Top 7 Free Blog Sites To Kickstart Your Blogging Journey

I know you’re here because you’re looking for free blog sites to start blogging.


Well, in this article, I’ll give you seven free blogging sites where you can start writing from today.

All the sites mentioned in the list requires a minimal learning curve from your end and are super easy to maintain.

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List of 7 Free Blog Sites To Start Your Blogging Journey

1) is the number one free blog site to start your blogging journey. People generally use as hobby blogs as it’s super easy to set up.

You get free unlimited web hosting with However, you won’t get access to a custom domain name.

The structure of your domain name will be “” (if you’re okay with that it’s the best platform to start your blogging journey)

There are some downsides to this platform though; you’re very much limited to the functionalities – like you cannot add custom themes and plugins whatsoever. If you’re planning to monetize your blog, you cannot do that.

As the platform is completely free to use forever, there’s not much you can complain about it.

Who is it for? is for people who love writing and sharing their thoughts online, and are looking for a free platform to start their blog.

2) Blogger


Blogger is a platform developed by your very favorite Google. It’s one of the oldest free blog sites available. However, in recent years, the popularity of the platform went down.

In terms of features, it’s almost similar to At first, you need to create your account and sign in. Once done, you have to select a default theme and in 5 minutes or less, your blog will be ready where you can share your thoughts.

It is hosted on the Google system, which means you never have to worry about the traffic load. Even if you get thousands of real-time visitors visiting your site, the server will take care of it.

Although by default you don’t get access to the custom domain name. However, you can use a custom domain name in Blogger by activating an option in the settings menu.

Furthermore, Blogger provides you ad space which you can place in your content to earn money.

A few downsides of Blogger is, you have limited customization functionalities available. Besides that, the tool doesn’t receive frequent updates and also as the site is hosted on Google’s platform, they can kick you out any day.

Who is it for?

Blogger is perfect for people who want to share their thoughts online on their free blog and don’t worry about owning their website. Also, it’s for anyone who wants to make a little bit of money through their blog.

3) Medium

medium is an open website for all the writers, bloggers, journalists who want to share their experience online.

Medium covers a wide variety of topics and is simple to use. Although you get limited functionality here, you don’t have to worry about the traffic. As the site has a lot of traffic people will start reading your content just after you publish it on Medium.

To write on Medium, all you have to do is, create your free Medium account and start writing. You’ll get a unique URL of yours:

Ironically, you can write articles here, but cannot use your domain name. Furthermore, all the traffic is given to Medium for free without you getting any credits.

There’s no way you can make money with Medium. People can follow you on Medium if they like your work.

Who is it for?

Medium is for someone who only wants to focus on writing and not promoting their content. As the site already has a lot of traffic, your article reaches to people almost instantly.

4) Tumblr


Tumblr is a free blogging site with a different twist in it. Tumblr isn’t just a writing platform but it’s more focused on multimedia content like video and images.

If I talk about the interface, you’ll love using the interface of Tumblr. It’s easy to use and understand and won’t take much time for you to master if you’re new.

Tumblr is built for personal use only. It’s hard to create a business focused website on Tumblr.

In terms of features and customizations, you get all the options available to tweak that you’d get in and Blogger.

Although the site isn’t built for business, you can still display advertisements, place affiliate links, and integrate Google Analytics with your Tumblr blog.

The only downside with Tumblr is if you have a big blog backing and moving up all the content to any other CMS is a pain.

Who is it for?

People who are more likely to share multimedia content online via their blog for them Tumblr is a great platform to get started.

5) Wix


Wix is a free online website builder where you can not only start a blog but also create membership sites or create a complete online store from scratch.

It’s a drag-and-drop builder with all the elements pre-loaded so there’s no necessity to have any technical knowledge.

Website hosting is free with Wix so all you have to do is create your blog, pick a nice looking theme and you’re all set to go live. The platform is filled with a lot of classic themes for you to use.

One unique thing about Wix is, you can answer a set of questions and Wix with it’s AI will create a site that caters your needs. The Wix editor is like a superpower where you can add all the elements like video, typography, video boxes, contact forms, etc.

As the platform isn’t completely free to use, in the free version, you’ll free a Wix branding all over your site. Also, you won’t get access to a custom domain with the free version of Wix.

Who is it for?

Wix is ideal for people who don’t like to do things manually, like in & Blogger. It’s for the non-technical person who wants to keep things simple in the backend but still want something solid in the frontend.

6) Weebly


Weebly is almost similar to that of Wix.

It has a drag-and-drop WYSIWYG editor. To add buttons, contact forms, images, videos, and all other elements to build your site, you drag and drop it on your page and you’re done.

With Weebly, you’re free to create an online store, a portfolio site, a company website, or a blog.

Weebly also provides you ad space to monetize your online work with ad revenue. Other cool features include – social media icons, built-in analytics, newsletter subscription, and more.

Although, Weebly isn’t a free tool to use altogether the free version of the software gives you access to five custom pages, a free Weebly domain and 500MB of storage.

The features you get in the free plan are more than sufficient to get you started with sharing content online.

Who is it for?

Weebly is perfect for people who like to keep things simple. It’s for non-techies don’t want to deal with manual coding and other customizations are okay with using a drag-and-drop editor to build their website.

7) Jimdo


The last site in our list of free blogging sites is Jimdo. You can create a website with Jimdo almost instantly.

To create a site of your choice automatically, all you have to do is answer the basic questionnaire and the powerful Jimdo AI will build the site for you.

The downside is, with the free version of Jimdo, you only get access to the basic features of the platform. Furthermore, you cannot use your custom domain name and you get Jimdo branding all over the website.

Apart from that, in the free version, you see ads all over the website.

One good thing about the platform is its powerful page builder where you can edit the content and other elements using content block so you don’t have to deal with backend editor. You get content elements – like image, video, photo gallery, buttons, etc.

Who is it for?

Jimdo is made for people who don’t like to deal with technicalities and are okay having the Jimdo branding on their website. People who are passionate about writing but don’t want to spend money just yet they can try out Jimdo for free.

Final Words

All the sites listed here have their good and bad points. Nonetheless, all the platforms are perfect for getting you started with your online blogging journey.

If you feel like any popular site is missing which you’d like us to add in this list, feel free to drop a comment down below and let me know.

Which is your favorite free blogging site?

Drop it down in the comments section.

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