Immense Benefits of Blogging For Business Owners and Bloggers (Beyond Your Imagination)

Are you trying to figure out the benefits of blogging? 

Look no further, as this post presents you with the unbelievable benefits of blogging and how it can be a life-changing opportunity for you.   

Whether you are a business owner or an aspiring blogger, we will try to explore the benefits of blogging for you.

Originally, the blogging sole purpose was to share their personal lives online but over the last decade, the meaning of blogging has completely changed.

Nowadays, blogging is not only treated as the greatest medium to promote their personal brand and business but also a proven business model in its own ways.

So in this post, we will be revealing why blogging is important for your business, why do people blog, and the benefits of using a blog.

At the end of this post, you will come to know;

  • Benefits of blogging for businesses and individuals
  • Why do people blog?
  • Why blogging is important?
  • What is the advantage of blogging?

So, without much further ado, let’s see the benefits you can get from a blog.

But before that, it is important to understand what blogging is after all.

What is Blogging?

what is blogging

Based on a survey, around 43% of business owners don’t know what blogging is all about or don’t actively blog for their business.

If you are one of them then you are far away from an ocean of business opportunities.  

But not anymore!!

Today we will be learning about blogging and its benefits for you. 

Blogging is a proven inbound content marketing strategy that facilitates you sharing your thoughts or passion to the world with the help of a blog.

As a blogger, you blog daily or weekly on your blog and solve your audience real-life problems. 

Furthermore, you keep on improving your content consistently to match exactly what your readers want to see.  

This way you make a good connection between you and your audience and you become the most trustable person among them.

Once you have a good rapport with your readers you can sell any service or products to them and they will be more than happy to buy from you.

If you try to analyze content marketing closely then you would realize that you have been doing it for decades, be it in the form of printing material or through television. 

But over the past few years, the outburst of digital technologies changed everything for business owners. Companies started finding better ways to give more value to their customers and one such digital medium is blogging that truly works. 

Nowadays every big company has a blog integrated with its business website to educate about its products and services to its customers.

For example Gillette.  

Gillette print ad

There was a time when Gillette used to promote its razors via local newspapers giving tips about shaving.

The brand understood early that outbound marketing strategies like newspapers will not be effective in the future. Thus they adopted inbound techniques like blogging to create value for their customer base.


Now you will see, apart from their products section, they have a dedicated shaving tips section where they blog about shaving, styling, manscaping, and expert advice. 

This way they are able to sell their products in a non-salesy way.

This holds true for businesses of all sizes, big corporations, and small businesses. 

That being said, blogging is a tried and tested business model itself.

If you are not a business owner then also you can start niche blogging and earn huge passive income.

As a blogger, you will have to choose a niche based on your passion, knowledge, and profitability.

Let’s say you love gadgets. Then you can start a blog around gadgets where you will be sharing your knowledge and latest buzz around gadgets in the forms of blog posts.

And once you are able to drive some traffic on your blog, you can monetize the same with the help of advertisements, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, etc.

The main advantage of blogging is that it is risk-free and there are no location barriers. Unlike other businesses, to start a blog, you will not require a big amount of money and physical space.

Added to the business perspective, there are various other reasons why people blog. Let’s have a quick look at them as well.

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Why Do People Blog?

Gone are the days when people used to blog to share their thoughts with the world and making money online wasn’t the goal. 

But today, there are over 500 million blogs worldwide that cover almost every aspect of life such as business, lifestyle, fashion, food, entertainment, and so on.

The ultimate aim of the majority of these blogs is to generate online revenue. 

That’s not all, there are some other reasons as well why people blog. Let’s see how a blog can make a difference in your personal and professional life.


Make Money Online

The very first and foremost reason is to make money online.

Undoubtedly, blogging is one of the best legit ways to make money online with the comfort of your home. And that is the sole reason why people blog and more new bloggers are coming every day.

Unlike other businesses (including eCommerce) where you need millions of funding along with some other resources, to start a blog you will need approx. $100 for a year and nothing else.

Any individual can launch a blog within 30 minutes risk-free and can be scaled to the next heights with ease. 


Follow Your Passion

For us, there is nothing like making money while following your passion and blogging is exactly what it does.

Due to the digital revolution, people prefer to search online before finalizing anything. Whether it’s about education, career selection, buying new gadgets, health tips, exploring new destinations, and so on.

So if you are passionate about something let say soccer, you can
start a blog around soccer and earn a decent amount of money.  




Educate Others

If teaching is something you love then blogging is for you. 

Teaching through blogging will not only allow you to connect with the local audience but also worldwide.

Moreover, you will be teaching yourself more about the topic as you will always be looking for more things to teach your readers.

Most importantly, you can monetize a teaching blog naturally by creating online informational courses and ebooks. 




Worldwide Exposure

Business owners are implementing blogs with their business sites to gain better exposure and sales. 

Integrating a blog with your business site may increase your business exposure to an extent you cannot imagine even. 

To achieve all this, you can build a blog and publish some informational and commercial content around your business and products on a regular basis.

This will increase your website’s visibility in search results and help you to drive targeted traffic to your site. That will further result in new leads, customers, and more business.




Build Authority

Some people are happy with their current status while others are hustling hard to achieve some name and fame to get listed among the biggies.

Blogging is an amazing platform that can make you an authority in your niche.

You would not realize that in the initial days of your blogging journey. But once you start a blog around some specific category and some time passes, you will become more knowledgeable about that topic and will be recognized as an authority in your niche.

This will also facilitate you to become an author, get interviewed, or even speak at events in your industry. 



So these are some of the primary reasons why most people blog these days. Now let’s explore blogging benefits straight away.

Benefits of Blogging (For Bloggers) 

If you are an aspiring blogger then you must be thinking of that making money is the only benefit you will be getting from a blog.

But apart from the money, there are enormous other benefits associated with blogging that will completely change your perception towards blogging. But to cherish them you will have to invest your time in blogging smartly.

So let’s dive into them. 

1. Blogging has the Potential to Make Millions Dollar

Blogging for money is one of the hottest topic in 2024.

Every novice comes into blogging with a mindset that he or she can make money online. Even we started with the same mindset. 

But this is just one aspect of blogging. Furthermore, you would be expecting that you can earn a few hundred dollars every month, right?

That’s totally fine, every new blogger does the same.

But once you will become a part of this awesome blogosphere, you will come to know the actual potential of blogging.  

Blogging has the potential to make a million-dollar with almost no investment (funds). 

Yes, you listen it right.


Through Blogging, many people like you and me are making million dollars and living a laptop lifestyle.

Blogging has changed their lives and they were easily able to left their desk job just because of blogging.

Don’t believe my words?

Here are a few real examples:

Brian Clerk is the founder of CopyBlogger which he had started back in 2006.

On his blog, he provides some of the most useful online marketing advice in the world. According to Forbes Brian making more than $1,000,000 per month from his blog. Today, CopyBlogger’s parent company is known as Rainmaker Digital, with over 200,000 customers.

Pat Flynn also has an inspiring story. He used to work as a senior drafter in a Bay Area architecture firm. After leaving his job, he started his online business and made $203,219.04 in just one year as reported in his Income Report section. Today on his blog Smart Passive Income he shares affiliate marketing tips and generating 7 figure income.

Here is a snapshot of his earnings where he revealed how much he made in December 2017 alone.

spi dec 2017

Even we have been able to hit $10K plus every month for the last couple of years. Last year alone, we generated around $125,000 in revenue.

Most people start blogging just for passion or expressing their personal thoughts. But blogging is beyond that.

If you have a good number of readers on your blog and you are solving the real-life problems of your audience, there are plenty of ways to make money blogging.

Either you can create your own digital products like courses, ebook, and sell to your audience or you can start affiliate marketing of products or services and earn tons of money.

2. Connect Easily with Like-minded People and Build Relationship


One of the greatest benefits of blogging is connecting with others.

It gives you the opportunity to connect and network with like-minded individuals who share the same passions in your industry.

Over the time, we got massive opportunities to interview some of the renowned names in the blogging industry on our blog BloggersPassion.

bloggers passion interviews

Here is a link to the bloggers interview series if you want to check them out.

Moreover, we were also honored to get featured on a number of famous blogs and YouTube channels.

Like this, with every interview, we gained a personal relationship with influential people.

3. You Become a Better Writer / Bestselling Author

“I write to discover what I know.” – Flannery O’Connor


It is said,

The more you write, the better you become at it.

Daily writing habit refines your writing skills and makes you a better writer.

We have been in the blogging industry for over a decade now. 

Over the time we have sharpened our writing and presentation skills so much that even a novice can easily connect with our content and gain the knowledge we want to give them.    

A few months back, we launched our first premium eBook on Keyword Research that got tremendous response.

keyword reserach ebook testimonial

As a result, we released another book on affiliate marketing where we tried to cover each and every aspect around affiliate marketing and again the response was far better than our expectations.

affiliate marketing ebook testimonials

Here is a quick link to our eBooks section.

So if you have a dream to become the best-selling author or publish your own book, start blogging today and once you gain large amount followers on your blog, It will become easier for you to publish and sell your book.

4. Attract Tons of Life-changing Opportunities

Blogging can open so many opportunities not just for you but for others also. If you are in travel or lifestyle niche, you may get a free ticket to travel the world.


If you write great content and gain some popularity, you may be invited by big companies to speak at popular events.

Speaking can help you continue to boost your authority in your niche. You can gain instant credibility when you say that you have spoken at that popular event.

In a business-related niche, Blogging can help you land a good job.

You can start working as a freelancer based on your skillset and earn a huge amount of money.

Furthermore, as you scale up your blogging business, you will need a team. Thus you will be providing employment to a number of people which is just incredible.

According to MediaBistro, nine in ten companies mine online profiles before making a new hire.

Recruiter always prefers to hire people who create better content and have a strong online influence.

This way, With the help of blogging you can achieve all of this and many more life-changing opportunities.

5. Freedom: Live Your Dream Life and Leave Your Boring Job

Blogging is all about freedom.

Who doesn’t want to get rid of 9 to 5 boring desk job and live a dream life?


Of course everyone!

But It’s impossible to do so because of our financial needs. We all want career, fame and most important money.

The great benefit of blogging is it gives you the right to work from any location and at any time.

In blogging, location is not a problem anymore. You can travel the globe while blogging as a full-time career. All you need a laptop and a Wi-Fi connection to continue your blogging.

Besides it, another great benefit of blogging is you do what you love to do. There is no boss to force you to do the work what you don’t like.

Can Blogging really help me to quit my boring job?

There are plenty of success stories where people have launched a blog, gotten traction, and done so well that they’ve been able to quit their full-time job.

Let’s take the example of Harsh Agrawal,

Back in 2008, He used to work in a customer care company called Convergys. He started his blog ShoutMeLoud on Blogspot and later moved on WordPress.

Within four months, He was able to make 35,000 INR monthly. Which was double of his salary at Convergys.

After that, he decided to quit his 9 to 5 job and adopt blogging as a full-time career. Now he is one of the most famous bloggers in India.

harsh agrawal

So with the right strategies, blogging can become an incredibly lucrative way to earn money online and quit your boring desk job which no one like.

So all I can say, Blogging is freedom and the living way of your life.

6. Travel The World and Connect with Industry Leaders for FREE

As I told you earlier, blogging can attract tons of opportunities for you.

One of them is traveling the world. Yes! You never know one day you will be traveling to different destinations in the world.


Traveling to fascinating locations around the globe seems to be an impossible task for many of us.

But, you cannot imagine what opportunity blogging can offer you in the future.

If you are a travel blogger or an affiliate marketer or digital marketer, You may have the chance to get invited to attend the affiliate summits and conferences for FREE including tickets and food.

If you attend such events in your industry, you will get recognized by people you’ve never met and build genuine connection with industry leaders.

Have you heard about Kulwant Nagi?

If no, then let me tell you he is one of the top professional bloggers and affiliate marketers from India.

kulwant nagi

He has traveled to 20 countries so far and earned $700,000+ with blogging only.

So if he can achieve so much, you can also do the same. All you need to take the first step towards your blogging journey.

So these are some of the important benefits for every individual and blogger. But the benefits of blogging are not limited to bloggers. 

If you are running a business already then also you can take advantage of blogging to grow your business nothing like before.

Let’s try to cover the blogging benefits for businesses. 

Benefits of Blogging (For Business Owners)

Are you running any business?

Want more clients or sells to your business?

If big YES, blogging is perfect for you to achieve the same.

Blogs play an important role in today’s business. Even a small scale business run by a single person can be promoted using a blog.

Either you are a small business or a big company, blogging is the only solution to your online content marketing strategies.

All you have to do is create such relevant content that leads readers to get interested in your products and services.

Promote your content to your targeted customers, and you will end up with capturing leads and closing more sales to your business.

But before we deep dive into the blogging benefits for business owners, have a quick on this high-level data that shows how blogging can transform your business.

  • Businesses that consistently publish valuable content around their products and services drive 8x more traffic
  • Blogging reduces overall marketing expenses by more than 60% thus results in better RIO 
  • Gets 3x more leads through blogging 

Top 11 benefits of blogging for business owners of every size company.

1. Long-Lasting Trust

For blog readers, it is natural to have a relationship with you and they trust you more above all.

And once you have that much bond with your readers, selling them your products or services will become a cakewalk for you.

Have a look at the community stories of Airbnb.


Once you will read any of these stories then you will come to know how easy it is to make for them to build trust with their readers. 

So next, when you feel traveling or become a host for travelers you will surely check out Airbnb and end up buying their services.

And this is all because of blogging.

2. Improved Overall Customer Experience

Blogging is all about educating and providing value to your readers before they make any purchase.

This could be anything, a helpful checklist, ideas, recipes, and so on. The more valuable information they will get from you for free, the more loyal they will become to your brand. 

And this free information will eventually lead them to make a purchase on their own. 

For example, Etsy is a global online marketplace for buying handmade, vintage, custom, and unique gifts.

What makes them so popular and recognizable is their blog, Esty Journal, where they keep publishing amazing content on creativity, home and living, style, and so on.  

etsy blog

Etsy blog is filled with so many useful contents that if you visit it once and you will become a regular reader of this blog.

Through their blog, they don’t promote their products directly, rather they aim to add value to their users who, in turn, trust the brand and buy all the stuff from them that meet their creative needs.

3. Better Rankings in SERP

If you want to make your business visible above your competition in search engine results, then there is no better way other than blogging.

Once you start publishing some relevant content targeting some keywords your customers are searching for, your business will rank higher on the search results page due to content relevancy.

Try to Google “how to buy health insurance” and you will result like this;

how to buy health insaurance serp results

These are the top two results. Both the businesses have an integrated blog to their site and that is the reason they are coming in the top results.

4. Email List Building

It is said money is in the list. In fact, the email list is the only asset that you own. 

Google rankings go up and down, social media accounts may get banned anytime but the email list is something that you have full control over.

Starting a blog is the best way to collect emails of every customer landing on your site in return for assuring them free informational content or other freebies.

Once you have the email address of your target audience, you can use the same for future marketing touchpoints.

makeup blog loreal

This is a snapshot that we took from which is a famous blog by one of the top brands in the beauty segment, LOREAL.

They are also utilizing their blog to build an email list of the customers who are interested in their products.

5. Create Buzz for Upcoming Products

Blogging is a great way to create some buzz and demand generation around your upcoming products.

Businesses often use blogs as a medium to announce their new products, features, and the latest news about their brand and the solutions.

For example Apple, if you access their website you will see they are creating buzz by highlighting their newly launched and upcoming products.

apple upcoming products

In the same way, you can also get benefitted from a blog for your business. 

6. Leads and Conversions

From capturing a lead to a successful conversion, there are three crucial phases (Awareness, Consideration, and Decision).

Each phase plays an equal assertive role in converting a customer. 

Amazingly, blogging allows you to tackle all the phases in very systematic manners.

mobile monkey

Mobile Monkey claims to be the best Chabot platform worldwide.

They have an integrated blog with their business site where they create awareness about automation so that people consider their products and eventually make the decision to buy them.

This is all possible because they are taking benefits of blogging for their business. 

7. Increase Brand Visibility

Blogging could be the most cost-effective way to build awareness about your business without spending thousands of dollars to promote it.

If you are truly creating valuable content for users on your blog, no matter what, you will be visible in the search engines.

This way users will not only visit your site to get the information they are looking for, but also learn about the business in general.

The best example that comes to mind is Tesla.


Famous companies like Tesla rely on adding value to their community with blogs rather than spending money on promoting their business. 

8. Influencer Marketing

Another benefit you can get from a blog being a business owner is wider reach with influencer marketing.

All you need to give your product to an influencer (having hundreds of thousands of followers) to use. In the exchange that influencer will be reviewing the product and your company in the form of a blog post. 

Now you can imagine the reach of your company and products.

9. Get Linked to the Top Blogs

Backlinks or inbound links are the links that link back to your website. 

Having a blog means you are publishing quality content consistently. If the content is good enough that they solve a customer problem, then there are higher chances they will be picked up by other websites or blogs too. 

This will increase your website authority and rankings of course. 

For example The New York Times. Though they are famous for news coverage, but also manage a blog that covers different topics ranging from healthcare to technology. 

All the content published on their blog is top-notch and touches the everyday lives of people. If someone writing around a similar topic will surely link back to the New York Times.

the newyork times

So this way you can also start a blog, publish relevant content, and take advantage of backlinks to increase your brand authority. 

10. Feedback and Opinions

Blogging is the simplest way to collect feedback from your audience in the form of comments. This allows you to know what your customers are liking and what’s not.

Based on the feedback and engagement received on blog posts you can easily adjust your marketing strategies.

Moreover, if your audience is liking your content then they will not think twice to share the same with other users. 

11. Competitive Advantage

A blog will help you to portray your business as a brand and this will further help you to stand out from the rest.

A business having a blog is not only treated as an expert by users but also provides value that indirectly helps in business growth and better revenues. 

American Express fits very well here. Instead of talking about their new products they started a blog where they shared different ways of how business owners can grow their businesses and why the community should support small businesses. 

american express blog

The tactic was successful and gave a competitive advantage to the brand.

So this is all how being a business owner you can get benefited from a blog. 

You see, we have not talked about money even at a single point. But all of these benefits will certainly help you generate revenue for your business in a non-salesy way.

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What is blogging? 

Blogging a way of expressing your thoughts. 

You can blog about your personal life or anything you have passion and knowledge about. In return, you can make a huge amount of money through blogging.  

What are the advantages and disadvantages of blogging?

The biggest advantage of blogging is that no big investment is required to run a blog and can be done from anywhere without any timing restrictions.

That being said, blogging is not a quick-rich scheme, it takes a lot of time and effort to become a successful blogger. Though these should not be considered as disadvantages as every business takes time to grow.

Is creating a blog worth it?

With almost zero initial investment, limitless earning potential, and enormous other benefits, starting a blog is definitely worth it. 

What are the benefits of blogging for students?

Blogging can be a good career option for students. Moreover, blogging allows them to garnish their reading skills, writing skills, marketing skills, and so on.

What are the benefits of a blog for business?

Blogging facilitates businesses to build a long-lasting relationship with their readers, improve overall customer experience, increase brand visibility, build an email list, achieve better leads, and conversions.


So these are the biggest benefits of blogging. 

As you can see, there are various benefits of blogging that go beyond making money.

Whether you are an aspiring blogger or business owner, you can take advantage of these blogging benefits to change your personal and professional life.

Now, I am pretty sure you are clear about the benefits of Blogging and how it has changed the life of people like you and me.

This is the time to start your own blog and get all the above-listed benefits for yourself.

If you don’t know how to do it, here is a step-by-step guide on how to start a blog which will help you to start your blogging journey and grow your blog meantime.

We hope you enjoyed reading this post and got what you were looking for. If so, do not forget to share this post with your friends and family.

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