100+ High Quality Free Blog Commenting Sites List 2024 [High DA & Instant Approval]

Looking for a HUGE list of high DA blog commenting sites in 2024? Your search ends here.

This post contains the MOST comprehensive, well-researched, and verified list of blog commenting sites across various niches including blogging, lifestyle, travel, finance, and more.

Blog commenting is still one of the most effective ways to boost your website’s SEO, build links, and connect with other bloggers in your niche.

The key here is to pick the RIGHT blogs that have some domain authority (DA) so that you get some link juice and better rankings to your site.

In this post, you’ll discover a handpicked list of 100+ high domain authority blog commenting sites from 10+ industries.

So are you ready to find free blog commenting sites? Let’s get into the details.

100+ Free Blog Commenting Sites List 2024 [High DA, Verfied & Handpicked] 

free blog commenting sites List 2024

What is Blog Commenting?

Blog commenting is one of the popular off-page SEO techniques where you leave a comment (or share your thoughts) on other websites. 

Blog commenting allows you to interact with the author, and get responses directly. Blog commenting is a great way to share your opinions, thoughts, and ideas with other blog owners.

Is Blog Commenting Still Effective?

Is blog commenting still effective in 2024?

If you’re looking for a quick answer, the answer is a YES.

Blog commenting is one of the effective ways to increase traffic to a blog. Blog commenting still works in 2024 as long as you’re doing it in the right way.

Bloggers and SEO practitioners all over the world still leave comments on other blogs and use it as an off-page SEO tactic to build links to their websites.

If you’re still wondering about the importance of blog commenting, here are some of the benefits of blog commenting.

  • Blog commenting helps you with traffic (don’t expect loads of traffic though!)
  • It helps you connect and build relationships with other bloggers (this is a good reason to leave comments)
  • It helps you build links to your blog (most comments are nofollow links, but they do matter)
  • Blog commenting helps in maintaining a proper dofollow and nofollow backlinks ratio (this is the #1 reason we still do blog commenting)
  • Helps in building your brand and creating awareness about your website
  • Helps in improving your website’s DA (Domain Authority)

All in all, blog commenting is still effective and it is NOT going away anytime soon.

How to Write a Comment that Gets Approved?

Here’s the truth about blog commenting: most comments don’t get approved.

What’s the purpose of investing your time or money in blog commenting if they don’t get approved by the blog owners? 

So how to write a comment that stands out? Here are some of the powerful tips to write comments that get approved instantly.

Add value: The #1 thing you need to remember while writing a comment is to add value. Your comment should be helpful. You can add more points that are relevant to the topic or ask questions to engage with the blog author. 

Here’s how a valuable comment looks like;

add value

As you can see above, when you add value with your comment, you often get replies from the blog authors.

Write detailed comments: One thing we often do while leaving blog comments is we write really detailed comments. Most of our blog comments range from 100 to 150 words. 

When you write thoughtful and detailed comments, almost every blogger approves them instantly. You’ll also get responses from other readers or blog authors if they’re helpful.

In case you’re curious, here’s how a detailed comment looks like;

comment example

Use a gravatar: Most people who’re new to blog commenting don’t use Gravatars. Gravatar is a free online service that lets you upload an online avatar (profile picture) and will associate the avatar with their email address.

Make sure to create a free account on Gravatar using your WordPress or email so that your profile picture will show up with the associated email you used (whenever you leave comments on other blogs). 

Here’s how the Gravatar looks like (once your email is associated with it);


Read the post: Before commenting on ANY blog post, make sure to read and understand the main idea of the post. Try to find out the “gist” of the post and choose ideas that you really like. You can also look for the missing information or where content needs improvement and write it as a blog comment.

Use your real name: Use your real name if you want to build a personal brand with blog commenting. Don’t use generic names. Also, it’s always a good idea to start your comment with a friendly greeting by including the name of the blog author (or writer). 

Don’t spam: Avoid inserting keywords in your comments. Don’t use links while writing comments. Don’t use anchor text filled with spam keywords while linking. Either link to your internal blog posts or the main homepage. 

Avoid generic comments like a nice post, excellent post, great stuff, etc and don’t use one-liner comments as they do not add any value to the blog posts.

Become a regular commenter: Last but not least – try to leave comments on the blogs frequently (whenever they publish new content). 

Regular blog commenting helps you connect with the blog owners and it’s easier to build a network with their blog audience if they see your comments often. So try to find at least 5 to 10 blogs where you can frequently leave thoughtful blog comments. 

Enough said! Let’s now jump into the details of the 100+ high DA blog commenting sites across various niches.

List of High DA Blogging & Digital Marketing Blogs for Commenting

Here are some of the high DA websites available for blog commenting in the blogging and digital marketing industries.

List of High DA Business Blogs

Here’s the list of high domain authority blogs in the business category for commenting purposes.

List of High DA Technology & Education Blogs for Commenting

Looking for the free technology and educational blog commenting sites list in 2024? Here are some of the best websites for you.

List of High DA Travel Blogs for Commenting

If you’re on the hunt for high authority travel blogs to leave blog comments, the following list is just for you.

List of High DA Health & Fitness Blogs for Commenting in 2024

Searching for the high domain authority health and fitness blogs for blog commenting? Check out the following list.

List of High DA Lifestyle & Fashion Blogs for Commenting in 2024

If you’re looking for the best lifestyle and fashion blogs to leave comments on, this list is for you.

List of High DA Finance Blogs for Commenting

Here’s an incredible list of instantly approved finance blogs for commenting.

List of High DA Family Blogs for Commenting

Here are some of the high DA family blogs you can use in 2024 and beyond for blog commenting purposes.

List of High DA Law Blogs for Commenting Purpose in 2024

If you’re in the law industry and looking for the best law blogs to build links, you can use the following blogs for commenting.

List of High DA Book & Writing Blogs for Commenting

Looking for blogs for commenting on the book and writing niche? Try the following list.

List of High DA Blogs for Commenting in Miscellaneous Categories

Here’s a list of some of the high domain authority blogs from miscellaneous categories for commenting.

Coaching blogs:

Pets & Animals blogs:

Home Decor blogs:

Hindi blogs:

Photography Blogs:

FAQs | Blog Commenting Sites

Here are some of the frequently asked questions around blog commenting sites.

What is blog commenting in SEO?

Blog commenting is where you exchange your opinions and thoughts about a topic that’s published on another blog or website. 

Why is commenting on a blog important?

Yes, blog commenting is important if you want to boost your traffic or build links. Blog commenting is a great way to build relationships, generate traffic and build awareness about your site. 

Does commenting on the blog help SEO?

Yes, blog commenting helps you maintain the RIGHT balance and ratio between dofollow and nofollow links. Blog comments are also helpful for quickly getting your site indexed when you comment on high-authority blogs.

How many comments can you publish in a day?

There’s no limit as long as you’re leaving useful comments on other blogs. It’s a good practice to leave at least 3 to 5 comments every day on other blogs if you’re running a new blog or website. 

Should I use my blog’s homepage URL or internal links while commenting?

If you’re running a brand new website, use your website’s URL. If you’re trying to boost a specific page ranking, go for the internal links while commenting.

Browse More:

Final Thoughts on the free blog commenting sites list

Blog commenting is an exceptional and easy way to build your reputation online. 

We hope the blog commenting sites list we’ve provided on this page helps you achieve your blogging goals.

So what are your thoughts on the list of 100+ high DA blog commenting sites mentioned on this page? Did you find it helpful? Have any questions? Let us know in the comments.

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