What Is Your Blogging Voice?

Do you even have a blogging voice? What is your blogging voice?

As I promote my ebook for finding your writing voice I think about the tone of my blog. My tone is unique. Nobody blogs quite like me. But this is not the case for many other bloggers out there who try to parrot or mimic top bloggers. Some SEO bloggers try to mimic Neil Patel. Other SEO guys and gals try to mimic Brian Dean. Some try to imitate Gary Vaynerchuk. Others choose to imitate no one and follow their own path. I am in the latter crowd. Although it took me awhile to find my blogging voice I dialed in and now feel comfortable writing and being the Blogging from Paradise guy.

Finding your blogging voice is critical because your voice makes you stand out from all bloggers in your niche. Even as a new blogger you stand out by practicing your writing to uncover your blogging voice. Write your butt off. I suggest writing 500 to a thousand words daily for practice in a Word document to gain both clarity and confidence in your writing voice. Imagine your writing voice emerging versus trying to find it because the voice is always there. Your voice is your authentic self. Imagine being 100% authentic. Then blog from that voice. This is rare because most bloggers do not accept themselves so their voice sounds like another blogger’s voice. Not a good look. That other blogger already blogs in that voice so now you look like a copycat.

What Is Your Blogging Voice? 2

I found my blogging voice by blogging from my heart. I did things different from most bloggers. This felt scary at first but allowed me to land on sites like Forbes, Fox News and Entrepreneur because world famous publications tend to feature genuine, one-of-a-kind type bloggers. No way you land a spot on Forbes unless you are genuine and special in what you do and this happens when you blog in your voice by blogging from your heart.

Face the fear of criticism and spit it out. Fearing criticism goads you to imitate bloggers versus blogging in your authentic, one-of-a-kind voice. Face the fear and release it. Practice writing daily. In time, with patience, your blogging voice arises. Imagine allowing this style to emerge from your being versus digging deep to find it. The voice is always there but sits under layers of deep fears about blogging and your abilities. I believed nobody would buy my ebooks years ago because even though I had largely found my voice I had not perfected it after I wrote my first few books. Over a hundred ebooks later I felt clear and confident enough to where folks buy my ebooks routinely now. Why? I feel clearer on writing in my voice and never imitate anybody and all I do online between my writing, videos and podcasts. I am comfortable being me which makes me stand out and which makes my voice ring loud and clear.

Imagine talking to people in person. Blog in that voice. Literally. Blog how you speak to blog in your writing voice and you will stand out from the crowd of dry, formal bloggers who have a tough time blogging how they speak. Be you. Blog you. Stand out by blogging in your unique voice. We do not want to hear anybody else because if we wanted another blogger’s voice we would follow their blog. We want your blog. We want you to blog in your voice.

Are you up for that?

I think you are!

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