What Is Your Blog Brand Message?

I am Ryan Biddulph.

I run Blogging From Paradise.

My blog brand message: retire to a life of island hopping through smart blogging.

Simple, clear and to the point, being straight with your brand message allows readers to feel it. Back up for a second. “Feel” it.

Brand programming happens not on a mental level or rational level. Nope. Nike, Apple and Google make you feel something special to become memorable in your mind.

My online branding eBook: 7 Online Branding Boo Boo’s (and How to Fix Them)

knifes into common branding mistakes bloggers make.

Not creating a clear brand message seems a pretty big branding mistake made often. Bloggers believe in small time blogging.

Why do bloggers need a brand or message? Apple and Google and billion-dollar ventures need slogans because billions know of Apple and Google…..right?

Yep; Apple and Google need brand messages but WRONG, you need a brand message as individual bloggers too.

Brand slogans make you memorable.

Brand messages sear slogans onto minds.

Brand messages make you stand out from the crowd.

How do you make your blog memorable? Even blistering content and big communities cannot make up for a clear, pulsating, memorable brand message.

Bloggers get 80, 100 or 140 comments per post. Sounds like a strong, loyal community to me. Said bloggers publish eye-popping content.

Success seems imminent. But these bloggers often struggle to grow profits and business because no branding or brand message distances them from the crowd.


What Is Your Blog Brand Message? 2

Branding is one reason. I may deeply admire awesome content and come away impressed with a connected blogger with a large, loyal community, but if I see no brand and no branding message, the blog tends to fall a little bit flat.

Value and friends only take you so far as you rise higher in blogging circles.

Eventually, you hit a ceiling. You won’t be able to make a seismic impact and break through until you speak a loud, clear brand message.

What Should Your Message Be?

Think of one clear message summing up your blog and brand.

Who do you want to speak to? Who do you target? What does the individual want from you? How does your blog benefit the individual?

My blog helps people retire to a life of island hopping through smart blogging.

I simply summed up that core benefit via a simple, smart, clear tag line.

Do the same with your brand message. Clearly speak to your ideal readers. Target them via your tagline.

Tagline or No?

I made my brand message my blog tagline. I see this being a natural match for bloggers; plug it in and allow your tagline to appear prominently on your blog home page.

But if you prefer to make your brand message your domain name aka blog name, go for it.

Each blogger adopts a different approach to stand out from the crowd. Find yours.

Build Your Online Campaign Around Your Brand Message

Everything you do online should align with your brand message.

I would not give any attention and energy to teaching people how to be skilled office workers.

My niche is teaching people how to retire from jobs to become professional bloggers.

Being true to that brand message, all I do from blogging, to guest posting, to broadcasting live, to podcasting to all else vibes with my brand message.

Speak a loud, clear, persistent message to be memorable and to succeed online.

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