What Was My Stupidest Blogging Mistake?

The time: 2013.

The place: Muhamma, India.

I had traveled through Southern India for a few months.

One dear blogging buddy met me by his home town when I was in Muhamma. He had begged me to write an eBook for months.

I resisted. I feared nobody would read it. Plus I feared I could not write an entire eBook. But when we met in person, by the rice fields in Muhamma, he finally convinced me to write the eBook.

Even though I did not begin writing Blogging From Paradise eBooks for another year, I cut my eBook teeth that very day I wrote the thing and self-published on a lesser-known digital storefront.

I also slowly reversed one of my stupidest blogging mistakes.

What was the mistake?

NOT giving my full attention and energy to people who loved what I did: fans, friends and loyal readers.

I Screwed this Up for Years

Fear goads you to do silly stuff. I feared I was not enough, for years. Clinging to this fear, I always tried to meet tons of new people daily versus giving my full, 100%, attention, energy and focus to engaging people who loved my content, products, and services by:

  • chatting with them on Twitter
  • chatting with them on Facebook
  • retweeting their content (for bloggers)
  • talking to them via email
  • responding to their comments mindfully after reading every word of every comment
  • listening to their feedback
  • trusting feedback from friends who saw potential in me

This list can go on forever. Seize this key point; do not make my stupid mistake.

Do not desperately rush to meet tons of new folks daily, giving 95% of your attention and energy to prospecting, and giving 5% to loyal readers, brand advocates, happy clients, and happy customers.

What Was My Stupidest Blogging Mistake? 2

Go to Where You Are Loved

Give almost all of your attention and energy to people who love what you do by writing content for them, by thanking them for their generosity, by talking to them, by chatting with them, and by listening to them.

Engaged, appreciative, loyal fans make you a ton of money long haul via referral marketing. In essence, you are going to where you are loved, and these loving readers, customers, and clients promote you to their like-minded friend network, who buys your stuff and hires you.

Blogging profits increase.

Check out the eBook I am promoting now:

5 Wicked Mental Blocks I Crushed to Write and Self Publish 50 eBooks in 10 Months (and How You Can Crush them Too)

If I continued to ignore my blogging buddy and his goading me to write an eBook, I never write a single eBook.

If I never write one eBook, I cannot write 50 eBooks in 10 months, to inspire you and to prosper me.

I had to start giving most of my attention and energy to friends and fans to increase my traffic, to increase my income and to increase my passive traffic and income too.

Loyal, engaged friends and loyal, engaged readers will promote you around the clock if you keep chatting with them and listening to them.

Be a Patient New Blogger

Nobody appears to love your work as a new blogger. Be patient.

Connect with top bloggers in your niche. Comment genuinely on their blogs. Promote them on your blog and through social media.

Practice writing daily offline and publish 1 post weekly online. Create and connect generously to attract loving, loyal readers.

Engage these awesome folks. Give a hefty chunk of your energy and focus to these inspired people.

Blogging becomes so much easier when you give much of your attention and energy to folks who love what you do.

Start the process by spreading love, generously helping top, happy, positive bloggers in your niche.

One Small Favor

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