Top 15 Image Sharing Sites to Host Your Photos Online for Free in 2024

Looking for image sharing sites that allow you to upload and share photos totally free in 2024?

Sharing photos online has never been easier thanks to the many great free photo sharing websites available today.

Whether you’re a professional photographer looking to showcase your portfolio, a blogger needing to add images to your site, or an amateur taking pictures on vacation to share with friends and family, you will find a free image sharing website that fits your needs.

Top 15 Image Sharing Sites Worth Trying in 2024

In this post, we’ll look at the 15 best free photo sharing platforms to help you choose the right one.

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1. Pinterest


Pinterest is a visual discovery platform founded in 2010 where users can save and organize images, GIFs, and videos (known as Pins) on boards. It has over 482 million monthly active users worldwide.

Notable aspects include

  • Advanced audience insights
  • Direct messaging, and 
  • A personalized following feed.

Pinterest is ideal for individuals and brands to visually showcase interests, ideas, products, etc. Users can follow others, collaborate, and connect based on shared passions.

With its large active user base, Pinterest offers a free way for brands to reach targeted audiences and promote themselves visually. 

Overall, it is a popular platform for discovering and sharing visual content and inspiration.

2. Postimage


Looking to share images online without limits? Postimage is a free photo sharing site for you.

This reliable platform lets you easily embed visuals in blogs, social posts, forums, and more. 

If you’re a blogger seeking a top-notch image sharing site for building links, Postimage should be your go-to.

Notable aspects

  • Unlimited image uploads with no registration required
  • Get permanent links to share across the web
  • Reliable free image hosting
  • Great for bloggers to embed images in posts
  • Website plugins and Windows app
  • No limits on bandwidth or storage space

Overall, with no cons to speak of, Postimage is a great free choice for all your image sharing needs.

3. Shutterfly


Need unlimited free photo storage for life? Shutterfly is the go-to image host.

Notable aspects

  • Get unlimited free photo storage without losing quality
  • Never have your images deleted, no matter how long you store them
  • Leading photo printing service
  • Downloaded images are capped at lower resolutions
  • No built-in editing features
  • Sign up for free accounts to access unlimited storage
  • Get unlimited free 4×4 or 4×6 prints (Just pay shipping and handling).

The unlimited lifetime photo storage at full quality is the big draw of Shutterfly. 

With no risk of losing your images, it’s ideal for photographers and anyone who wants an easy way to safely store all their pics online.

4. Photobucket


As one of the original and largest image sharing websites, Photobucket gives you an easy way to host and share your pics and videos online.

Notable aspects of Photobucket

  • Over 100 million registered users
  • Free accounts get 2GB of storage for up to 250 images
  • Paid plans provide unlimited storage
  • Provides secure online backup for your photos
  • Ability to easily share your pics on social media and websites

5. Imgbox


Tired of complex photo sharing sites? Imgbox offers fuss-free photo sharing with no accounts required. 

Simply DRAG, DROP, and SHARE – this straightforward platform makes uploading snaps swift and simple.

Notable aspects

  • 10MB upload and transfer limits
  • Shareable links & embed codes
  • Resolution control
  • Hotlinking supported
  • SSL encryption
  • GDPR Compliance
  • Intuitive interface

With lifetime free hosting, Imgbox is ideal for easy, unlimited image sharing minus the headaches.

6. ImageShack


Looking to securely host tons of photos for your photography business? 

ImageShack offers premium paid plans starting at $4/month for photographers seeking unlimited and secure photo hosting space. 

After discontinuing free accounts in 2015, they now provide a free 30-day trial to test the platform.

Notable aspects

  • Unlimited storage on paid plans, 
  • Features for bulk uploads, image stats, and private albums
  • Lacks a permanent free tier like other hosts
  • Caters to serious photographers with a robust toolset

While no longer free, ImageShack gives pro photographers an affordable and fully-featured option for secure online image backup. The free trial lets you evaluate the premium plans risk-free.

7. Imgur


Imgur is a top free image hosting site where thousands daily post hilarious, cute, or silly images, competing for upvotes. It’s a favorite of Redditors. 

You can participate in the community feed or simply store images privately via URLs.

Notable aspects

  • One-click image uploads
  • Option to post publicly to the Imgur community
  • Focused on viral memes, cute animals, humor
  • Platform for Reddit image sharing
  • Unlimited free image storage
  • Supports GIF uploads

With fast uploads and unlimited free storage, Imgur makes it easy to store and share your photos privately or take part in the massive public community of viral image sharing.

8. ImgBB


ImgBB is one of the popular free photo sharing sites where you can upload pictures and host images online. It also offers integration solutions for forums, blogs, etc.

Notable aspects

  • Store JPG, PNG, and GIF up to 32MB 
  • Get direct image links
  • Easy URL conversion
  • Drag and drop uploading
  • Build free backlinks to your website
  • Create photo albums
  • Sign up with Facebook/Twitter  

With easy uploading and sharing tools, ImgBB makes it simple to host images for free. 

The platform focuses on integration, allowing you to easily embed photos in message boards, blogs, and other sites to build backlinks. 

The intuitive interface and robust feature set explain its popularity with photographers and casual users alike.

9. SmugMug


SmugMug is an online platform founded in 2002 as a home for photographers to showcase their work. It keeps photos secure through encryption, passwords, and privacy controls.

Notable aspects

  • Customizable portfolio websites
  • Unlimited photo and video uploads
  • Responsive design and mobile app
  • In-depth stats and SEO tools
  • Drag-and-drop customization
  • Use your domain
  • Easy organizing and sharing
  • Prints and gifts available

With robust features tailored to photographers, SmugMug makes it simple to create a professional online portfolio, share unlimited images securely, and even sell your work through downloads and prints. The 14-day free trial lets you test-drive the premier platform.

10. Dropbox


Dropbox makes sharing photos seamless by allowing users to upload images into a cloud-based folder accessible from any device. Like a virtual box, it lets you “drop” files that sync across linked accounts.

Notable aspects

  • Share folders via links for easy collaboration   
  • Sync phone camera rolls to auto-backup photos
  • Public links to share folders with anyone
  • Add and edit multiple file types beyond images
  • Mobile app to manage content on the go
  • Initial 2GB free storage, paid tiers for more space
  • Alternative to emailing large image attachments
  • Integrates across desktop, mobile, and work tools

11. 500px


500px represents an online community of over 16 million users worldwide sharing portfolio images, providing feedback, and learning from one another. 

Much like social media, members can follow top talent and like/comment on photos. 

For amateur photographers, it presents opportunities to improve skills by interacting with experts. 

For professionals, 500px allows increased visibility and income potential as editors source content. 

With a paid monthly subscription, you can upload high-resolution images and sell prints/licensing.

Notable aspects

  • Niche social platform for photographers
  • Outlets for selling licensed images
  • Monthly paid tier for high-resolution uploading
  • Free accounts are limited to 21 photos per week
  • 2,000 maximum photo uploads.

Overall, 500px combines accessible cloud image storage with community engagement tailored specifically to photography enthusiasts.  

12. Amazon Photos

Amazon Photos

Amazon Photos is a platform that provides unlimited full-resolution photo storage and specific video storage for Prime members. It has 24/7 customer support and Amazon-grade security.

Notable aspects

  • Unlimited photo storage for Prime
  • 5GB free storage for videos and non-Prime photos
  • Secure sharing capabilities
  • Personalized prints available
  • Easy drag-and-drop desktop and mobile uploading
  • Desktop app for Windows and Mac

For unlimited high-quality photo storage, you can sign up for a free 30-day Amazon Prime trial. 

After the trial, Prime membership provides unlimited photo storage plus 5GB of video storage. 

If you need more space, there are affordable monthly paid plans ranging from 100GB up to 30TB.

13. Instagram


Instagram is a hugely popular social media platform with over 1 billion active users. It allows sharing of photos, videos, stories, and posts to gain visibility.

Notable aspects

  • Photo filters and editing
  • Reels or shorts up to 90 seconds (IGTV supports longer form)
  • Stories disappear after 24 hours
  • Analytics for business profiles
  • Optimize hashtags to expand reach
  • A limit of 7,500 followers
  • 10,000+ followers to add story links

With 500 million daily users, Instagram is a great place to engage an audience by sharing visual content. 

Hashtags help categorize content and grow your followers. 

While some features require 10K+ followers, Instagram provides free tools for individuals and businesses to analyze performance and the best times to post.

14. Flickr


Whether you’re an aspiring photographer looking to get more exposure or simply want to connect with like-minded creators, Flickr offers a vibrant online community to showcase your work. 

With its user-friendly interface, customizable privacy settings, and built-in editing tools, Flickr lets you share your vision on your terms. 

Browse inspiring galleries, get feedback, and collaborate on projects – the opportunities are boundless. 

  • Millions of users connect with 
  • Powerful editing tools to enhance photos
  • Customizable privacy settings 
  • Share via RSS, email, etc.
  • Max 1,000 photos with the free account

What are you waiting for? Join millions of users and see where Flickr’s passionate community takes your photography.

15. Google Photos

Google Photos

With 15GB of free storage shared with Gmail and Drive, Google Photos may not seem that generous at first. But don’t dismiss it just yet. 

The Google Photos app connects to your other Google accounts. This saves you time when you want to access or share your photos.

It also has a cute collage and animation tool using your uploaded photos. 

Most impressively, Google Photos organizes your pics by location, date, and people – and the more you upload, the more it learns your habits and sorts automatically. Just remember the 15GB storage is shared.

Notable aspects

  • Intelligent auto-organization 
  • Syncing across Google products
  • Built-in editing tools

FAQs About Free Photo Sharing Sites

1. What is the best image sharing website?

The best photo sharing sites are Google Photos, Amazon Photos, ImageShack, Photobucket, SmugMug, and Dropbox. They offer free storage and sharing along with features like organization and backups.

2. What is photo sharing site?

A photo sharing site allows users to upload, store, organize, and share images online. Popular features include albums, captions, and gallery sharing.

3. What are image sharing backlinks?

Image sharing for SEO means posting images on sites to get backlinks and referral traffic. It’s an off-page technique to promote brands and websites.

4. How can I host images for free?

Free image hosting sites include Imgur, Flickr, 500px, and ImgBox. They offer simple sharing, storage, and uploads for free accounts.

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Final Thoughts about Image Sharing Sites in 2024

With this diverse list of top image sharing platforms, you’re sure to find one well-suited for hosting and sharing your precious photographic memories and creations. 

Consider aspects like storage space, privacy controls, e-commerce features, community engagement, and mobile accessibility based on your specific needs.

Most services make it easy to get started for free. Take some time to try out a few options before committing.

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