major search engines like Google, Swisscows does not store user data or search history. This makes it a great option for those looking to keep their browsing activity confidential.

Key Features Of Swisscows

  • Swisscows does not monitor or save any information about its users. Your searches remain completely anonymous.
  • Swisscows has its own WEB INDEX that it uses to generate search results, rather than relying solely on external sources. This gives it more control over the search experience.
  • Inappropriate or adult content is not indexed by Swisscows and will not appear in search results. This makes it more suitable for children.
  • The search queries you enter are encrypted before being processed. This adds an extra level of privacy.
  • The Swisscows data centers are located in secure Swiss bunkers, guarded by thick granite walls. This inspires confidence in the safety of user data.
  • Despite its advanced privacy protections, Swisscows is designed to be easy to use, even for beginners.

Why Choose Swisscows?

For those concerned about their privacy when browsing online, Swisscows offers a compelling alternative to mainstream search engines. 

With its anonymous searching, own index, and encrypted queries, Swisscows allows you to search the web while keeping your information protected.

3. Brave Search

brave search engine

Brave is a free web browser that focuses on user privacy and security. It blocks ads and website trackers by default to protect users from being monitored online. 

Brave also claims to be faster than other popular browsers like Google Chrome.

Key Features Of Brave

  • Brave automatically blocks ads and trackers to improve privacy and page load speeds. Users don’t need any extensions.
  • Brave claims to be 3x FASTER than Chrome by reducing clutter and resource usage on web pages.
  • Brave prevents companies from tracking user behavior across the web by default. It also offers private search and secure connections.
  • Users can opt into Brave’s rewards program to earn crypto tokens for viewing privacy-respecting ads.

How Brave Works?

Brave’s speed and privacy advantages come from how it handles web page requests differently than other browsers:

  • Requests for ads and tracking scripts are automatically blocked.
  • The remaining page elements load faster without slow ads and trackers.
  • Pages require less data usage without all the ad clutter.
  • User behavior is not tracked or profiled without consent.

Why Choose Brave?

There are a few key reasons why Brave may be a good choice for users who prioritize privacy and speed:

  • Easy privacy protection without configuration, extensions, etc.
  • Browsing is noticeably faster, so web pages load almost instantly.
  • Ad blocking saves mobile data usage and battery life.
  • Users can earn rewards by opting into Brave’s ad model.
  • Switching from another browser is simple with import tools.

In summary, Brave focuses on giving users a private, secure, and very fast web browsing experience with features aimed at protecting privacy by default. The automatic ad and tracker blocking make it stand out from other privacy-focused browsers.

4. Disconnect Search

Want to surf the web freely without constantly looking over your shoulder? Tired of big tech tracking your every search and click? Disconnect Search is here to help. This browser extension lets you use Google, Bing, and other popular search engines in incognito mode – without leaving a trace.

disconnect search

Key Features of Disconnect

  • Top-secret encrypted queries so no one can read your searches, not even your ISP or the government! 
  • Blocks the ad trackers chasing you across the web.
  • Masks your online identity so search engines only see anonymous queries from Disconnect, not from you.
  • Surf freely on Google, Bing, Yahoo – whichever engine you like without compromising privacy.

How Disconnect Works?

  • Disconnect reroutes your searches through their servers, adding a cloak of anonymity. 
  • Your queries get encrypted with HTTPS and other protections to keep your data airtight. 
  • Trackers, cookies, and ads get blocked from profiling you without consent.
  • Results come through smoothly without revealing anything about you.

Why Choose Disconnect?

  • Keep your personal info confidential from corporate interests.
  • Enjoy fast, clean, and honest search experiences.
  • Regain control over your digital footprint.
  • Easy to use, just one click to enable private search superpowers!

5. Startpage

startpage search engine

Startpage is a privacy-focused search engine that does not track or profile users like other republican search engines. It delivers Google search results through an anonymous proxy for private browsing.

Key Features of Startpage

  • No search history logging or tracking
  • The anonymous View feature masks user identity 
  • Encrypted connections protect IP address
  • Ad and price tracker blocking 
  • No targeted ads based on user data
  • Customizable search experience

How Startpage is Work?

Startpage acts as a protective barrier between the user and Google. Searches are routed through Startpage’s servers so Google never sees the user’s IP address.

How Startpage works?

Startpage removes identifying info like IP address before sending a search to Google.

Google results back to the user via Startpage without linking queries to a profile.

Why Choose Startpage?

  • Total search privacy – no logs, tracking, or profiling
  • Encrypted connections keep IP addresses hidden
  • Customize preferred region, language, and shortcuts
  • Easy to use with Google-quality results
  • Truly private browsing when using Anonymous View

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the commonly asked questions about conservative search engines

What are some popular conservative search engines? 

Some popular conservative search engines include DuckDuckGo, Brave Search, WolframAlpha, Ecosia, and Startpage.

Why do conservatives use alternative search engines? 

Some conservatives prefer using alternative search engines that align with their political views and avoid the alleged liberal bias of mainstream search engines. These platforms claim to provide more conservative-friendly results.

Is Startpage a private search engine? 

Yes, Startpage anonymizes searches and doesn’t track user data, appealing to conservatives who prioritize privacy.

Are conservative search engines private?

Privacy and anonymity are key selling points of these alternative search engines to provide added conservatively-aligned protections.

What are the cons of using conservative search engines?

Limitations can include smaller indexes, fewer features, and a more limited ability to customize or filter results.

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Final Thoughts

And there you have it! Now you have the list of the best conservative search engines for 2024.

They provide an alternative for right-leaning users who feel underserved by big tech companies like Google. They aim to match search results with conservative values and avoid perceived liberal bias.

Conservative search engines are still pretty niche. However, they offer an option for people who want their search experience to align with their principles. 

Whether that’s protecting privacy, supporting free speech, or just getting satisfactory results, conservative search has you covered!

If you feel like major search engines don’t meet your needs as a conservative, give one of these alternative options a try. 

Thanks for reading! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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