What Blogging Images Do You Feed Your Mind?

Do you focus on positive or negative blogging images? What do you see in your mind? How do you see it? Do you see blogging gain? Or do you see blogging loss?

Everything is your choice. Every image grows in your mind. But only by your personal choice. Be a visionary. Visualize your dreams. See gain versus loss. How often do you notice images of lack? Think back to the last time you feared not driving enough traffic. Ponder the last time you feared not making enough money online through your blog.

Each idea forms an image in mind. Forming the image influences you to behave in specific fashion. Feel like the image is not enough and guess what happens? You blog like a blogger focused on loss. Bloggers hold back because bloggers fear not enough traffic and profits meets them.

But generous bloggers move in the other direction. Generous bloggers help people freely based on positive images fed to the mind. Positive images feed on abundance, wholeness, completeness and gratitude. Imagine seeing and feeling good about your cumulative traffic totals. Versus complaining about the 10 visitors you saw today you celebrate the 343 visitors you saw over the past 2 weeks.

Everything changes as the image changes. But imagining different images creates an entirely new experience. Everything depends on your mind. All depends on your predominant mental picture.

How often do you picture your dreams? Build an image of your dream life in mind. See the image early and often. I visualize daily. Every day on waking, I allow a dream image to appear on the screen of my mind. Thinking about Thailand, Bali or Fiji energizes me for my day.

I picture something freeing. Stepping into the mental picture makes it come alive. Make it feel real. Add emotions to your mental picture. Toss in as many details as possible. Details make the image feel real. The more real it feels, the more real it becomes.

Why? Allowing the image to feel real inspires you to be the pro blogger before becoming the pro blogger. Why do I stay awake to 11 PM to write this post after a long day? My vision. My image. Everything feels good even though I feel a wee bit uncomfortable.

Share your blogging lessons. Let people learn from your experiences. Share your wins and losses. I do this to be transparent. People discover how one messes up sometimes and succeeds. I freely share this truth because I struggled for a bit before turning things around. Be the successful blogger before becoming the blogger. Visualize to ground yourself for this journey. Imagining positive blogging images helps you be the blogger who:

  • generously serves people
  • persists
  • becomes patient
  • sees blogging from a detached energy

But imagine daily to put your blogging campaign into overdrive. Picturing once weekly never cuts it because what do you imagine outside of a single weekly visualizing session? Usually, not positive pictures. Visualize. Get busy allowing the vision to become true through your generous service. Picturing your dreams puts everything into motion.

Energy-emotion serves as the lifeblood for your mental pictures. Inject positive energy into images to get clear. Feel a picture being real. How would you feel sitting on the beaches of Thailand? Allow the emotions to arise. Feel free, fulfilled, relaxed and at peace lazing on the beaches of Phuket.

Feel the joy of sitting on a sleepy beach. Tap into those emotions because feelings nudge you into specific actions. Taking specific actions moves you closer to your dreams, while your dreams move closer to you.

Doesn’t that sound like fun?

One Small Favor

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