What Does Being Fit Have to Do with Blogging?


OK; you can succeed online sans being a fitness nut.

But next level success requires some deep energetic commitment to fitness because you need to feel good in your body to sustain this blogging journey.

I slept for about 4 hours last night. Today was a rough one for me; I felt tired as can be and lacked some blogging mojo.

But my disciplined mental and physical fitness training goaded me on through the fear and pain and mental blocks.

I spend 3 hours daily keeping fit. 90 minutes of deep yin yoga and 90 minutes of power walking energize me for my blogging journey.

Feeling good helps dissolve writer’s block, keeps ideas flowing and boosts energy levels on awesome days. During rough days like today, I knife through difficult moments versus quitting.


I train my body and mind to be fit.

I wrote an eBook for keeping fit while traveling that applies to blogging. Blogging is like traveling; you head to new horizons daily, seeing new blogging lands through guest posting and commenting, leaving your comfort zone routinely.

Having a cheery, peaceful, loving frame of mind and fit, flexible body helps absorb the stresses, fears, and resistance of blogging. Per example, my severely stiff neck, now. I want to mail it in.

I prefer to go to sleep for resting my neck. But nudges tell me to get the job done. I get the job done because my mind and body feel fit.

Can You Succeed without Being Fit?

Of course, success can be yours no matter what because success is in consciousness. But people who succeed blogging with unfit minds and bodies do not genuinely enjoy the journey because you can’t feel awesome if depressed and out of shape.

Maybe you drive serious traffic and profits but nobody enjoys their blog if they are not mentally and physically sharp.

What Does Being Fit Have to Do with Blogging? 2

Why not get fit and enjoy the ride toward running a successful blog? Feel good. See good. Feel successful. See success.

How to Be Fit

Buying my eBook is a starting point, as I guide you to be fit.

Spend 1 hour or more daily working out your mind and body. Do not take days off from mental fitness; meditate or do deep yin yoga to be mentally fit.

I spend 90 minutes doing deep yin to open my body and mind. Plus I do 90 minutes of power walking and shadow boxing to make my body strong and to keep my energy flowing.

Do what vibes with you. Minimum, 45 to 60 minutes of walking daily do the job. But jogging or running work too.

Keep fit. Walkers, 7 days weekly works fine because you do not need much rest. Runners may break 1-2 days weekly. Speak to your doctor if you exercise for the first time in years.

See Through Fear

I see through fear and knife through resistance by keeping fit.

Do you know how many bloggers blame writer’s block for their blogging woes?

I wrote and published 8 posts today between videos, blog posts, and guest posts.

No big deal. Ideas flow my way because I vibe higher and higher, out of the realm of fear, into the realm of abundance and generosity. But being fit requires a full commit to being fit, day after day, for years.

I take no days off from walking and yoga for many years now.

Succeeding online is worth the commitment.

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