Viruses and Blogging? A Study in Fear

Right now, the news media uses fear to scare both governments and duped people mired in fear, to fan the flames under a viral alleged pandemic. At least it seems like it. The Corona-thingee has spread a bit across the globe. But of course, media, the general public and politicians spread the news from a heavy fear energy. Use fear to get your point across. Literally, you make things worse. I see folks walking around here in NYC wearing surgical masks for fear of catching the virus. For….FEAR. Imagine how everything would change the moment the media stopped reporting information on the virus? People would quickly heal. Disease only grows in a fear-based person. Loving, relaxed, peaceful folks largely void of fear literally cannot become deathly ill from some fear-virus. Because love and fear are opposite energies on opposite ends of the spectrum. Love = ease. Fear = disease.

What does the virus have to do with blogging? Most bloggers blog from a predominant energy of fear. Naturally, fear-vibing bloggers get mentally sick and get their blogs sick too. Struggle, failure and quitting are obvious outcomes of mentally sick, blog sick bloggers. How do you blog? Do you fear losing traffic and profits? Does fear drive you? Guess what? Feeling fear tunes you into fear-filled advice. Fear-filled advice is bad advice because fear moves you toward poverty, lack and limitation. Love-filled blogging advice moves you toward riches, abundance and unlimited power. What sounds better? Love sure sounds better than fear.

But like me and other folks who ignore fear-headlines, like the current virus thingee, that makes folks believe they should be prancing around in Outbreak style suits, you need to ignore fear-filled blogging advice too. Ignore folks who tell you to worship your email list from an energy of fear, loss and scarcity. Ignore blogging idiots who tell you no one cares about you or your blog, ever. Never listen to these nit wits. People DO care about you and your blog. Folks just need to meet you. Of course, newbie bloggers often dip below the radar because they published little content and built no blogging bonds yet. But we care about you. We want to follow your blog. Let us get to know you! Create and connect.

Never get caught up in major media news headlines or fear-based blogging headlines. Both scare the bejesus out of you and make you dumb, sick and broke, if you trust the fear and believe the hype. Yesterday was 70 degrees F here in Brooklyn. Gorgeous day! Yet some foolish news hound who trusts and obsesses over news headlines noted on Twitter how the weather seemed nice but they felt terrified to even think about the news. Well…..don’t think about the news! Where your attention and energy goes, grows. Don’t ponder negative blogging tactics or techniques, either. Negative blogging advice pulls you into a web of fear, a deceiving energy that handcuffs you and cripples you and your infinite power.

Follow compassionate, loving, abundant bloggers who tell you the truth from a higher energy of possibility and promise. I may kick some blogging butt, but I always tell you I believe in you. Like a bad cop, good cop routine. I leave things on a positive note because I believe in you. Follow bloggers like me. I love you guys. Plus, I see vast potential in you. Sure you need to work your butt off to succeed but I never tell you that you will not succeed or that you cannot succeed. Nor do I ever see you in a less than, disempowered light. Doing so would be a disgrace to me, and, a disservice to you.

Keep it positive! Follow only positive blogging sources. Let blogging negativity go. Succeed.


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