Why Worrying About Your Blog Changes Nothing

Did you ever think about the habit of worrying? No matter how much you worry about your blog, nothing changes as the product of that worry. Why? Worry is a negative, fear-based energy. Fear-drivers bring fear-filled results like struggle and failure. Worry about blog traffic and profits issues for a few hours. Go ahead; see how far that gets you. Worry is a habit that wastes energy because you spend energy worrying but remain stationary, in terms of blogging growth. Imagine if I sat here for 10 minutes worrying about writing and publishing this blog post. What happens? I would still be in the same spot 10 minutes of worry later, not having written the blog post, but I’d have wasted 10 minutes of energy with the silly habit of worrying.

Move into generous action to combat worry. Nudge in a fun, freeing direction, even if you worry about taking blogging action. No one defeats worrying by worrying. But everyone defeats worry by taking positive action. Apply this idea to all aspects of your blogging campaign. Do you worry about promoting yourself too much? Promote yourself too much. Nudge into the fear of self-promoting to better face, feel and release this struggle-inducing fear. Who hates self-promoters? Losers! Jealous people! Do you desire a blogging community of jealous losers? Nope. Promote yourself freely. Allow these fools to fade into the shadows of their own fear, pain and suffering. Never get involved with lower energies because trusting idiots only pulls you down into habits like worrying, which of course retards your blogging growth.

Feel the feeling of worry fully. Step into the sensation. Hug the emotion. Feels bad; observe your racing mind. Feel it, then, worry dissolves into the ethers, being replaced with greater peace of mind, calm and relaxation. Allow worry to move on quickly to better blog from a relaxed, prolific, generous energy. Build success momentum by moving in inspired directions, even if doing so feels terribly uncomfortable to you, at first. Eventually, worry becomes less of a habit and peaceful action becomes more of a habit so you largely leave the habit of worrying in your rear view window. Feels good. Feels empowering, too, to leave worry in the past. Success finds you more quickly. But keep moving in directions your worries tell you to avoid.

For example, imagine worrying about writing and publishing a guest post. What can you do? Write and publish the guest post. Nudge into the worry. Feel the fear. Do what you fear doing to become fearless and to become a more successful blogger. Worry never changes a darn thing; worrying keeps you in the same spot but saps you of your energy. Does this make sense? Heck no. Be with worry and observe the emotion to see how worthless worry really is. Study chronic worriers in your life. Do you notice how these people never go anywhere and never achieve anything of note? No chronic worrier who boasts of worrying about it all as a means of preparing self for live ever does much of anything….save worrying. Move in the opposite direction from these folks. Nudge into your worries. Move toward what worry tells you not to do and you sap worry of its worthless, wasteful power. Leave worry in the past.

Even if you worry here and there as we all do, you make worrying a passing sensation versus a hard, life long, stopping point.


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