Time to Move on

I found myself distracted for a few hours today. Time to move on.

I am no blogging robot. Sure I have a life outside of blogging. But I largely stay on purpose. Make no mistake about it; I am getting my work done. At 3 AM here in New Jersey, those few hours I put into obsessing over the local Bigfoot population here in New Jersey are being made up. Time to get blogging again. Time to get on track. Time to move on.

Bigfoot is a large, hairy, man-like creature living in the forests of North America. Science and governments do not recognize its existence but tens of thousands of people share encounters with the humanoid. After visiting a 1.1 million acre state park here in New Jersey, I learned he has been spotted many times over the years. Fascinates the heck out of me, how the truth sits right under our nose but few people see it. Anyway, 2-3 hours lost force me to move on. Again; I’m staying up late to make up the time.

Never beat yourself up for spending time doing stuff not work related. Especially when you should be working. We have been there. But remind yourself how it’s time to move on because clinging to non-work activities for way too long simply saps your energy, muddies your vision and pulls you down a non-disciplined, non-productive road. How many bloggers complain about not blogging because Facebook or YouTube distracted them for hours or days? Do you seriously believe an inanimate website can distract you? Of course not! We all seem sidetracked sometimes but then it becomes time to move on and time to get back to blogging work. Remind yourself of this simple truth the next time you seem prone to falling down the rabbit hole.

How can you avoid being distracted? Fall deeply in love with blogging. I rarely seem distracted because I love blogging. We make time for what we love. But even if I lose my way I quickly blog again because I deeply, genuinely love this gig. No time for much else these days. Loving blogging is the quickest way to become an influential blogger because you put in time, effort and energy to gain influencer status.

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Be successful by redirecting your energies when it feels time to move on. Life intervenes. Distractions arise. We all face ’em. But successes redirect and refocus quickly. Failures beat themselves up for stepping away into distraction, often wasting precious time punishing themselves or sitting on the cyber sidelines over time lost versus diving back in to the blogging game. Dive back in! We lose focus. But we have it in our power to gain focus. Everything is your decision. You choose.

The real trick is to move on and get back to work versus dropping into the YouTube Vortex of Facebook Quick Sand. Both sites seem to do a good job sucking you back in, deeper into a non-productive blogging day, but, a productive day for being infatuated with each site. For me, loving freedom more than endless comfort made the difference. I could easily sleep now. 3 AM stares me dead in the eye. But seeking comfort and relaxation over freedom and service makes me feel bad. Plus I need to get back to blogging work to make up for time lost scanning YouTube and Google for Bigfoot analysis in New Jersey, over the past few hours.

I am a human being just like you. I hope this post alerts you to this fact. But I also shift my focus stupid fast. I suggest you do the same when it’s time to move on.

One Small Favor

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