Why I Generally Avoid Controversial Topics on My Blog

Right now, in my native United States, COVID and BLM are two huge movements. Being in the States going on 14 months now, I have observed these circumstances up close and personal.

I have seen great positives in both regards:

  • my fellow US citizens are facing, feeling and releasing the horror-fears of both sickness and death en masses, versus turning to bottles, pills or other outside sources solely, for their health
  • my fellow African American US citizens are slowly but surely receiving equal treatment, as should have been the case for an incredibly long time

Even though I see these positives and know myself or my successful guest bloggers could handle each topic skillfully on Blogging From Paradise, I generally avoid controversial, emotionally-charged topics because giving energy to such topics attracts a different kind of reader to BFP.

I blog with love, compassion and a more fear-less, completely personally responsible, empowered nature. I emit that loving, caring, empowered message. But publishing posts on each topic begins attracting fear-filled folks to my blog, this crowd vibing from energies of anger, scarcity, resistance, victim-hood and other fear-based energies that cripple the limitless potential in human beings who harbor such fears.

My readers understand how life happens FOR them, not TO them. Life happens to reveal both your fears and passions to you, for embracing, feeling and releasing. Controversial topics by nature attract unclear, unhappy, fear-filled people ready to fight, condemn, judge, criticize and shame anyone with an opposing viewpoint. Open up your Twitter. Scan the trending topics.

Do you see what I mean? No thank you. I’d actually be selling meat to vegetarians by doing this. I’d be blogging about topics inherently created by the media to scare, intimidate and separate humanity. But the Blogging From Paradise message is a full 180, dripping with love, acceptance and care, and unity.

Have you noticed how the news media advises you to wash your hands, practice social distancing and wear a mask anytime you’re indoors, in a public setting? Every fear-based piece of advice implores you to AVOID DISEASE from energies of fear.

Does your government ever tell you to eat a nutritious diet, get 8 hours of sleep each night, exercise for 30-60 minutes daily, drink plenty of water and boost your immune system, to PROMOTE HEALTH from energies of love, harmony and wellness? Of course not.

This is why I do not cover controversial topics on my blog. Inherently, controversy is a created construct, carefully engineered by a few people with worldly power, disseminated through the news and politicians, to scare you into feeling powerless, angry, and separate from other humans. Without fail, publishing posts on these topics draws a fear-heavy crowd to my blog.

I preach love, compassion, acceptance, unity and one-ness. Fear, judgment, non-acceptance, division and separation are 100% against what I preach, teach, and heck, 100% against what I have been to become a pro blogger who brings the world together through my blogging tips, travel stories and loving, peaceful nature.

Controversial topics bring fight to my blog of peace. I prefer to see every human as my brother/sister and to do what promotes my health versus delving into topics specifically designed to promote separation-division and sickness, along with the terror of the natural process of death.

Again, me or my rocking guest posters could handle these powder keg topics seamlessly but my core intent of stepping out of the illusions of separation and dis-ease into one-ness, unity and health does not agree with any controversial topic mired in fear, scarcity, and complete ignorance of who we really are as limitless, loving, accepting, compassionate, unified human beings.


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