What Is the Blog Marketing Paradox?

I see bloggers offer advice on how to market THEIR blogs. All well and good. But your greatest marketing success flows from marketing other bloggers to build your friend network.

I market Blogging From Paradise little. Save RTing, FB Sharing, Pinning and LI Sharing my latest post, I do nothing else these days. No elaborate marketing or sharing across 100 platforms. I do however promote other bloggers freely and write oodles of guest posts for bloggers, in effect marketing these folks and their blogs. Why? I honor the blog marketing paradox; the easiest way to market your blog is to market fellow bloggers generously. Does this idea screw with your mind? It should, a little bit.

Most of us grow up being taught we need to look out for ourselves before we think about anybody else. That mindset totally undercuts your blog marketing strategy because if you only promote your blog you only gain traction by your own steam. If you promote 100 other bloggers freely, some if not most of these bloggers befriend you. Imagine even 50 of those bloggers promoting your latest blog post on Twitter? Imagine 50 bloggers marketing you through their platform of choice? Can you see why it makes most sense to market and promote other bloggers freely? Building a huge, loyal friend network does wonders for your blog and brand because marketing other bloggers freely markets your blog indirectly in super exponential fashion.

Rising Anxiety

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Blogging-wise, your anxiety rises if you just try to promote yourself all day long because you eventually run out of time in this venture. Who can promote their content all day long, marketing their blog like a mad man or mad woman, all while attempting to fulfill all functions of a successful blogger? Impossible. But when you begin seeing how being generous quickly dissolves all blogging problems, your anxiety eases into calm as you market other bloggers and see the compounding effect in play.What Is the Blog Marketing Paradox? 2

Take this guest post; I write a guest post for Nazim to help you awesome readers while expanding my presence too. Plus Nazim gets free, passive traffic. We all win. In essence, I market his blog passively but our bond allows me to market my blog through another medium, aka, Nazim’s blog. Do I feel anxious that I do not have enough hours in a day to market myself? NO! I make friends all day long by generously helping other bloggers so my blogging buddies market me, endorse me, spread my word, buy my eBooks and hire me. Being generous and thinking of how you can market fellow bloggers leads to bonds which benefit you, reducing your anxiety and increasing your peace of mind.

The challenge is sticking to and honoring this blogging paradox. Keep marketing other bloggers freely to lay the foundation for solid blogging friendships. Blogging buddies will market your blog, expanding your reach 24-7, 365 days of the year. Put in the legwork to build friendships now – by being generous – and you will see your blogging buddies drive passive, targeted traffic to your blog around the clock.

Pretty sweet way to market your blog, eh?

One Small Favor

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