What Social Media Strategies Drive Blog Traffic?

Be generous. This is your starting point. Being generous lays the foundation for being a successful blogger. Being generous on social media is the quickest way to make a seismic impact. Think; helping fellow bloggers by promoting ‘em builds friendships. Blogging buddies promote you on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Simple process. But most bloggers seem so hellbent on driving traffic to their blog that they never promote fellow bloggers, greedily promoting themselves. Good luck with that approach on social media. Doesn’t work. People tune out greedy bloggers. Folks do befriend generous bloggers.

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I explain how helping fellow bloggers drive profits is one direct way to drive *your* profits. Makes sense to generous, forward-thinking bloggers who see power in networking. But it makes zero sense to self-centered bloggers taught to look out for A1. You likely grew up with an idea to take care of all individual needs first. Then, help others. WHOA! Blogging is a full 180 from this strategy. First, you take care of fellow bloggers on social media by retweeting blogger’s posts and by Facebook Sharing blogger’s posts. Then from there, expect nothing. Genuinely promote bloggers on social media. Ask for nothing in return. Persistently promote bloggers on Twitter and Facebook. Ask for nothing. Do it. Be generous.

Something cool happens; some bloggers befriend you. Some love your generosity and vibe with your style. So this crowd mentions you on their blog and through their Twitter and Facebook handles. What happens? More people find your blog because you gain exposure on fellow blogger’s blogs and social media accounts. More exposure means more traffic. Plus you stand to gain more profits, too.


What Social Media Strategies Drive Blog Traffic? 2

What drives the social media engine for bloggers? Being generous. Read this post. Tap the retweet button. Share the post on Facebook. I notice you. Nazim notices you. Doors open. Bonds begin to form. I may retweet your latest blog post. If you create content frequently and write skillfully, of course. But my promotion gives you more exposure. Imagine 10 fellow bloggers mentioning you on their blogs? Even greater exposure, for you. Picture 20 blogging buddies retweeting your latest blog post? Gain even GREATER exposure. You get the picture. Generosity opened the door. Give freely, receive easily. Sear this social media fundamental onto your mind.

Persistence plays a chief role in the social media generosity game. Bloggers rarely befriend you after you retweet one of their posts. But 10 retweets later, bonds may begin to form. Trust builds slowly and strongly. Stop rushing things. Stop forcing things. Help. Then cut the strings. Eventually, bloggers befriend you and promote you too, via social media and through their blogs. This is THE social media strategy as opposed to multiple, lesser powerful, strategies. Different tactics may work kinda well but this core concept of being generous works incredibly well. Imagine the power of leveraging being fully at your disposal. Instead of you alone publishing your blog post, 5, 10 or 50 blogging buddies promote your blog posts through multiple social media channels. Any time, you publish a post, a small army of blogging buddies promotes the post on social media sites. Leveraging. But you need to keep being generous to allow these friendships to grow stronger and stronger. Keep giving freely, and you will succeed.

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