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PUBG, BGMI, Garena Free Fire, and other first-person shooting (FPS) games hold a special place in the hearts of the Indian gaming youth audience.

Total Gaming is one of the best mentors to teach you unbeatable pro-gaming skills. But who is Total Gaming? What’s the face behind this name? How wealthy is he?

If you’re surrounded by all these questions, you don’t have to worry anymore. We are here to answer them all be it his net worth, identity, cars, houses, and much more.

total gaming net Worth

Total Gaming: A Brief Overview Of This Name

Total Gaming owner, Ajay, also known as Ajju Bhai, is a renowned gamer with deep expertise in Free Fire gaming. He shares many helpful live streams, championships, and team entries that have helped numerous gamers pursue successful gaming careers.

Net Worth Of Total Gaming

Here is a snapshot of his worth and income:

  • Total Gaming Net Worth 2024: $1 Million or Rs. 8 Crores
  • Total Gaming Annual Income: $484K or Rs. 4 Crores
  • Total Gaming Monthly Income: $40K or Rs. 34 Lakhs

Total Gaming’s Info

Want to know more about his personal details, age, etc? There you go:

  • Age: 24 years old 
  • Birth Date: 1998
  • Birth Place: Gujrat
  • Height: 5’10 inches
  • Nationality: Indian
  • Status: Unmarried

Total Gaming’s Contact

You can contact or connect with CarryMinati through the social links below:

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Ajju Bhai Total Gaming Income Source

If you think that YouTube streaming is the only source of income for Total Gaming, you might be missing out on some knowledge about Ajju Bhai’s other gold-digging mines. Let’s explore all the ways through which he secretly builds his net worth.


Channel NameTotal Gaming
Number Of Video Upload88
Live Subscribers38 Million
Live Views5,084,253,937
Creation Date9 Oct 2018
Total Gaming Youtube IncomeRs. 18 Lakhs per month

The YouTube journey of Total Gaming is really amazing and inspiring. He developed a passion for gaming during his childhood and his interest grew even more after the launch of Clash of Clans in India. However, at that time, he didn’t have access to much equipment and accessories to play heavy games like PUBG.

In 2018, he started his YouTube channel and his first upload was titled “Free Fire: EPIC WIN! Total 24 Kills SQUAD Match Best Highlights Gameplay.” He was heavily influenced by Garena Free Fire through his friends and social circle.

total gaming youtube channel

The ban on PUBG and other Chinese applications on the Play Store in 2020 presented a golden opportunity for Ajay to increase the value of his channel.

Currently, Ajay has 35 million subscribers on his YouTube channel with over 5 billion views, surpassing other YouTube celebrities such as Sandeep Maheshwari, Bhuwan Bam, Amit Badhana, and so on.

As per our estimates, Total Gaming is earning more than Rs. 18 Lakhs in a month which makes his annual income of Rs. 3 Crores.

If we trust Social Blade, he can earn up to Rs. 80,0000 – Rs. 1.2 Crores ($9.7K – $155.7K) per month.

In February 2022, he released his first music video titled “Fire”. He has many other YouTube Channel which has been listed below:

Total Gaming Shorts1.91M200,923,0622021
TG Tournament351K7,910,5282021
TG Highlights1.36M193,079,7512021
Ajay Verse6.59M383,104,3122018

Collaborations, Sponsorships, and Endorsements

Total Gaming is the eSports brand ambassador for 1XBET India, a well-known international betting company. The deal was signed in 2022 for a significant sum of money. In that same year, Ajay also entered into a partnership with STAN, a blockchain-based platform for fans, specifically for non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

He also invites and collaborates with many celebrities and YouTubers in many shows and live-streaming.

As per Miss Malini, Ajay is a great developer and software engineer and also does hacking, coding, and freelancing work. He also runs his gaming app which is available on Google Play Store and Apple’s app store.

total gaming website

Awards, Championships, And Prize Pool

He received numerous awards and accolades for his achievements, including the Free Fire Esports Award 2021 for Team of the Year. In 2021, he ranked among the top 5 YouTube creators in India. He also earned the title of India’s first gamer to surpass 25 million subscribers and achieve 3 billion views.

Additionally, he actively participates in various e-gaming and eSports competitions such as the World Esports Cup, Free Fire City Open, Free Fire Battle Royale, GXR Free Fire Scrims, and more.

For the WEC 2021, Total Gaming won a prize of Rs. 35 Lakhs, and he also received huge prize money for GXR FF Scrims.

Why Total Gaming Never Revealed His Face?

Earlier this year, he was involved in the Spotify podcast or talk show, Gamers Unplugged as a guest with Dyanamo (Aditya Sawant).

He opened up about the controversies over his Face-reveal. According to him, fame and face reveal was never his motive but since January, he’s facing a lot of pressure from his fans and everyone.

He announced that he might reveal his face to the public in 2024 or before the end of 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Total Gaming net worth in rupees?

Total Gaming net worth is Rs. 8 Crores.

Who is the CEO of Total Gaming?

Ajay is the founder and CEO of Total Gaming.

What other game Total Gaming plays except Free Fire?

Except for Free Fire, he also plays Clash of Clans, BGMI, GTA V, Outriders, Minecraft, Granny, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, and many others.

What is AjjuBhai income?

AjjuBhai aka Total Gaming earns Rs. 4 crores per year.

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Ajay is an inspiration for all Indian gamers for being consistent with their passion. From a middle-class to a high-class franchise, Ajay (Total Gaming) has established a prominent position in the gaming industry. Note that the net worth of Ajju Bhai is estimated as per sources of income, lifestyle, and assets.

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