Why Blog on the Outside Looking In?

I scanned my spam folder a few moments ago.

I also peeped a spam folder on a blog where I frequently guest post.

Oodles of bloggers blogged on the outside. Looking in. Imagine a little kid staring through a window at a candy store. Darn, that candy looks SO good. But the kid cannot walk inside the store for some reason. Perhaps his parents say no candy. Maybe he has no money. Or worse; the kid got banned from the store for bad behavior, like stealing. All those bloggers in spam folders are like a kid banned from a candy store for stealing. Save, these spammers on the outside looking in got banned for stealing precious time and energy of all reputable, legitimate bloggers in the cyber world.

How in the heck can you succeed being on the outside like a blogging stranger? Guess what? You cannot!

As I preach in my blogging mindset eBook – buy it here – you need to think like success, have posture, be generous and build relationships to blog successfully. Build bonds by being generous to ensure you never find yourself blogging like a cyber stranger, on the outside looking in. Here’s the deal My Blogging Sweetlings; if you try to GET before you GIVE, bloggers come to despise you (worst scenario) or ignore you (best scenario). Perhaps compassionate bloggers set aside 10 seconds to teach you benefits of relationship-building. Most busy bloggers have no such time, and do not teach the lesson.

I just trashed my spam folder before. No way could I respond to anybody. Busy bee today, helping folks who built bonds with me. I also just scanned the spam folder via Blogging Tips to observe a hefty number of blogging spammers who knew not what they did. Since I have no commenting rights thru the backoffice I just left it at that.

Be on the inside looking out. Help bloggers. Ask for nothing. Expect nothing. Be generous. Be genuine too. Eventually – quite fast if you BE super generous and detached – many of these bloggers befriend you. Generous bloggers feel as attractive as a chocolate sundae on a hot, humid day. Like digging into that sundae, blogging buddies visit your blog, endorse you, promote you, buy your stuff and hire you. Win-win scenario. Congrats! You became a blogging insider. But keep paying that insider tax. Be helpful to bloggers. Promote top bloggers on your blog and through social media. Comment genuinely on blogs. Be a blog comment lounge lizard. Folks will love you for it because comments are content and all bloggers love genuine comments.

They key to being an insider who makes friends, drives traffic and increase your blogging profits is to keep chatting with and making blogging buddies at every turn. Few bloggers do this, so few bloggers seem to be insiders. The most generous among us get stupid connected and seem to know everybody. My wife always says that about me; I know everybody, blogging-wise. Why? I network my rear end off. I write guest posts for fellow bloggers like I breathe. So, naturally, I am a blogging insider. Being generous was the key that opened the door to be a blogging insider. Versus being a blogging outsider. Stranger Danger! Nobody trusts blogging strangers. But boy do we love, respect and help blogging insiders.

So….what are you waiting for? Publish a genuine comment below. Retweet this post. You need to catch our attention in order to move higher in blogging circles. Insiders can help you become an insider but you need to get in the blogging game, be generous and be all over opportunities to serve your fellow blogger. You up for that? I believe that you are.

One Small Favor

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