What Is the Hardest Part of Blogging?

I love blogging because blogging feels fun AND freeing. What a combo, eh? Dream journey. But blogging seemed hard for specific periods of my online career. What is the hardest part of blogging? Facing your fears again, again, again, again and again. And again and again. I care not about specific blogging actions because no action differs from other actions, save the emotions you feel engaging in these actions. For me, any blogging activity involving facing deep fears felt highly uncomfortable to me because like all human beings, I do not enjoy or relish facing my fears. One such fear? Working for free and trusting that my work positioned me to make money blogging, at least down the road. You have no idea how many times my stupid, jerky ego SCREAMED at me to be afraid, to be very afraid, that my email inbox appeared to be empty after I helped a bunch of folks freely for many, many hours, or, after weeks of work.

Fear surged in me, arising in my being, telling me to stop helping people for free. Yep; this part of blogging straight up sucked, LOL, because I had to feel this highly unpleasant fear day after day, for a sustained period of time, before worldly success flowed to me. Nobody loves feeling fear because fear warps your mind, making your mind race. Fear causes shortness of breathing. Nobody likes feeling short of breath, right guys? Nope. Fear feels sucky to face, embrace, feel and release but we need do these things to clear the fear, so, blogging gets easier and easier. Facing fears is hands down the hardest part of blogging but feeling and releasing those fears makes blogging easier. What seemed hard, becomes easy, if you face, feel and release deep fears.

What Is the Hardest Part of Blogging? 2

Facing fear makes blogging easier. Doesn’t that feel like a pretty solid reward for facing unpleasant fears, guys? Example; I feared writing a high volume of guest posts because I feared doing so would waste my time. No return on my time and energy investment, I feared. But I did it anyway, writing and publishing guest posts like the dickens, even when I feared doing so. What happened? Well….wading through those unpleasant feeling fears, and writing the guest posts anyway, helped me write guest posts super easily, almost like I breathe. Plus, writing all those guest posts easily helped me increase my blog traffic and blog profits. Win-win, across the board. I make money more easily now because I nudged into fear again and again, feeling these fears, and guest posting anyway, until guest posting became routine.

Keep facing fear, guys. Maybe you won’t release a specific fear right away, but over weeks then months, as you feel the fear more intimately, you chip away at it, eroding the fear, until it dissolves entirely. Dissolved fear becomes love, abundance, harmony, and sweetness in the form of traffic and profits. Definitely worth some deep fear-diving, right guys?

The hardest part of blogging is facing scary fears but facing this difficult aspect of blogging makes you more fearless and promotes your most fun, freeing blogging success. Imagine that feeling. Fall in love with that emotion. Guaranteed, the hardest part of blogging gets easier and easier as you nudge into fears. Plus your success multiplies, too. Sounds like a sweet deal to me, no?


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