What Expensive Blogging Mistake Cripples Campaigns?

Being cheap is one of the more expensive blogging mistakes you can make. But the cheapness occurs on multiple levels. Not wanting to spend money is one form of cheapness. But wanting to get something for nothing in terms of expecting sweet blogging success without putting forth any effort is another terribly expensive blogging mistake that cripples campaigns.

When folks consider expensive errors, they think of losing large sums of money or perhaps, spending huge sums of money, and seeing minimal or no financial return. I have an even worse nightmare scenario for you; imagine spending 10 years of your life doing some cheap and half-cocked. Imagine seeing 0 cents for your return after those 10 years. THIS is what I deem being expensive. Forget spending or losing thousands. Imagine, for a minute, spending 10 years of your life doing something poorly, and missing out on the opportunity to make hundreds of thousands of dollars? THAT is expensive! Forget not making a penny through blogging after a decade. Imagine, for a moment, devoting a huge chunk of your life to some blogging endeavor but because you feared spending money on hosting, you make 0 dollars versus $500,000 over that decade? The difference between the two is, the poor house, or the penthouse. OK; maybe not the penthouse, but a pretty sweet house, depending on where you live in the world.

Forget about expensive errors being about losing large sums of money. Reframe expensive; think about missing out on the opportunity to make 6 figures or more because you wanted to blog on a free platform – being afraid to invest a hundred bucks yearly –  and also because you wanted to be lazy, coasting by, trying to be successful while giving a lazy, failed effort.

My first fundamental in the:

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is to breathe deeply and be present. Being in the moment alerts you to common fears and adjoining mistakes plaguing most bloggers. Wanting everything for free is one such error. Ditto for wanting massive success while putting forth a crappy effort of 30 minutes of lazy blogging daily. Blogging reflects back to you what you give to blogging. Lazy bloggers get lazy results. Cheap bloggers get cheap results. If you resist spending money, you lose the opportunity to make thousands, tens of thousands up to millions of dollars or more, through blogging.

What Expensive Blogging Mistake Cripples Campaigns? 2

If you refuse to generously help people for 4, 8 or 12 hours daily, you lose the chance to make a sizable income through blogging. Talk about expensive! You resisted spending 6 bucks a month on hosting and now you missed out on earning 30 grand a year, then 50 g’s, then more, 3-5 years down the road. Imagine the feeling of disgust you will experience when you are making 0 dollars versus $100,000, 6 years down the road, because you feared spending 6 dollars a month, now? That is a hellish, devastating, maddening mistake to make. Few bloggers live with themselves making such errors, and simply quit blogging, being unable to look themselves in the face after screwing up in such ridiculous fashion.

Never allow, literally, a few bucks a month to rob you of the opportunity to make 6 figures a year, years down the road. See beyond today. Develop a vision. Accept how being a successful, pro blogger requires a financial investment. Accept how you need to make a generous work investment too. No sense in making painfully expensive blogging mistakes, right?

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