Why Does Nobody Read Your Blog?


You GET readers by GIVING freely of your time and talents. Getting shortages mean giving shortages. So simple to see. But a real pain in the butt to own. I know. Been there. Blogged that. I recall feeling angry. Why did no one read my blog!!?? But after anger passed, I felt better and saw clearly. Nobody read my blog because I did not learn blogging from pros. Nor did I blog generously for thousands of hours. I never created or connected for thousands of hours. Of course, nobody read my blog. My GIVING sucked. So my GETTING sucked. But all changed by me being more generous. More and more folks read my blog because I blogged daily. Toss in guest posting. Podcasting. Doing live videos. Woohoo! I was cooking.

Release frustration. Ground yourself in generosity. The flat out quickest way to get people to read your blog is to give them something. Make sense? Give to get. Get readers to follow your blog by giving readers content 3-5 times weekly, through your blog. No need to publish more as a new blogger. Eventually, develop the skills to post daily. But do begin guest posting a few times weekly. Comment genuinely on top niche blogs, too. Be a gabber. Help people. Talk to people. Something neat happens; giving more leads to getting more. Bloggers befriend you if you mention bloggers on your blog and tag these folks on Twitter and Facebook. Some friends mention you on their blogs. More backlinks. More traffic. More success. More profits too, if you diligently open income streams.

Time Element

Hold your blogging horses! Success will come. I believe in you. But getting readers requires 100 to 500 to 1000 to 5000 hours of blogging effort. Spend 5 hours today generously creating and connecting. Awesome. Spend 10 hours tomorrow. Great. Now you have 15 hours of generous creating and connecting. But you are just getting started, Young Blogging Padawan. Dial in on that 5000 number. 5000 hours of generous blogging service is when stuff REALLY pops. Keep going. Love this gig. Enjoy it. Have fun helping people. Blogging success is on the way.

Of course, newbie bloggers tend to be impatient and deluded. I put my newbie self in that cyber boat. Folks want success yesterday. Or after a few hundred hours of creating and connecting. Kick back. Relax. Take your time. This journey becomes long, winding, fun, fulfilling and rewarding. The key is to see everything through, to be generous and to shock yourself with how much you have grown as a blogger over the years.

Growth happens. Success happens. Readers can and do flock to your blog. But you need to be generous, patient and persistent for readers to arrive and gobble up your blog content. Ramp up your publishing schedule. Aim for higher numbers. Make an impact every time you post. This is the starting point of attracting a big, loyal audience. Readers follow bloggers. Bloggers blog persistent, consistently and generously. Sear these ideas onto your noodle. When fears arise – and hell yeah, they will – being with these simple, powerful ideas reminds you to be generous, patient, persistent and consistent.

Keep giving. You shall get readers. Guaranteed. But you need to see the blogging journey through in order to succeed. I know you’re up to it!


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