Why Do Part Time Bloggers Need Big Time Dreams?

In 2016 my wife and I visited stunning San Gerardo de Rivas in Costa Rica.

This was the view from our home office:

View from Home Office in Rivas, Costa Rica

Lush, green, peaceful and serene, I slept better here than any spot during our world travels. Relaxing Rio Chirripo flowed across the street, providing me with a natural version of white noise. Mountains, hills, forests and tropical birds calling in the distance added to the ambiance.

Watch the video in 1080 p. Go ahead. Do it. Now, if you blog part time, do you feel more inspired to stay up late tonight to blog, even if you need to wake up early for work tomorrow? Do you feel inspired to stay up late to blog even if you usually watch TV on your Friday night off? Wouldn’t it feel incredible to be able to spend a month in this spot, as we did?

Part time bloggers need big dreams to motivate self in the face of strong:

  • resistance
  • fears
  • anxieties
  • laziness
  • general comfort

because most full time employees find themselves working jobs not for fun, freedom and fulfillment, but for fear of running out of money, food and shelter. Heck yeah I did the same gig over a decade ago. I lived in survival mode. I worked a job almost solely to cover basic human survival needs.

I worked a job to make money. Making money paid the rent, put food on my table and allowed me to cover all of my bills. I was not happy. But at least I wasn’t broke. Looking back, I realize now that this was a terrible way to live. But I dreamed of myself living in places like Phuket, Thailand, to become more inspired to circle the globe than I feared losing all of my money, property and food.

I know this sounds so weird guys but you are likely similar to the old me; you have been programmed by society to work jobs just to cover survival needs. Returning home after a long, hard day at work, you simply want to enjoy dinner, watch TV and laze off to bed.

Enter visualizing. Dreaming spectacular dreams inspires you to do what it takes to live the dreams versus doing what is necessary to survive. You begin living to thrive, not solely to survive. Sure the blogging gig feels uncomfortable to work. Being exhausted makes it feel difficult to blog part time but dreamers get the job done because dreams injected with knowing and a tangible reality influence you to do things for fun, versus doing things out of fear.

I visualize regularly. This is a secret to me being a professional blogger. I see myself chilling on the beaches of Fiji. Or in the town center in a small Nicaraguan town, like the one where I snapped the featured image for this post. Feels fun. Feels freeing.

Feeling fun and freed, I then do what pro bloggers do to keep living their dreams. Trust this simple process because it is fool proof, timeless and all powerful. Visualize. Get busy having fun helping people generously from a knowing energy. Works like a charm.

But you better be dreaming big dreams to overcome fear-driven resistance often arising for 9-5 folks blogging part time. You know what I am talking about. Tonight when you get home from work you can make the comfortable but confining choice of grabbing a drink, eating dinner and watching TV.

Or you can make the uncomfortable but freeing choice of writing and publishing a blog post. People who never dream make comfortable choices summed up as a mediocre, largely unhappy life. People who dream big dreams make uncomfortable but fun, freeing choices summed up by living your dream life.

People who dream REALLY big dreams make highly uncomfortable but fun, relaxing choices that allow them to live movie-worthy lives. People wonder how I publish 5 guest posts daily. How do I do it? I dream REALLY big dreams then relax and do what feels fun, freeing and sometimes scary, based on how I feel as I visualize more often.

Dream big dreams. Overcome survival mode. Put in time, energy and generous service during your part time blogging hours to position yourself to go pro.


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