Why Is WordPress Worth the Cost of Startup and Maintenance?

Good question.

Here’s your answer:

  • you own your domain and hosting
  • nobody can kick you off your domain because you own your domain and hosting
  • unlimited branding potential
  • unlimited monetizing potential
  • huge, global support community
  • startup costs are cheap
  • maintenance costs are cheap
  • maintenance is easy
  • easy to set up
  • easy to learn
  • see how expensive it is to blog on a free platform for 4000 posts then get kicked off for no clear reason; this happens a lot
  • see how expensive it is to be part of a free platform product – you technically do not blog on free platforms because you are the product – for years, wasting your time branding someone else and building someone else’s business
  • WordPress offers you unlimited customizing potential
  • easy to learn and use plug ins
  • robust, intuitive backoffice

I could go on for 8 hours but you get the picture. WordPress dot org is the only option for serious bloggers who wish to grow a large, loyal following and who want to eventually go full time. Make sure you do not think lazily, though, because being lazy mentally focuses your attention on money and effort to get going versus unlimited benefits once you get going. Bloggers fear losing a few bucks on a domain and hosting so they cannot see the thousands and tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of dollars you will make if you buy your domain and hosting, get on WordPress dot org, generously help people for thousands of hours and trust in the process.

Do you fear losing $100 a year? Or do you feel good about making tens of thousands of dollars per year, after you generously help people for thousands upon thousands of hours? Create a vision for your dream life to take critical steps for living that dream life. Spending money and putting in legwork to get familiar with WordPress is well worth circling the globe through blogging for 8 years. When I lived in Fiji, did I ever rue the fact that I paid $14 a year and $20 a month on my domain and hosting? Nope. I happily invested time, money and energy to build a successful blogging career on a rock solid foundation, so I could live my dreams through blogging.

You carry the intent, the driver, that enables you to see your vision over worrying about a time and energy investment. Some bloggers fear spending aka losing money on WordPress and worry more about the legwork it takes to get the site up and running. Why worry about doing things the RIGHT way? Worry about doing things the WRONG way; blogging on free platforms you do not own, being the product, wasting your time, struggling and failing 100% of the time. Worry about that. Do not worry about blogging the right way. Get on WordPress dot org immediately.

Anytime you ponder the worth of some time and energy and money investment, *you* need to do the mental legwork as far as the return on the investment, to see if the investment is worth it. What is your return? Nothing? Or making like $10 a month? Do you even have a vision? Or do you blog with no vision, or cloudy-looking goals, in mind? 100% of the time, your investment and return depends on you. Develop a vision of a fun, freeing life, that you live by becoming a pro blogger, and you immediately invest money in your domain and hosting on a WordPress dot org blog to do it right.


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