Why Offering Only Free Content Is a Huge Blogging Mistake

Imagine offering solely free blogging content through your blog posts, videos and podcasts.

Everybody who reads your blog loves getting freebies. All readers tend to expect to get freebies every time you publish or release something. Why? Most if not all these folks fear spending money on helpful blogging knowledge. Imagine self-publishing an eBook or course for an audience who fears spending money. Nobody from your readership buys the eBook. Readers who love freebies do not love spending money on helpful, premium content because said readers reek a poverty conscious vibe, fearing money loss, resisting spending even 1 cent on a blogging course, eBook, audio book or on coaching, too.

Do you see why offering only free content on your blog is a huge blogging mistake? Monetizing your blog becomes virtually impossible because none of your readers buy your stuff. Plus, monetizing your blog – after publishing only free content for 2-3 years – creates a ton of resistance from fear-filled, freebie-seeking readers. Said crowd grumbles about you earning money through ads, links or anything, because cheap, poverty conscious folks become so blinded by fears that their arrogance and delusion clouds the fact that every human being deserves to make money and has the right to make money online. I guarantee virtually every one of these poverty conscious people earned a buck or two through a job or business. Did anybody wait in the break room to complain about and criticize these employees or entrepreneurs for earning a pay check? Of course not; only insane, poverty conscious loons complain about other human beings making money.

Why Offering Only Free Content Is a Huge Blogging Mistake 2

Stop catering to broke or poverty conscious readers. Begin charging now for some of your content by writing and self-publishing eBooks, by creating courses, by being an affiliate marketer, by selling sponsored posts and by selling advertising space on your blog. Get comfortable with receiving money. Attract a different type of audience; a paying audience. Even if you face resistance from cheapies, said folks eventually fade away as you promote more premium products and services. Even better? A new, more prospering readership begins to find your blog based on your abundance signals. These folks with deep pockets feel your abundant, generous, clear and confident vibe when it comes to offering premium services. Naturally, this crowd has zero issues spending money because prospering, abundant people view spending money as investing money in their fun, freedom and happiness. No objections; just investments.

Make the clear, abundant move today. Add 1-2 income streams to your blog every 2-3 months until you establish about 5 income streams. From there, monetize as you see fit. I opened 10 plus income streams on Blogging From Paradise because hey; it’s only money.

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Changing your money energy is step #1 in publishing premium, for pay content, via eBooks, courses and the like. See money as being neutral. View money as being a basic means of exchange. Remove emotional charge from money. Money is just money. Money is only money. No big deal. Nothing to get all worked up about. Monetize your blog and you will attract a new, abundant audience who freely spends on your offerings, helping you make money online.

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