Stop Looking for the Easy Way Out

Blogging gets easier and easier if you do stuff you fear doing.

Blogging gets harder and harder if you look for the easy way out as a newbie. Trying to get something for nothing leads to quick, painful blogging failure every time because all the traffic and money you want – getting something – flows to you when you give something, generously, patiently and persistently. Blogs never behave like ATMs. My blog does not spit out cash if I want it to send me a set amount of dollars. Blogging does not work that way. Blogging does not make you money as if walking to an ATM, inserting your debit card, typing in a bank code and counting money dispersed. Blogging is not easy like that.

Blogs do yield profits in the proper blogging time, but only after you did fun, freeing, scary, uncomfortable stuff as a newbie blogger, and veteran blogger. Easy ways to money do not exist because the easy way is the comfortable way and the comfortable way involves ducking, avoiding and being completely in aversion to all of your blogging fears. Envision money sitting on top of the blogging mountain. How do you get there to receive the money? Do you take a helicopter? Nope. Do you take an elevator? Nope. Don’t you think if choppers and elevators existed, 10 million bloggers would have discovered the easy way to blogging money? Don’t you think if easy ways to blogging money existed, we’d all be billionaires? Hike the mountain, go through some pain, take a long time, feel the joy of being out in nature, keep at it, and you reach the top and collect dough, eventually.

Can you see how ego, greed and fear, work? Fear makes you see a deluded, totally ridiculous, untrue illusion. Your fear and greed and/desperation makes you actually believe you can take an easy way out of blogging but the easy way does not exist nor will it ever exist.

Stop Looking for the Easy Way Out 2

Blogging is being generous, helping people, trusting, opening multiple streams of income and learning blogging.

Buy my course. I help you get featured on world famous blogs. Do you know why I changed pricing to a monthly subscription model? Nobody buys the course, follows the course, puts it into action and appears on world famous blogs in one month. Nope. Appearing on world famous blogs requires months to years of your learning, study, practice and generous effort. I changed the pricing model to show you what it takes to be successful. You invest money month after month to use the course generously, patiently and persistently. Eventually, you can and will be featured on famous blogs if you follow every one of my tips diligently. They key is to realize; this blogging journey is fun, freeing and sometimes really scary, aka, uncomfortable. Not panicking after blogging for months and not seeing results you prefer is one form of discomfort you need to face, feel and release, to get past these tough moments, and to make blogging easier and easier.


Do you want the easy way out, as far as getting connected?

Fat chance!

I promise; you will get connected when you realize networking is about CONNECTING YOURSELF to top bloggers by being generous.

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