Whose Blogging Advice Do You Follow?

One huge time waster cripples most bloggers.

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I recall an interaction I spied on Facebook this morning.

Someone had problems growing business. Things seemed promising but business never grew from zero. Someone asked if people could share their advice for getting through this frustration. Someone wrote “Advertise.” Someone else wrote “Use discipline to force yourself to succeed.”

Neither answer is a lie, or wrong, but both answers clearly indicate each person has little experience running a thriving, established business. I imagine myself in the frustrated person’s shoes; you are upset, worried and afraid that nobody signed up for your business.

Being in this frame of mind, how do you respond to the word “advertise”? You are blind to advertising because you are afraid.

Similarly, listening to advice of being disciplined and forcing yourself leads you in a bad direction because force is fear, force negates, and force leads to unintelligent strategies, fail business and eventually, quitting.

Some entrepreneurs who force themselves to work get sick or even die, never facing and embracing the DEEP fear goading them to force themselves to succeed. Force is fear. Fear does not work as a sole, primary driver for a lasting, meaningful business.

Save Time: Listen Only to Heart-Centered Pros

Follow only blogging advice from heart-centered, pro bloggers. Or follow only advice from heart-centered, established bloggers. Some may not be pros but offer sound advice.

Do these folks advise you create, connect, have fun helping people and blog from a generous space? You have a mentor, folks. Listen only to folks who put their advice into action, too.

I could advise people be generous all day long, but if I acted selfish all day long, you should not trust me.

Listening to the best of the best simply cuts through noise, bad advice, failing strategies and struggles. Instantly, you know good advice when you see it.


Whose Blogging Advice Do You Follow? 2

But the turning point begins with ownership; who do you listen to daily for blogging advice?

I offer sound, practical tips for succeeding. Fear-filled, desperate, or greedy bloggers literally blind themselves from loving, generous, abundant advice because our two energies do not match.

Guess what happens if you vibe from fear? You ignore good, sound, successful advice. Look no further than your average Facebook Group to see people vibing from fear; I mean the spammy groups.

Imagine the blind leading the blind, all offering terrible, 100% failing, struggling blogging advice through fear prisms. Meanwhile, if said fear-bloggers followed my advice from an abundant, generous vibe, success would be theirs, over time.

Totally their choice. Waste time following advice from failed, manipulative, or outright ignorant bloggers, or spend time following only advice from top blogging tips bloggers, being established in their niche.

Your choice.

Be Honest

Be straight with yourself. Do not be ashamed to admit you greedily or desperately followed struggling blogger advice until now. Being honest with yourself is the key to freedom, the door to increased responsibility and greater success.

Own that fear. Feel it. Proceed from a genuine, generous energy to better address your blogging problems and to follow advice from only the best of the blogging best in your niche.

Follow pros to experience pro-like results over the long haul. Stop following bloggers with little or no experience. Follow the best to become the best and to use your time effectively and efficiently, too.

One Small Favor

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