Why Distract Yourself with Small Potatoes?

I spend most of my day writing and publishing guest posts.

I spend a decent chunk of my day publishing posts on my blog.

But I spent little time on blogging small potatoes. Why waste your time on small potatoes? But I am different than most bloggers. Bloggers complain about having no time to write and publish a blog post. Weeks pass by. During those weeks these bloggers spend hundreds of hours chatting on social media. Social media chatting has its place. But professional bloggers should be blogging everyday or every other day. Here’s why; bloggers blog. Everything else is largely small potatoes.

Networking is important. Engaging people is important. Chatting on social media is important. But each level of importance pales in comparison to writing and publishing content on your blog and other blogs. Blogging is mainly about creating blog content through blog posts and guest posts. Do this. Success will be yours.

But do you distract yourself with less important or non important activities? Why devote your energy to something non important? Especially when you ignore genuinely important blogging activities?

Blogging gets easier if you stick to writing and publishing blog posts and guest posts. Spend most of your time doing these things. Why? Publishing blog posts and guest posts leverages your presence more quickly than any other method online.

Blog commenting rocks but commenting does not compare to guest posting. Networking rocks but networking does not compare to publishing posts on your blog. Smart bloggers create most content on their blogs and the blogs of buddies because you and your friends own these websites.

Ownership is key. Owners set the rules. Owners brand themselves how they want to be branded. Owners customize their blogs to stand out. Create on these sites. Stand out from the crowd. Protect yourself from the fickle world of social media and video sites.

I do not understand why bloggers spend hundreds of hours networking on Facebook between writing and publishing blog posts. You don’t own Facebook. Mark Z owns Facebook. Why spend hundreds of hours working through his site when you should be spending hundreds of hours working through your blog because you own your blog and through buddy blogs because your buddies own these blogs? Do you see why this is the smart way to succeed online?

Blogging Small Potatoes serve as excuse makers. Networking for hours on Twitter allows you to avoid facing writer’s block. Futzing around on Facebook for days gives you an out for not guest posting on respected blogs in your niche.

Subconscious fears steer you towards doing foolish, failing stuff. Face these fears. Release these fears.. Just post. Blog commenting has its place. Social media networking has its place. So does podcasting and broadcasting live. But these are all secondary to writing blog posts and guest posts because bloggers blog before anything else.

Do you want to succeed online? Blog a lot. Do you want to fail online? Blog a little and spend most of your time doing stuff social media pros should be doing. Feel free to network, to podcast and to broadcast live. Get the real work done first. Blog. Guest post. Spend most of your time on your blogging buddy blogs to brand yourself intelligently.

One Facebook update can wipe out your profile but who cares if you blog intelligently and generously? You shouldn’t be spending much time on FB anyway because you don’t own the site. But unless all of your buddies reject you overnight and you stop paying your domain and hosting bills, your blog content and content on buddy blogs ain’t going nowhere.


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2 thoughts on “Why Distract Yourself with Small Potatoes?”

  1. Hi Ryan,
    The way you write actually makes us believe how relaxed mind you have got. How you manage to be so stress-free? Reading your article is learning with fun, I am learning many life secrets from you🙂. Really enjoyed the line Mark Z owns Facebook😆. Well said😁
    Shubha Tiwari


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