What Are the 2 Most Critical Points of Guest Posting Successfully?

Guest posting is a fun way to help people and to grow your blog traffic and profits. Do you feel confused about how to do it right? My email inbox seems littered with messages from folks who feel confused about how to effectively guest post. The best way to guest post successfully is to write your butt off – becoming a skilled, confident writer – and to network generously by helping bloggers and asking for nothing. Do these two things to land guest post invites left and right. How does that sound? Being invited to guest post? Freeing, right? This is the fun way to succeed online; build up your skills and network, have posture and allow sweet success to flow to you.

Guest posting really blows up your online presence; no, not in a dangerous way, but in a good way, a successful, expansive way. Imagine leveraging the stuffing out of your presence by helping a ton of folks across a wide range of platforms. Awesome-sauce, right? Feels good to help oodles of folks and to be all over the place. As you may imagine, guest posting can wildly accelerate your blogging success. Here’s how to do it right.

Write Like the Dickens

Or…write like mad. For practice, write 500-1000 words daily in a Word document. Why? Bloggers who practice writing become so skilled that they have the keys to virtually any blog. I have admin rights on many blogs. Bloggers who respect my writing skills – earned after thousands of hours of writing practice – simply gave me admin rights and told me to post whenever I wanted to post. Good deal for me and for my fellow bloggers. Write like mad to become super duper skilled, confident and clear on your writing skills. Fellow bloggers will trip over themselves, inviting you to guest post on their blogs. Sounds, sweet, right? Sure beats cold pitching bloggers with your subpar writing skills, being rejected virtually all the time.

What Are the 2 Most Critical Points of Guest Posting Successfully? 2

Network Generously

Ultimately, this is the massive difference maker, guys. Networking generously connects you with bloggers, who, appreciating your generosity, form a bond with you. As long as you can write – practice heaps, my Young Blogging Padawans – these folks will invite you to guest post on their blogs. Hands down, if you network generously you will receive an endless supply of guest posting invites. Gone will be the days of needing to pitch bloggers from a stranger danger energy. Nope. Now you get to feel good receiving all types of guest posting opportunities finding you via your inbox and on social media, too.

Promote other bloggers on social media. Promote other bloggers on your blog. Help people. Comment genuinely on blogs. Be of service. Be generous. Make sure to ask for nothing, OK guys? Generous servants make blogging buddies easily, and the guest posting invites flow just as easily, if you commit to writing practice.


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