What Is the Most Effective Way to Grow Your Blog?

Publish posts and guest posts generously.

Both tactics definitely seem to be the most effective ways to grow your blog.

But you need to be generous. Few bloggers blog and guest post generously.

If you hold back, it is held back from you. If you publish one post monthly, one post floats around out there in the blog-o-sphere.

Does having one post out there seem effective for growing your blog? Nope. But having 30 posts out there seems a good beginning point.

Toss in 20 guest posts; now you are talking. Now you begin to cook. 50 pieces of content in your niche between posts and guest posts, positions you to be seen a wee bit. Now ramp things up.

Imagine bumping up your guest posting frequency. Write one post daily, one guest post daily. Month-end, publish 60 pieces of content to drill the point home.

Why Blogging and Guest Posting?

Both reign effective because both leverage your presence silly. I can comment genuinely on a blog and grab some eyeballs. But guest posting on the same blog grabs ALL the eyeballs.

Plus you own the blog for the entirety of the guest post. See why guest blogging seems so effective? But generous, guys, generous you need be to drill the point home and to be in many spots at once.

What Is the Most Effective Way to Grow Your Blog? 2

Blogging is an easy effective approach to discern; you are a blogger, so the most effective thing you can do is….blog. I will leave it at that.

What If You Are Incredibly Busy?

I want to address the busy question; every human being who runs a highly successful blog is incredibly busy and MAKES the time to do effective things to grow the blog.

Do you have a growing family? Make time to blog. Sure it feels uncomfortable to make blogging time with screaming kids in the background, but you make time to blog effectively and succeed…..or…..you fail. 100% your choice, your power, your decision.

If you are a stay at home mom or working dad or blogger who circles the globe or if you are Ryan Biddulph, a full time, pro blogger who has all the time in the world, so it must be really easy for him….wait a sec…..he write 5-7 guest posts daily and publishes 4-5 posts to his blog daily?

In 24 freaking hours?!?!?! WAIT a second….he publishes videos and podcasts and promotes 100 plus eBooks and his courses daily?

WAIT A SECOND!!!!! He does 90 minutes of yin yoga, 30 minutes of Isha Kriya meditation and 15 minutes of Himilayan Kriya yoga daily?

WAIT A SECOND!!!!! He exercises for 90 minutes daily?

Plus I circle the globe, while doing this?

Mom and dad; although I made difference choices in life, 99.99% percent of the time, I am busier than you because I DO NOT MISS A DAY of exercise and yoga and meditation and take each as seriously as life itself. Seriously.

So I devote almost 4 hours of my day to exercise-yoga-meditation because those 4 hours help me to help you with 12 or more blog-guest posts and all the other stuff I do.

If I do this….no blogger on planet earth can make the busy excuse.


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