Why Ask the Money Question?

One big part of monetizing your blog effectively is falling in love with the process of helping people and outsourcing the money making part through the process of surrender. I know you may not want to hear this. Why? I read a question on Quora a few minutes ago. My fellow blogger asked about the monetizing potential of a site geared toward how to build websites. I quickly knew why she asked the money question: she has no idea all the work, learning, service and energy that goes into blogging so tries instead to quell her doubts about how much she’d make in a year, blogging-wise. Bloggers who ask the money question fear they cannot make money online. Drilling deeper, most have zero interest in learning how to blog from pros, branding online effectively and working for thousands of hours before going pro. We need to see people and questions asked as people and questions asked, really are.

Why ask the money question? Stop asking how much money to expect through blogging after 1 month, 3 months or 1 year. Nobody knows how much you will make because every human works differently, commits differently and has a different money mindset. Some have a poverty mindset. For example, someone asking how much they’d make money-wise per year asks from a poverty conscious mindset because no abundant, rich-thinking, person, would set their potential and/or expectations based on the opinion of a stranger. People asking Quora questions are strangers asking other strangers to answer important, pressing questions. Do you believe a prosperity conscious, abundant-minded person asks important questions of strangers? Nope. Prosperity conscious bloggers invest money in blogging courses, eBooks, and coaching, to get the best advice from the best bloggers.

Getting the best advice from the best bloggers gives you confidence and clarity in making important blogging decisions. Picture the lady on Quora who asked the money question hiring me to coach her or investing in one of my courses or eBooks. Immediately, she gets the 411 on blogging, from finding your most prospering driver, to following the fundamentals, to learning the right questions to ask in order to go full time, down the road. Rich-thinking, wealthy conscious people do these things. Poverty conscious folks – being filled with doubt – ask strangers how much money to expect to make, after a year. Life genuinely follows the quality of your questions. Better ask good ones, to succeed online.

Get clear on your driver. I never asked one how much to make online for me – expectations-wise – for my first year because freedom, and fun, not money, drove me. Of course I enjoy receiving money but this plays a small role in what I do. Imagine if money drove me? I would have quit days and weeks into blogging because I made zero dollars many weeks and even months in blogging. Zero dollars means no motivator. No motivator means quitting. Do you see why most bloggers blog as persistently as a little puppy chasing a butterfly, being pulled from here to there, and everywhere, anywhere except away from his previous path?

Stop chasing bright, shiny objects. Stop chasing money. Follow the fundamentals; create helpful content generously and build genuine friendships with fellow bloggers. Lay the foundation for a successful blogging campaign by keeping things simple in a largely frenzied, chaotic blogging niche. Expect to be light years ahead of bloggers focused on getting an answer to the money question. Success is in service, not asking about numbers on a screen.

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