Why Does Having Little Confidence Kill Your Blogging Campaign?

I have to sum up the confidence issue with an email pattern I spot.

Bloggers email me 5, 10, 15 or 30 sentence emails asking me to review their blog, eBook or podcast. Think; 10 paragraphs asking me what a clear, confident person asks in 2 sentences:

“Ryan I value your feedback. Please review my eBook.”

That’s it. No BSing. No dancing around the topic. No hesitating. No hemming and hawing. No delaying. Ask me to review your eBook. I either review or do not review the eBook. No big deal. But bloggers with little confidence fill their minds with so much fear, doubt and anxiety that they desperately feel the need to explain themselves in depth, to describe their pitch in great detail and to talk about current global conditions in the process.

I sometimes get emails from folks asking me something about blogging but in the same email, bloggers mention COVID, or some other topical subject. Why? What does COVID have to do with reviewing a blog? What does this news headline have to do with getting blog traffic? Being filled with fear deludes you into wasting your time and wasting my time. I know bloggers never do this on purpose.

I know bloggers do not intend to waste time. But sending a 10 paragraph email versus a 2 sentence email wastes our time. Wasting time is always the result of your fear, of your little confidence, of your mental chaos, and, how you lack clarity with your blogging campaign.

Having little confidence ensures that you play small. Playing small sets you up to struggle and fail. Imagine if you have virtually no confidence in your guest posting skills. So you refuse to guest post. Refusing to guest post kills your traffic and profits potential. Struggles and failure follow. But imagine if you tried to guest post from a place of relatively zero confidence.

Guaranteed, you aim to guest post once monthly. All well and good. But see how far you go writing 12 guest posts per year. I write 10 guest posts every 2 days. I had to build up my confidence over years. You need to build up your confidence over years. But everything starts by facing, feeling and releasing fears one moment at a time because doing so builds your confidence. Building your confidence positions you to do things increasing your blogging success.

Everything begins if you choose to face, feel and release fears in order to be confident, posturing and calm about your blogging day. No one succeeds online lacking confidence because only clear, confident bloggers do the things that lead to traffic and profits. I write this guest post because I feel confident. I expand my presence online because I feel confident.

Be bold. Get clear. Do freeing, fun, sometimes scary things to develop a confident steak about you and your blogging business. Believe in yourself. You can and will succeed. But being successful means leaving your comfort zone. Ride out these rough spots. Sit with these bumps. See yourself succeeding in your mind’s eye.

Buy my eBook for overcoming obstacles. Expect to face a few obstacles – or more šŸ˜‰ – along the way to becoming a clear, confident blogger. Confident bloggers do not bloat emails, waste time or dawdle around, fearing imagined obstacles. Confident pros make clear, bold decisions to accelerate their success. Follow their lead. See through, around, above or below obstacles.

Take the time to breathe deeply, relax and to know that success is yours. Follow me. Study my confident ways. I cling to some fears like any human being but largely move forward with confidence. Follow my lead. Boost your confidence levels through osmosis.

One Small Favor

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