Why Instagram Removing Likes Helps Your Blogging Career

Has a Like from Instagram ever purchased my eBooks? Nope. Ditto for my courses. No Instagram Like ever bought my audiobooks and paperworks. Nor has a Like ever hired me, clicked my ads or paid for a sponsored post. Amazing. So naturally, I did not care when Instagram removed Likes because no Like has ever bought anything I offer. No Like ever promoted me, endorsed me or helped me in any way, shape or form because a Like is inanimate, not capable of doing anything or being anything.

Likes on IG were just perception-builders, or, builders of illusions. People who rely on illusions to build a business are not genuine, and not being authentic, trying to drive business with smoke, mirrors and perception. Guess what happens when you take away the Likes? You remove the smoke, mirrors and perception. Guess what happens then? Everything falls like a house of cards. Business evaporates through Instagram or through any social platform where you relied heavily on the illusion of being successful, versus just helping human beings. I built my business and blog on a rock solid foundation of generously helping human beings. Human beings generously help me, growing my business and bolstering my blogging career.

Perhaps you obsess over the number of comments and social shares you get? Stop relying on this illusion. Stop basing your success on smoke and mirrors. Did a blog comment ever buy your stuff or hire you? I did not think so. Did a Facebook Share ever endorse you? Nope. Human beings do that stuff. Focusing exclusively on serving human beings allows you to be the person who succeeds online because all success is borne of generously helping humans with free content and premium offerings. Toss in networking with humanoids to better bolster your blogging campaign.

Why Instagram Removing Likes Helps Your Blogging Career 2

It is never about the numbers though. Stop focusing on Likes, on Facebook. Stop obsessing over retweets on Twitter. Cut it out with the numbers game because numbers are illusions, smoke and mirrors, non-essentials in building a successful blogging career. Do you know who builds successful blogs?  Human beings who generously help human beings by focusing on these folks, by listening to their problems and by providing solutions in the form of valuable content. Humans grow business. Numbers grow nothing because numbers are inanimate objects, not capable of doing anything at all.

Starting at Ground Zero

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Focusing exclusively on helping humans and not on numbers gives you a prospering start to your blogging career. Likes, Shares, comments and a general numbers-outcome-focus distracts you from what really matters: helping human beings. Help humans, and you can build up a thriving blogging career while making sweet coin, even if you are on a shoestring budget. The secret is to focus on helping people, not chasing things. Money flows TO generous servants and away from bloggers who obsess over things-illusions, being mired in a fantasy-land.

Keep helping people. Be grateful that Instagram removed Likes because the platform removed needless distractions that mean little or, frankly, nothing. Nobody becomes a top shelf blogger trying to win a popularity contest. The big dawgs just keep helping people and focusing on people to accelerate their blogging success.

One Small Favor

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