What 1 Question Should You Ask Yourself as a New Blogger?

Being a new blogger feels fun, freeing and exciting.

But being a new blogger also feels uncomfortable and downright scary sometimes.

Asking yourself a single question gives you clarity for your blogging journey.

In some cases, you may even stop blogging quickly by being straight with yourself.

What is the question?

Why am I blogging?


I wrote an eBook for new bloggers to help you avoid nightmares I faced. Blogging mainly for money served as one nightmare-inducing mistake.

I struggled because I did not know why I genuinely blogged. I kinda BSed myself into believing fun, freedom, and service were my prime reasons to blog as a new blogger but being honest freed me from this delusion.

I asked why, and soon discovered I blogged mainly to avoid a depressing life of working 9-5 jobs in my home state versus desiring fun, freedom, and service.

Why did my money-driver create problems? Easy; since money drove me and no new blogger makes money because they have no skills and network, I ran into struggles.

I would work hard, doing dumb stuff and would see 0 dollars at the end of the week. I lost motivation because I made no money. Frustrated, I quit for a little bit. But I would begin blogging again later, with the same money driver. Repeat cycle. For years. Ouch.

What 1 Question Should You Ask Yourself as a New Blogger? 2

I finally got straight with myself: I blogged mainly to make money.

Mistake. Passion fuels profits. Eventually, I honestly discovered blogging for fun, freedom and service lays the foundation for successful blogging.

I did have some success blogging but things genuinely grew the day I created Blogging From Paradise. I felt passionate about teaching people to blog and circle the globe.

Naturally, things took off from day 1 because I held a loving, abundant, fun intent.

Why Ask the Question?

Most new bloggers blog mainly to:

  • make money
  • avoid a depressing job
  • avoid a depressing life
  • be loved
  • be popular
  • be accepted

Every driver above reeks with fear. Fear-drivers produce fear-filled results. Fear-filled, terrible results goad most bloggers to quit blogging altogether.

Asking why you blog helps you get honest from day 1. Maybe you should not blog at all if you only want to get rich quick through blogging.

Perhaps you enjoy blogging but picked a hot moving niche based on profit potential, and you need to blog about a niche you feel passionate about.

Maybe you are the new blogging bird who blogs your passion, taking the blogging straight and narrow. Be straight with yourself. Be honest with yourself.

The Way to Happiness and Worldly Success

Blog your passion. Blog about a niche you would cover for free if money never found you through your blog.

Start day 1 of your blogging career with this pure, clean, clear intent.

Any 7 or 8 figure blogger I follow expressed how they would blog for free and DID blog for free for 6-12 months, save a few hundred bucks in earnings, before cash steadily increased.

One 7 figure earner who gets 1,000 emails daily shared how he blogged 2-3 times daily and built his network generously for almost a year before he made hundreds of dollars. Why? He blogged mainly for fun. Money felt extra, or, like a bonus.

He continued blogging because work was the reward.

Now he receives 1,000 emails daily.

Do you think he chose a fun, freeing driver as a blogging newbie?

One Small Favor

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