What Blogging Fears Did You Face Today?

Blogging fear holds you back. Face blogging fear to sprint forward.

Nobody succeeds online being burdened by fear. Fear blinds you from opportunity. Fear closes you off from abundance. Fear keeps you stuck. Face your fears. Daily. Step into blogging fears. Be bold. Go for it. Go for your dreams. Stepping into your dream life demands you to make freeing but uncomfortable decisions routinely. What you fear is really an illusion. Fear feels real. Fear feels scary. Fear feels uncomfortable. But fear is not real.

Imagine you fear rejection. How can you be rejected in a world of abundance? Opportunities open around you every moment of every single day. Picture feeling afraid to be guest post rejected. Move on to the next blogger. One rejection in a world of infinite possibilities – plus millions of bloggers – is nothing. Literally. Who cares? Face fears. Buy the eBook in this post for a fear-slaying guide.

Nudge into blogging fear to be free of blogging struggle. Every sweet blogging benefit sits on the other side of fear. More traffic? Cross fear. More profits? Cross fear. More freedom? Cross fear.

See yourself living your dreams. Picture your freeing life in mind. How does it feel? Do you see yourself on the beaches of Thailand? Maybe you see yourself living in Fiji? Or perhaps you see yourself living in your home town in India or the United States?

Whatever your dream, dream it. Dreams possess the power to carry you beyond fear. Dreaming inspires you to do what you want to do versus fearing what you need to do. Dreaming inspires you to take freeing but scary steps to live your dreams.

Dreams also instill persistence, patience and generosity into your being. Every person feels generous, patient and persistent by default. People enter the world with these qualities built in. But not dreaming puts you into an illusory world where fear calls the shots. Step out of fear. Step out of survival mode. Dream big dreams today. Face, feel and release your blogging fears to move toward your dreams.

Every thing that you desire through blogging unfolds outside of your comfort zone. Do you want more traffic? Face, feel and release the fear of broadcasting live on Facebook. Do you crave more blogging profits? Face, feel and release the fear of wasting your time networking. Everything you fear doing needs doing for you to live your dreams through blogging. Face your fears straight up by listing these emotions. Nudge into fear. Feel the energies. Guaranteed, every fear you knife through unearths skills, talents and abilities long ignored.

Perhaps you play the role of calm, confident, charismatic blogger broadcasting live but you never know until you face fears concerning live videos. What happens after diving into broadcasting fears? Increased traffic and profits find you through live broadcasts as your skills evolve. Plus you begin to enjoy broadcasts versus ruing these sessions.

Everything changed the moment you fear-dove into blogging terrors. Go ahead. Nudge yourself. Give yourself a little push. All fun, freedom and fulfillment sits well outside of your comfort zone. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Start by increasing your tolerance for discomfort. No one glides seamlessly through their blogging journey because every blogger once was a new blogger.

Being new means facing fears, feeling fears and exiting your comfort zone to develop skills necessary for going pro. Fear-dive routinely. Nudge into your discomfort. Get familiar with feeling scared from time to time.

Accessing the sugary sweet benefits of a freeing pro blogging career is worth some uncomfortable moments here and there.

Do it. Blog it. Identify blogging fears you need to face now and dive in.

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