Why Allow Negative Bloggers into Your Head?

I read a Quora question a few moments ago. Someone answered with some sheer negativity. I do appreciate someone sharing their realistic view of a situation. But what if their version of the truth is in fact not true, but stark, raving, absolute negativity? I almost had to stop reading the answer. Well….I did stop reading the answer, before I reached the end. It got me thinking. Why do so many bloggers allow negative bloggers into their head? Why allow someone to rent space in your mind, only to fill the space with negative vibes, negative ideas and downing, limiting beliefs?

Surround yourself only with positive, uplifting bloggers. Listen to them closely. Allow their positive ideas, loving support and possibility-laden thought process to fill your mind. The easiest way to succeed online is not necessarily the easy way – making money online is not easy – but it is the road paved with positive vibes, positive ideas and positive people. On the flip side, filling your mind with negativity by surrounding yourself with negative people and allowing their ideas into your mind is the quickest way to guarantee your online failure. I recall reading the user’s answer on Quora a few moments ago. He shared a narrow-minded view of the world through his questions. How could someone succeed by trusting the dude’s advice? Impossible. No one succeeds by seeing the world through a pinhole. No blogger wins by thinking about loss or by surrounding themselves with bloggers focused heavily on loss. Impossible. Not gonna happen. But of course, most bloggers allow negative people into their minds way too easily, being influenced by their negative ideas, thinking of lack and limitation.

I release negative folks the moment I encounter these people. Nothing personal. Just my success. Where your attention and energy goes, grows. Giving your attention and energy to negative people allows negativity to grow in your experience. Again, where your attention and energy goes, grows. Keep giving your attention and energy to positive bloggers. Starve negative bloggers of your attention, not giving these folks any open-ness, ignoring their negative ideas. As a smart practice, visualize your dreams regularly. See yourself living your dream life through blogging. How does this feel? Inspiring? Enlightening? Uplifting? I often see myself living and blogging in places like Fiji, Bali and Thailand, feeling myself being on the beach, enjoying these eye-popping paradises. Putting myself in this mental picture energizes me, raising my vibe into a fun, freeing energy. Feeling this way, I have no desire to allow negative people to rent any space in my mind.

Do you let negative folks into your head? Why? Give yourself permission to remove these people from your life. Never make excuses about why you cannot release these people from your experience. Sometimes, it feels comfortable to keep negative people around. Maybe people felt like friends in the past. But people turn south from time to time. Life changes. Positive people become negative people. Or, people who seemed positive when you were negative simply become a lot more negative when you become more positive. Release these people. Never keep them around because low energy people tell you what does not work, what is impossible and what can never happen for you. Release them. For good. Surround yourself with high energy people who give you love, support and good vibes. Since we become our environment, it behooves you to simply maintain a positive environment around you. Start with the people you hang with. Keep it positive. Keep it high energy. See what’s possible by allowing only positive people into your sphere of influence.


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