Why You Need to Be it Before You See it Blogging Wise

One of the toughest lessons to learn in blogging is being successful bloggers before becoming successful bloggers. All know we work before getting rewards. But dealing with emotional turmoil during the work process feels overwhelming sometimes. How does it feel to work gratis for 5 months to see zero profits? Sometimes you feel OK working for free. Part of the game. Other times, you feel frustrated working for free because people seem used to getting paychecks for work completed. We tend to be employees during some stage of life.

Blogging is being a successful blogger and doing as success does before seeing tangible, real world success. Bloggers work like millionaires before making millions. Bloggers work like millionaires while earning 0 bucks or 100 bucks or maybe 10,000 bucks. Put in work. Be patient. Be persistent, All this pro blogger BEING leads to you SEEING pro blogging results down the road. How far down the road? Who knows? Not decades. But suffice to say, months to years because going pro requires thousands of blogging hours before your skills, exposure and credibility increase to professional levels.

Do you BE a pro blogger daily? If you see success you BEed a pro for 1000 to 3000 to 5000 hours and more. Being a pro means generously creating, connecting, opening multiple income streams and trusting in self and process. Imagine having immense posture. See yourself succeeding well before physical, actual, tangible success finds you. Cultivate a knowing that success is yours. Patiently keep being a pro well before you go pro. No one goes pro and sees pro dough until working like a pro for a sustained period of time. Being precedes seeing. No way you see pro blogging success in traffic and money terms until you be the pro for years. But bloggers do not BE the pro for years and expect to see money, let alone pro money. Pure, sheer delusion, here.

On becoming pro, put in even more work. I blog at 2 AM now. Does this sound easy, seamless or effortless? I get my 8 or more hours of sleep nightly but blogging at 2 AM feels exhausting. Welcome to being a pro blogger. One puts in time and energy to go pro and to be pro and to keep expanding. Being precedes seeing. Being a professional blogger in thoughts and action for a time precedes seeing successful, pro blogging results.

Imagine you intend to maximize your blogging profits. Being preceding seeing means you BE the pro generously and genuinely for a time before seeing the profits boost. Nothing happens overnight. Expect a hefty lag to exist because lags bridge being and seeing. Lags give clarity to the process. Lags weed out lazy bloggers. Lags allow blogging cream to rise to the top. Lags cull deluded bloggers who try to get rich quick or seek overnight success. No such fallacies exist. You BE as successful bloggers BE, generously creating and connecting, then, over time, you SEE more traffic, profits and business from your blogging efforts. The process is logically simple to follow but emotionally uncomfortable to follow sometimes because facing fear is never comfortable, pleasant or seamless. No one enjoys feeling fear. But….welcome to going pro.

Keep being and you will eventually keep seeing. Be the pro and pro blogging results find you after working diligently and persistently. Nobody takes free rides. We all put in work to blog successfully. No shortcuts exist. Never let bloggers fool you. Hacks do not exist. Good old fashioned hard work exists. Just the way that it is.

Be it before you see it.

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