Why Do Most Bloggers Fear Publishing Posts Frequently?

Your mind can be a real jerk.

Most bloggers fear publishing posts frequently because of low self-esteem. I get it. I was in the same blogging boat for many years. I believed little in self so figured unless I published a 7000 word masterpiece, I would not be publishing value worth people’s time. I pulled back on blog post frequency. Once a week sounded okay to me. But my traffic and blog struggled to grow because I was not publishing helpful content frequently enough.

Now I publish content quite regularly. Sometimes 5 posts a day between podcasts, videos and articles on my blog. Toss in two to three guests post daily if not more and I have a decent presence online. Okay; I have a very strong presence online. Why? I feel clear and confident in self. I have high self-esteem so I know anything I publish from a 30 second video to a 600-word blog post to 3 minute podcast absolutely drips with massive value. I am clear on that. But most bloggers fear they are not enough so a 600-word blog post or 30 second video is way too short to be valuable in their mind so they never post this type of content and only publish three or four or five thousand word posts, or they publish nothing at all. Huge mistake.

People respond to your energy. People respond to your view of self. If you want greater blogging success simply boost your self-esteem. Feel fears that create your low self-esteem. Develop high self-esteem. Once you feel really good about yourself, anything you publish will be more than enough. Anything you publish will be valuable. Since the source of the post believes in themselves, the content itself will be sensational and your readers will agree with your view of self and with your clarity in your content. This blogging thing is always an inside-out game. If you struggle you just need to get clear on your direction and success will find you.

Why Do Most Bloggers Fear Publishing Posts Frequently? 2

Most bloggers fear boosting blog post frequency because they pass the stupid meme around that a 600-word post or 30 second video is not valuable. This is not true. Value is in the eye of the beholder. If you need a single tip and a 600-word post shares that single tip you just got yourself a valuable blog post. If you’re struggling with this blog post frequency mental block because of low self-esteem, this blog post will be incredibly valuable for you. You will start publishing posts more frequently and see a traffic and profits boost because you came across this 500 to 600 word blog post. Does that lack value for you? Heck no!

Value is in the message delivered. Nothing more, nothing less. Deliver the message in 500 words or five thousand words and it really matters not because all that matters is that you deliver on the promise of your blog post title in the clearest fashion possible. The split-second you boost your blog post frequency, you face many fears. Chief among them a fear that fuels your low self-esteem, the belief that publishing shorter, more frequent content hurts the quality or value of the content. This Is A Lie. Publishing more content puts more value out there and adds quality to the blogosphere. Change the meme into something positive and you will see greater and greater blogging success while those bloggers around you who cling to the blog post frequency meme will be 1/100th of what they could be blogging-wise.

Blogging is between the ears. Boost your blog post frequency. Pull back on word count. Pull back on the length of your podcasts and videos. Observe any fears or uncomfortable feelings arise in your being. Feel and release. Eventually, you will become more comfortable with an increased blog post frequency and you will see the value in everything you publish. Success will be yours. Plus you won’t have to work like a dog to see this level of success as you live your dreams through blogging.


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