What Is Your Blogging Problem?


The classic 4 letter word.

Fear is your blogging problem. Bloggers sometimes tell me patience, or being generous, or persistence is their blogging problem. Nope. You are wrong. I can tell you the right answer. I can tell you the truthful answer. Fear is your blogging problem because any struggle or failure roots itself in your deepest fears. I recall promoting my blogging course thousands of times. I made one sale after 8,000 page views. Such is the case for any groundbreaking course. The world was not ready for it. I had to clear my fears around it. Folks bought it since. Many more folks will buy it going forward. What was my problem? Fear. I associated some fear with the course and I associated the course with some fear. Promoting the living daylights out of the course allowed me to face the fear, to embrace the fear, to feel the fear and to release the fear. Releasing the fear allowed me to sell more course copies and to give the course greater exposure.

Fear is your problem guys. Do not over analyze it.  Do not waste time trying to find out your problem when all problems are fear, manifest. Do you seem lazy, unable to muster the energy to blog? You are afraid. If you did not fear, you would be blogging. Uncomfortable but clear action suggests love dominating fear in your being. Sitting on the sidelines is plain old fear dominating your being. Top bloggers develop a strong relationship with fear. Top bloggers sprint from employee to entrepreneur by facing, feeling and releasing fear. Every blogger needs to pay the fear tax to become successful because we all need to face, feel and release fear to reach our next stage of blogging growth.

What Is Your Blogging Problem? 2

Nobody is immune from facing and feeling fear because all humans live in a body experiencing different emotions. No way past this. But facing fear – instead of delaying, over analyzing on the sidelines – helps you feel and unearth the fear so you can proceed from a successful, abundant vibe, positioning you to experience top shelf results. At least over the long haul.

I waste little time analyzing anything. I just dive in calmly, slowly and peacefully, to move forward and to blog forward. Any blogging problem I suffered in the past was fear and any blogging problem I seem to bump into is fear, too. I waste little time trying to figure out the fear. Who cares? Why does it matter? I just dive in, follow my fun, feel uncomfortable and proceed from an abundant, freeing vibe to get my eBooks and courses in front of billions of eyes.

Nudge into fear. Do yourself the biggest favor you can do as a blogger. Learn how to handle fear by doing what you fear to do today. Guaranteed, your blogging problems begin to slowly and steadily dissolve the moment you nudge into fear because you begin starving the problem of its fuel, its source. Do what you fear doing. Go ahead. Do it. Begin your journey toward fun, freedom and successful blogging.


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