What Blogging Activities Do You Need to Let Go?

I feel a bit under the weather.

After spending over 24 hours in bed – doing no blogging work at all – I hopped back online today. By 12 noon, NYC time, I likely had hundreds of online engagements directed my way between all I do online. Factor in:

  • email
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Quora
  • other streams

and when I step away from business for 24-36 hours, engagements jump. What did I do? I ignored most chats and created, published and shared 6 posts, between blog posts and guest posts. What helps you the most? My blog posts and guest posts, of course. What helps me the most? My blog posts and guest posts, of course. I do respond for a few minutes daily on Twitter and Facebook but had to let go responding to everybody years ago. Evolving as a blogger, I realized you need to let go to grow quickly. Bloggers tend to learn this lesson the hard way. I observed generous, fabulous bloggers burn out and quit blogging because they could not let go prolific blog commenting, responding to everybody on social media or reading and responding to every person in detail. Let go to grow.

What Blogging Activities Do You Need to Let Go? 2

Respond to a few people on social media. Stop by 2-3 times daily for 5-10 minutes per session. Respond to @replies and Retweets. Retweet other bloggers. Exit Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn after the 5-10 minutes expires. Nobody scales masterfully by clinging to old, worn out activities. No blogger succeeds by doing stuff long outgrown but comfortable blogging activities. Do you benefit greater – and do I benefit greater – from creating and publishing 10 posts daily? Or do you and I benefit greater from me spending 1 hour responding to everybody who retweets me or engages me on Twitter? You and I know the answer. Tony Robbins does not stay up until 2 AM each night just to respond to 400 people on Twitter. He leveraged his presence through business-building actions to help more folks. Now he signs up $1,000,000 a year clients.

Being the Blogger

Be the successful blogger before you become a successful blogger. Do as successful bloggers do to position yourself to succeed. Find your social media engagement tipping point; after receiving 30 or 40 engagements daily between Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, surrender responding to everyone. Let it go. Do you want to be a pro blogger? Or do you want to be a pro social media responder? Devote those 45 minutes or more to writing and publishing a guest post daily as many pro bloggers do. Think leveraging. Trim the blogging fat.

Every blogging activity carries a potential shelf life. I resisted learning organic search tactics for years but finally fully embrace the immense benefits of optimizing posts for Google and other search engines. Naturally, I let go not optimizing every post, SEO optimize 1-2 posts daily between my blog and guest posts. Letting go publishing a higher post frequency – old and worn out tactic for me – created the space for more deliberate, mindful SEO optimization. Grow more quickly by releasing what you no longer need to succeed. Only you can answer this question. Bloggers offer advice in some cases but you decide what stays and what goes as far as your blogging strategies.

Avoid online business burnout. Accelerate your blogging success. Let go to grow.


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