How to Monetize Your Blog Intelligently

Do you want to monetize your blog intelligently?

The simple way to monetize your blog the right way is to work on your mindset.

Why do most bloggers not use their mind power to monetize their blogs?

Walking through this process feels highly uncomfortable and unpleasant because you need to face your fears around money loss.

Personally I’d much rather work hard to see success but I quickly learned that until your mind is attuned to receiving wealth it matters not how hard or long you work. 

You could be a monetizing travel blogger, affiliate blogger or heck, any blogger. The same principle applies.


The first step is the set aside time every day for working on your mindset. I devote at least two to three hours on mindset or energy work every single day to expand my awareness and to face my fears.

Working on your mindset alerts you to when you’re doing things from a place of force versus from a place of Love, abundance and generosity.

How about your blogging actions? Do you blog mainly from a place of generosity and abundance? If not you will need to work extra hard to overcome the resistance fueled by fear in order to actually make a profit online.

Don’t look at most bloggers around you. These folks likely slave, strain and strive for hours every single day and see poor results because they’re not using their mind power.

The struggling crowd tries to overcome the resistance they build up versus feeling the fear, releasing resistance and blogging from an abundant energy.

How to Monetize Your Blog Intelligently 2

Doing your mindset work every single day simply expands your awareness so you see how you genuinely think, feel and act. Perfect example; I am so used to writing blog posts and feel quite comfortable with typing them out that doing a voice dictation for this blog post felt highly uncomfortable and unpleasant.

My mind told me again and again that I’m wasting my time doing this. But my neck, fingers and body care not for my ego objections. So I will do the dictation and some heavy editing later in order to save my fingers, my eyes, my neck and my back.

Plus I will be able to create content that helps you and prospers me.

All done much easier than forcing out typing. But I had to become aware of my resistance and fear and wanting to stick to my old typing ways so that I could actually use this cool Google dictation tool for making my life easier.

Take Easy But Uncomfortable Steps

The next step to profiting by working on your mindset is to take the easy but uncomfortable route.

Does this phrase confuse you? It should. Basically you take the route that feels easiest to you in terms of following your passion. We all know what we love doing. So we should keep doing it.

But sometimes it feels highly uncomfortable because as You Follow Your Passion you may not see quick or even longer-term results that you expected. In layman’s terms, I mean you can be following your passion which is easy but if you haven’t made a penny through your blog over 3 or 6 months you feel very uncomfortable.

Why? You fear that you’re wasting your time. Panic arises in your being.

This is the exact moment when you have to keep doing easy even though it feels uncomfortable because wading through these difficult moments is exactly what separates the top bloggers in the world from everybody else.

100% of the time, knifing through these difficult and uncomfortable moments helps you position yourself to make a lot more money because you will outshine all the folks that panic and bail on doing this simple but uncomfortable thing.

Can you see why you need to work on your energy sufficiently every single day?

Every minute you spend leveling off your energy through either yoga, meditation prayer or whatever strategy works for you is well worth the effort.

How do profits flow through these simple strategies?

When you do the easy but uncomfortable thing at times persistently, and keep working on your mindset you’re going to increase both your skills and exposure in your niche.

Bloggers who appear to be everywhere and command some serious skills simply make money.

Just look at the top bloggers in your niche.

These people often do it unconsciously but today we uncovered two simple steps to help you get your mind right and your money right. 

One Small Favor

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