Why Most Bloggers Mess Up Monetizing

Blog monetizing.

Do you feel confused about how to monetize your blog?

Or do you feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of literally endless monetizing choices?

Ads? Affiliate marketing? Writing and self-publishing eBooks? You can go on forever.

But you need to avoid one common monetizing mistake in order to become a full-time blogger.

In my eBook: 7 Steps to Build a Full Time Income Earning Blog

chapter 7 advises you mimic millionaires. Wealthy people leave clues. Pay attention to their thinking, feeling, and actions. One such action confuses most bloggers.

Wealthy bloggers get clear on this idea. Struggling bloggers struggle because they do not get clear on this idea.

What is it?

The common error is believing an income stream literally makes you money.

This is not true.

Click my eBook above. Why do people buy it? Not because it is an eBook that sells itself. People buy my eBook because Ryan Biddulph spent 10,000 plus hours:

  • practicing my writing
  • creating free content
  • building friendships with powerful bloggers
  • solving specific problems my readers want me to solve

The money or monetizing is in my 10,000 hours – or more – learning blogging, practicing blogging and serving through blogging.

eBooks in and of themselves are worthless; the author makes the money through their learning, practicing, creating and connecting.

Why Most Bloggers Mess Up Monetizing 2

If you want to avoid the common monetizing error of believing an income stream makes money, stop deliberating over income streams, spend most of your day helping people for free, and gradually add 1-3 income streams every 3-6 months, or less.

Generous, creative, connected bloggers make money through all their income streams because it is their name and generous service that makes the money, not the stream itself.

People buy my eBook because I solve a specific problem pressing to bloggers. *I* solve it, meaning the name Ryan Biddulph carries credibility, in some blogging circles.

My name carries credibility because I spent 10,000 to 20,000 hours creating and connecting, generously.

Money flows to me because I worked generously for 10,000 plus hours, not because I wrote an eBook.

Adsense Error

New or struggling bloggers put in little or no time, or do failure-inducing spamming all day long, then plaster Adsense on their blogs. After 1 month, Adsense earnings total to $0.03.

Adsense had nothing to do with your terrible paycheck. That 3 cents reflect the 0-3 hours you spent generously creating and connecting with people this past month. Or that 3 cents reflect the 12 hours you spent spamming people daily.

The money gradually increases as your generous service increases. Go from 5 to 10, to 1,000 generous hours spent creating and connecting, and you will gradually make more money through virtually all income streams.

The streams did not make the money. You did.

Do not set up Adsense because you believe it is a good way to make money. Generously create and connect for 4-10 hours daily because THAT is the best way to make money through any income channel.

Being generous takes many forms. I just slashed pricing by 71% until September 18th for my blogging course.  Click that link, click the image of me smiling on the beach, and when you click to buy it, type in discount code: TFF5D9IA 

Get the course for $99 instead of $349, its full price.

I enjoy being generous because I have fun seeing more folks buy the course, use it and enjoy sweet blogging success.

Of course, I make more money too. We both win. Obviously, the course did not sell itself.

My generous creating and connecting along with generously lowering the course price for 71% until September 18th positions me to increase my income.

Stop delaying and debating over how to monetize your blog. Help people for free. Create valuable content. Bond with top bloggers by helping them.

Monetize by gradually opening income streams and your persistent, generous service boosts income through virtually all channels.

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