When Did You Last Tell Stories through Your Blog?

Stories sell.

People love stories. But sometimes, bloggers get caught up …in sharing 3rd person accounts of blogging, or, of their niche. Most of these accounts tend to be a bit bland for readers. All well and good if you get your point across, as we can all prosper with varying approaches. But story tellers rise to the blogging top because stories sell. We grow up reading stories, watching stories and sponging up stories from parents. Why not work stories into your blogging campaign? Stories sell because everyone loves a good story.

All it takes is a little creativity, a pinch of ingenuity and a willingness to be transparent. Or if you prefer not to tell stories about your life, simply share stories of clients, customers or readers. However you share stories, simply make sure to weave tales to enchant readers. True tales, though. Being honest is important if you intend to gain reader trust. Tell true stories, being honest about your affairs, or the affairs of your readers. This is a simple way to appeal to readers because everybody loves a blogger who tells a good, enthralling story.

I tell travel stories to endear readers to me and to my blogging experience. Sure I could write a simple, 3 person account of blogging tips; I do, most of the time. But then I change things up with an eBook like this and definitely put the blogging tips niche on its side. Why? Stories like the tale I covered in the eBook entertain us. You and I grew up watching TV and going to the movies after we enjoyed bed time stories from our parents. But it goes deeper; these days, Netflix, Hulu and YouTube provide platforms for story telling, pulling viewers in through the art of visual storytelling. I spend at least an hour or so watching entertainment through 1 or all 3 of these platforms because I love a good watch and also take notes from these masterful story tellers, enthralling me, pulling me in with their wizardry. If they can do it, I can do it, too. Big time inspiration, following these pros, because I learn from their ways and make my stories a bit more vivid.

No need to be a globe trotter to have story material. Every human being has experiences to call upon so every person can tell an unlimited number of stories. But make sure you relate your blogging story to the niche you work to find resonance between the two. Align to genuinely shine.

I suggest taking tidbits from your day to day life as well as more colorful experiences in the offline realm. I have oodles of travel stories to call on, from slaying spitting cobras, to being punched and bitten by separate guys in Kathmandu, to almost biting the big one in India. I even have 27 Netflix worthy travel experiences to grab and use, in order to entertain my readers. But your niche story telling may differ from mine. For travel bloggers, the above vignettes simply are the meat and potatoes of your blog post. But for blogging tips bloggers, drawing analogies between blogging and these stories is a must because readers need to be interested in your niche, as the niche must align with the audience. I would not babble endlessly about my travels without making a real, genuine connection to blogging.

Stay on topic to make your stories – and blog posts – pop.

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