What Is the Blogging Lesson for the Ages?

Be generous to make money.

Be stingy to make no money.

The profiting process is so freaking simple, it’ll make your head spin like Linda Blair in The Exorcist. But it is equally scary as seeing her do the 360 whirl and vomit pea soup because you face all types of fears on the blog monetizing journey. Perhaps you fear giving away too much helpful free information. Or you fear not giving enough helpful free information. Hey; we all grow up employees, mostly, at least. Entrepreneurs seem to be few and far between. Most bloggers feel used to getting a paycheck for jobs worked. But blogging is SO different. The pay does not come after 1 week of blogging work. Money arrives in its own sweet time. Money calls the shots. Not you.

Plus you need to practice for many hours to learn important skills for profiting online. Observe my eBook:

10 Blogging Lessons I Learned in Bali

Buy that sucker for a fun, blog-success-boosting read.

Anyway, I had to learn how to write effectively, in addition to learning how to write an eBook for Amazon Kindle. Plus I needed to live in Bali for about a year to experience the success lessons. Plus I learned how to promote the eBook. eBook sales – aka money – flowed to me after I generously learned, practiced and honed these skills along with other specific skills. I had to work for a long time gratis (aka for free) in order to get paid. Does that make sense? THIS is why being generous helps you make money. Helping people for free gives you the skills, exposure and credibility to actually make money through your blog.

This is the blogging lesson for the ages because you become super wealthy and prospering and powerful by helping people for free, for 10,000 to 20,000 hours of your life. I recall the great Gary Vaynerchuk. Now, his net worth is almost $200 million. But before he was worth hundreds of millions of dollars, he helped tons of people for free before he made zero dollars. He even said it himself. Gary Vee mentioned doing 2000 YouTube interviews for free before really making it big. Sure he had some sweet dough at the time. But he was not worth 200,000,000 freaking bills. So the dude generously helped people even though some of the video interviews registered zero views. He did not care. He had fun helping folks and knew how being generous prospers you.

I publish 5 or more guest posts daily. Every guest post I write and publish daily, I write for free. No one pays me to write these words. Being generous has helped me drive 54,000 backlinks to Blogging From Paradise. Plus I get to promote my eBooks through each of these guest posts and through all the posts I publish to Blogging From Paradise. Do you wonder why I seem to be in as many spots as the virus these days? I freaking work generously, folks!

Be generous. Be patient. Bleed persistence, through your being. Money will flow to you as you gain oodles of skills, exposure and credibility because skilled bloggers in a gazillion spots earn trust and trusted bloggers make bank. Simple as pie. But highly uncomfortable in moments. Few bloggers enjoy working for free for thousands of hours. But the few who see it through become the wealthiest bloggers on earth.

Be patient, persistent and as generous as a Buddhist monk focused solely on meeting the needs of other people. For most of the day, at least. Then you can still live a worldly life and promote your products and services freely through all of these guest posts, live broadcasts, podcasts and blog posts. No true altruism exists in blogging because we live a worldly life. But in the same breath, just because I am not as servant-focused as Yogananda, does not mean I am as generous as I can humanly be, helping people for free.

Give freely.

Over time, you shall receive easily.

One Small Favor

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