What Type of Blogging Neighborhood Do You Frequent?

I spent my blogging day today hanging out in high energy blogging locales.

I guest posted on a few respected blogs, like Make Blogging, among others. I also networked with high energy bloggers. Why? I know birds of a blogging feather flock together. You become who you hang out with predominantly. We are products of our environment.

So that begs me to ask the question; what blogging neighborhoods do you frequent? Pros hang with pro bloggers. Aspiring pros hang with pro bloggers. Even first day bloggers should hang with pros to learn:

  • how to blog the right way
  • how to handle yourself blogging-wise
  • how to network the right way
  • how to sell the right way
  • how to create and connect effectively
  • how to maintain a generous, relaxed, trusting vibe

I sponge up my environment. Ditto for you. No human being is good enough to completely ignore their offline or online environment.

I suggest avoiding all low energy, fear-driven blogging neighborhoods. Hanging in these spots allows fear into your head. For example, spending hours on Quora – as a questioner or answer guy or gal – puts you in a lower energy blogging neighborhood. I feel the folks over there mean well. But most asking folks want helpful answers for free because most fear spending money. Poverty conscious folks demand freebies most if not all of the time.

Do you really believe people desiring freebies would pay $350 for my blogging course? Heck; do you feel these freebie-seekers would pay even $7 for this eBook of mine? Nope and nope, on both. Make that a firm nope. Quora tends to be lower energy because people gather there to give and receive free information.

Expect to find some gems. But don’t bank on landing clients, customers or power broker blogging buddies in an environment dripping with free questions and free answers.

Do you want to blog more abundantly? Hang out on respected blogs in your niche. I surround myself with professional bloggers. I hang in their neighborhoods. Why do you think I guest post on so many blogs? My respected blogging buddies own their online real estate.

Pro bloggers and aspiring pros attract highly targeted, serious, prospering readers who benefit by buying products and hiring pro bloggers for their services.

I find successful blogging advice by hanging in successful blogging neighborhoods. One such piece of advice is focusing on targeted traffic over big traffic numbers. Watch my video to see what I mean:

Why Highly Targeted Traffic Beats a High Volume of Traffic

Where do you hang out? Network only with high energy, fun-loving, generous bloggers. Allow these folks to influence you, your blogging campaign and your brand.

I learned successful blogging lessons by hanging out in high energy locales. Pay particular attention to how happy, heart-centered, professional bloggers give most attention and energy to high energy folks in high energy spots.

Do you want to live your dreams through blogging? Hang out in spots frequented by fellow aspiring dreamers and bloggers who achieved what you hope to achieve. Study people who live their dreams. Bar none, these folks only hang out in high energy spots frequented by successful bloggers and aspiring pro bloggers. Makes perfect sense. Birds of a blogging feather flock together.


Do you feel a little bit burned out with your online business? I experienced a bit of a resurgence recently after addressing signs of mild burnout.

I do love my longer form blog posts but a busy offline life – me and my wife are selling the house to travel the world – dictates I needed to cut back on long form posts to publish shorter, punchier pieces.

Doing this immediately dissolved my early symptoms of blogger burn out.

How can you cure online business burnout?

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10 Tips to Cure Online Business Burnout

One Small Favor

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