Stop Being Lazy

I get it. We are human. We feel an urge to get lazy sometimes. I feel an urge to spend the rest of tonight watching basketball games. I would like to have an ice cream pop, kick back and watch some hoops, snoozing early, as I have a number of busy days ahead.

BUT….I have about 2 and a half hours to get the job done. That much time exists until midnight. I always intend to get as much done as I can – as humanly possible – before midnight every day, because I intend to squeeze the most out of every day. Always, this is the way to the greatest blogging success.  But I have to kick myself in the rear end from time to time in order to NOT be lazy, because when you experience some success, and enjoy some prosperity, it can be super challenging to avoid being lazy.

Do not sprint back to your comfort zone. Do not try to ease into your comfort zone. Enjoy life. Enjoy life away from blogging. I do not suggest blogging for 19 hour days. But I do advise you not mail it in at the end of a long, tiring day. Do not get lazy. Do not give in to fear. Do not coast or slow down too much because being lazy sets a terrible energetic precedent, guaranteed to cost you over the long haul. How it works; you get a bit lazy because you either have a bit of success, or because you feel tired and worn out, and just want to ease into your comfort zone.  Don’t do it. If you get lazy, you set a habit to be lazy. Guess what? After going to bed early tonight when you could have stayed up to write a short, helpful post, you begin developing that habit every single night. Mail it in tonight and you begin to mail it in tomorrow night, and, the night beyond, until you find yourself mailing it in every single night.

Stop Being Lazy 2

Light a fire under your rear end. Blog mainly for other people. Dream big dreams. Be the person who lives those dreams. You will have few problems being lazy if your dreams are bigger than your fears. But you will have a problem with being lazy if your fears are bigger than your dreams. Your call. You choose what you allow to dominate your life. Dreams? Fears? If you keep being sluggish, your fears dominate your life and you will try to do all you can do to stay firmly inside of your lazy comfort zone, at all costs.

If you need a little push, follow me. I am a pretty inspired dude because I push the limits, I nudge out of my comfort zone and I just love helping people. Stick around. Follow my blog. Watch my videos. Listen to my podcast. I can help you live your dreams and nudge you out of your comfort zone. Soak me up, like a cyber sponge. I believe in you.


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