Why Do You Ask the Same Blogging Questions Again and Again?

I read a few questions on Quora now.

Hmmm….why do the same bloggers seem to be asking the same questions, again and again? Easy. Bloggers who ask the same questions do not follow successful advice from successful pros generously and persistently enough to promote their blogging success. Do you ask the same blogging questions like how to get blog traffic and how to increase your blogging profits? Guess what? You need to follow the successful advice you received, generously and persistently, and you will get more traffic, more profits and you will never ask these blogging questions again.

Blind to Success-Promoting Answers

Most bloggers blog mainly from a vibe of fear and scarcity. Vibing from this energy, most bloggers seem completely blind to good, solid, proven, success promoting advice. Why? You cannot tune in to, receive, process and understand good advice while vibing from a bad, lower, fear-based energy. I can say to create and connect generously, to increase your blog traffic and profits, but if you vibe mainly from fear, you cannot understand how to do this or you flat out refuse to create and connect generously or you try creating and connecting generously for 1 week, panic when you see no traffic and profits increase, and bail, asking the same question again, next week.

Why Do You Ask the Same Blogging Questions Again and Again? 2

Stop being blind to success-promoting advice. Stop asking the same questions again and again. Face, embrace and feel your deep fears. Release the fears. Tune in to sound, solid, proven, successful blogging advice and put this knowledge into action until you see improved blogging results.

Be Straight with Yourself

Be honest about your question-asking style. Do you ask the same basic traffic and income boosting questions again and again? Do not lie to yourself. If you are that blogger, it is time to listen to good advice, follow the advice and see successful results due to your generosity, patience and persistence. Bloggers tend to be ridiculously impatient. People give them excellent advice but this crowd follows the advice from an impatient, frenzied, panicked, desperate energy. Of course you cannot see rocking blogging results after following sound blogging advice for 1 week. Blogging is about years of generous effort, not weeks of generous effort. We are building a meaningful business, not some fly by night operation.

Take a deep breath. Relax. Allow this idea to seep into your subconscious mind: overnight blogging success is not possible. Nobody succeeds by following proven blogging advice for 5 minutes or 5 days or 5 weeks or 5 months. Bloggers who succeed put the majority of their attention and energy into generously creating and connecting daily for years of their lives. Stop asking the same question you asked 3 weeks ago. The advice works fine, but you decided not to work the advice generously, persistently and patiently. Guess what advice you will get, again? The same blogging advice your ignored 3 weeks ago, or the same blogging advice you put into practice for 3 short weeks, versus putting the advice into action for 3 months, to begin to experience blogging growth. Dividends genuinely grow after the 6-12 month period, if you follow the sound advice, generously, day after day.


Do you feel a bit stuck in the cyber basement, suffering because you vibe low and blog mainly from an energy of fear, scarcity and poverty?

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